Published on January 18, 2021 (Updated on January 20, 2021)

Container Addon

This addon, add a container block, this block can stock up 5 buckets of lava, water or milk, for this you need click on the block with a lava, water or milk bucket this way is good for a long explorations.

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Adds the pt_BR.lang and pt_PT.lang files for texts folder, please have fun.


  • Container_1611061705.mcaddon

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Oye amigo tengo un error, lo activo y cuando los creo me aparecen las sombras oscuras y si los lleno el unico que se ilumina con la textura es el de lava, los otros se ven oscuros, se ve la textura pero oscura
Great I absolutely love it I use it alot for when mining since I'm constantly hitting lava, there are only two things missing a discord server and a way to store exp(only if possible)
Bro, thanks for the exp ideia, i will try to add this, thanks
Im the creator of Cookie Jar Addon, someone that make another Addon like this gives credits to me. Why didn't you credit me huh? 🤔
Just say that you are too lazy to even credit me and read the description of the submission
Oh friends, this ideia i have on the bathroom alone, and i don't know about your addon, sorry mann.
lmao 🤣🤣🤣🤣
Derp Craft's biggest fail
"Press F to pay respects" 😢
(too mant memes at the same time bruh)
Bruh don't act that this idea is came from you, even though his addon and yours are same container that doesn't mean its came from you. They're totally different
lol this mod doesn't work, i tried to craft a container but it does not show so i can't store anything lol