D3MD0GG0S’ Tower Parkour

Have you ever played a parkour map, only to find it wasn’t enough of a challenge? Well, this map is sure to please all those looking for a difficult challenge! With 3 levels of enormous tower parkour, D3MD0GG0S’ Tower Parkour is one of the best out there!

The map has a slightly complex design, built to annoy the player with difficult jumps. There are three rings, each with different obstacles.

The Outer ring is where you start. Climbing the walls, slowly but surely, to the very top will allow you passage into the Second ring. Make sure to take this one slowly, as the smallest mistake can lead to minutes’ worth of parkour lost.

The Second ring, a labyrinth of passageways, has a different goal: to reach the bottom. The glass floors and tight corners will prove to be difficult, so watch your step! Once you descend the tower, you will find yourself in the third and final Center ring.

In the Center ring, you will again make your way towards the top. Ladders and ceiling jumps will be your main obstacles here. Once you reach the Checkpoint Plate, you will be transported to the Homestretch.

The short Homestretch is a slow climb up to the Pinnacle, but once you complete it, you’re nearly there! The Pinnacle consists only of a staircase to victory!

In the newest update a Practice Course was added to train on! Pictures of it are at the bottom of the post.

It has a few difficult jumps that should help you prepare for the Main Course!

Images below are of the Outer, Second, and Center rings, respectively.

An overhead view of the course! (I know this makes it look small, trust me when I say it’s HUGE up close)

The NEW Practice Course:

Finally, try to challenge yourself to a speedrun. Use the times below as a guide when going for a record:

Bronze – 15:00 or less

Silver – 12:00 or less

Gold – 10:00 or less

Diamond – 8:00 or less (yes, it’s possible, I’ve done it once before!)

Good luck with finishing, and thanks for checking out the world!

Changelog View more
  • Added a small Practice Course for players to train on
  • Added pictures of the Practice Course to the post
  • Fixed and improved command blocks, to remove lag


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