Stratospheer’s Paint Add-on! (v1.4)

Make your builds look more colourful, design and build your own house with plenty more creativity with these decorative unique blocks! This add-on was made to add a wider variation of blocks to use in survival or creative and give you a plethora of colours your builds deserve!

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Stratospheer’s Paint Add-on! This add-on adds all 16 different colours to the Bricks, Logs, Planks, Cobblestone, Stone and Stone Bricks!


Paint Bucket:

Painted Bricks:

Painted Log:

Painted Planks:

Painted Cobblestone:

Painted Stone:

Painted Stone Bricks:


If you would like to see other Painted Blocks in this add-on, let me know and I’ll add it for you.

Final Note

This is my first add-on I have actually made and thank you for checking out it for yourself! 

Terms of Use

  • Do not distribute this add-on without using my mcpedl link.
  • Do not steal any textures in this add-on and add into your own project.
  • If you would like to make a showcase on this add-on, please at least credit me and add the download link in mcpedl.

Changelog View more

New Pack Icons

Texture Tweaks

Identifier Tweaks

Painted Stone Addition

Painted Stone Bricks Addition

.Zip File Addition

Addition of Painted Logs

Change of Paint Bucket Textures

Block Texture Tweaks

Change of Name (previously 'Coloured Bricks 'n' Planks!')

Painted Cobblestone Addition

Paint Buckets for recipes

Fixed Download File.

Additional download File for Android and iOS.


Experimental Gameplay or the Beta aren't required to use the add-on.

Just click and install, no issue!

.zip files are also an alternative for iOS Users.


Supported Minecraft versions

1.16 1.16.100 1.16.200

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55 Responses

5 / 5 (11 votes)
  1. MoonGodson says:

    ADD to fences and walls please!! 🙂

  2. AzureParrot42 says:

    Is the logs directional because i wanna know before i download it

  3. Stratospheer 2.0 says:

    The issue is back and so please can you now insert a zip archive for this version ☹️

    • Stratospheer 2.0 says:

      Also please make a 1.16.200 version for this

    • Stratospheer 2.0 says:

      There’s also a mining problem, when I was mining the planks, it lasted for 1.5 more seconds to mine than grass blocks. same for the bricks and cobblestone (I was only able to test out the previous version because of the issue)

      • I’m assuming that you’re playing on iOS. For the next update I will add a .zip file so that should hopefully fix it. Btw, any version should work. Thanks again for checking out my add-on!

        • Stratospheer 2.0 says:

          Also please fix the mining problem (if you haven’t already)

          • Stratospheer 2.0 says:

            You don’t actually have to fix the mining problem, it would break my build. Please also make coloured bedrock, coloured iron ingots, coloured gold ingots, coloured diamonds and coloured sticks (if minecraft supports it). Also please make it so you can craft things out of this (again, if minecraft supports it)

      • Stratospheer 2.0 says:

        I am, thank you again

        • Stratospheer 2.0 says:


          • Stratospheer 2.0 says:

            I fixed it myself, don’t need to fix it yourself. Ho to do it (doesn’t affect the mcpedl add-on):

            1. Upload to mediafire
            2. Press the button that has an icon with three dots
            3. Press rename
            4. Even it says you can only change the name, it’s wrong. Go to where it says ‘mcaddon’ and change it to ‘zip’.
            5. Press the button with the three dots again.
            6. Press download.
            7. Even though it says the same name, inside it has the correct files. Hope to see you again soon!

          • Stratospheer 2.0 says:

            …but it failed… 😭

          • Ok, I promise you, next update, I will add a .zip file.

          • Stratospheer 2.0 says:

            This update is amazing! Thanks! But.. because I tested out the older version and it is undeletable, it has a 60% chance of not working…

          • Stratospheer 2.0 says:

            .mcpack files don’t work either sorry though ☹️

          • Stratospheer 2.0 says:

            It has to be files instead of .mcpack files though that’s only how it works. But… the other file will overwrite it… I deleted the other version and it wasn’t removed from the game… 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

          • Stratospheer 2.0 says:

            You’ll have to create another add-on related to this add-on so the file won’t overwrite version 1.0.2 (1.2) of this add-on called ‘The Continuing Add-on of Stratospheer’s Paint Add-on! (v1.4)’. In that add-on plz say ‘I created this continuing addon of my Stratospheer’s Paint Add-on (v1.4) (which is now v1.5) because a user of that add-on said I need to create a new continuing add-on of that add-on so version 1.0.2 (1.2) won’t overwrite it.

  4. Pokededg says:

    Could you add leaves and sand please? I know I’m asking for a lot, and maybe you can’t do sand because it has gravity or leaves because it’s a bit transparent. It’s fine if you don’t add them, it’s just a suggestion.

  5. Chicky4Ever says:

    Hi, I love the addon! I like how vanilla it is and also makes my buildings look so much more alive! One suggestion is to add painted logs to fit with the planks. You could even have two seperate logs nether ones and overworld ones. Anyways, great add-on 5/5. Works really well with my town.

  6. SuperGamer100 says:

    The addon didn’t work for me (I tried for days and it didn’t work) so can you please fix it for bedrock edition?

    That’s why I vote just 3 stars.

  7. GormyshaYT says:

    Although the addon is small, it is VERY useful!
    Just five stars.

  8. Nice addon! Keep up the good work UwU

  9. Pokededg says:

    Excellent addon! Could you do the same for other blocks, like cobblestone?

  10. DisneyDreams says:

    Is it possible you can add slabs, stairs and fences? That would be amazing if you could!

  11. Ryan.jay20102 says:

    This is cool and all but it keeps messing up my game what should I do? ?

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