Curse Dragon

The curse Ender Dragon! It’s just ender dragon but he’s not look like normal ender dragon it has 3 heads and four wings

 And he can summon huge groups of lightning bolts! 

Curse dragon it has 15000 healts and 100 damge it size 3 the curse dragon is going to kill you you can fight it if you are strong enough this curse dragon is one of the strongest boss and it shoots pink fire balls! 

It has 3 dragon heads and this thing is strong so if you killed this thing you are strong enough!


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Fixed bugs

Don't forget to credit the original creator RhexYT


Apply both resources pack and behavior pack 

Unzip the file move the resources pack to com.mojang/resources_packs

Then the behavior packs move it to com.mojang/behavior_packs

Then open the game apply both resources and behavior packs 

Turn on Experimental gameplay 


Supported Minecraft versions


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19 Responses

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  1. Eggstorm says:

    It doesn’t work this is clickbate

  2. Nogood says:

    This is something craaaaaaazy that happened when I downloaded this addon.
    The cursed dragon killed every mob I put up against it. But, when it battled it’s sister, the Ender dragon, the Ender dragon SOMEHOW defeated the cursed dragon! Crazy, right?

  3. Rexminer says:

    Bro dont quit your channel try to change the content Or maybe try Java

  4. Guest-6725863686 says:

    Can you please, please!! Make one that doesn’t fly bit still has the same animation, please i beg you!!

  5. Poopero says:

    Nice, It was pretty easy though…

  6. The addon are nice but can you make it much lower health cause i think its impossible to kill this dragon

  7. DoggoBEPIS says:


  8. Guest-8189234751 says:

    Read the discretion before you say that kid

  9. Liam TDP says:

    Great addon Rhex I realy loved it

  10. Guest-5334864844 says:

    nice.. hopefully can be tamed 😀

  11. Guest-3094410666 says:

    Hey Can i showcase this in my Video? Btw Hope You Remember me <3

  12. Guest-5755110641 says:

    woah this looks cool

  13. Guest-4881467652 says:

    Where do they spawn

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