Christmas Presents Add-on

It's nearly Christmas, and it's time to add just a little bit of festive spirit to your world... this add-on brings realistic looking Christmas presents to the game! The presents can be a useful supply of food and resources.

There are currently 4 variants of presents, but each contain the same things.

When opened, you are very likely to get a reward:

  • Up to 8 cookies
  • Up to 4 coal
  • Up to 1 cake
  • Up to 4 gold nuggets
  • Up to 2 bread

Presents can be found lying around snowy biomes.

They have only 1 health so are easy to open!

You can use them both for resource gathering and decoration!

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 You MAY NOT redistribute this add-on in any way. 

 You MAY share images and videos of the add on... but please consider giving credit. 

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Updated to the latest version of the game.

(1.14) +


  1. Download the two MCPACK files provided
  2. Put them onto device via USB if they aren't already downloaded on the device
  3. Make sure Minecraft Bedrock Edition is installed and updated to at least 1.8
  4. Go into the device's files
  5. Open the two MCPACK files
  6. They will auto-import into the game
  7. Go on the resource/behavior pack settings in-game
  8. Activate the files as shown in the description


  • Presents-BEH.mcpack
  • Presents-RES.mcpack

Supported Minecraft versions

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4 / 5 (2 votes)
It won’t let me import it into minecraft for some reason??! I’m on ios
Where is paleocraft
Who still plays in 1.9??!!??
What Item is it, You did not mention what Item is it, cant find on creative inventory!
It can be found at the bottom of the spawn egg section. Different spawn egg for different colours so it is easier to pick your required colour. They also spawn in ice biomes.
Literally nobody says where the items are anymore because addons started adding custom mobs since 1.11.
Cool addon and i wish for everyone a merry xmas !
Seus modelos são otimos poderia fazer um addon com decorações de pizzaria