Dancing Blades V2.1.5 A small hotfix

Don't you wish you had more then 6 swords to craft? don't you wish you had, say, 30 more? Plus a boss fight? If so, then this mod is for you! Hi, we're TheEntityNul and DiZaRkY, and welcome to our first ever mod, Dancing Blades. Since this is our first mod, feel free to help us out, give some ideas, or tell us that something is broken.

In the future, we plan to add 60+ swords to Minecraft. Yes, that's a lot for a first addon, but you know what they say, "Go big, or go home", and we plan to go MASSIVE. It also does not use player.json, so its compatible with all mods. Great for your survival worlds, or your PVP worlds.

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Fixed the Starlight Sword, because 1.20.30 broke it. Nothing else, this addon is sort of Discontinued for a bit. It will return, just not any time soon.



  • Dancing_Blades_No_Compatibility.mcaddon (4.61 MB)
  • Dancing_Blades_X_Morellagers.mcaddon (4.61 MB)

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You guys wanna know what I love about this addon and the creators bc he is a fan of darkwolf. This addon starting to make me come up with some cool ideas I should make in my addon. Also EPIK UPDATE
Thank you! happy that our addon can give you ideas. [sorry for the late reply, we have been busy]
Yay epik update now I can make that emerald sword and put it in an item frame bc shiney ✨
Thanks a lot! we put a lot of time and effort in Version 2. Expect Version 2.1 soon!
I dunno why everyone being so mean in comments but this addon is addictive to play cause of the sword affects, the textures look cool I can’t wait for v2 great effort
Thanks so much, we are trying to get it out soon, been a bit lazy though. we will work more on it soon and we will try to get V2 out next month. We have also been working on Entities for the mod. thanks for the positive review.
mate there are many swords weapons addon, u need to add particles and original abilitys also dont use player.jason, special effect and abilitys are needed to make it the best
We know that there are many sword addons out there, and thanks for your suggestion. That will help us in the future, besides, its only in beta, many new weapons will be added.
Hello! I'm sorry fot the problem, the new link can be found in the description of the showcase video!
Thanks :D