Defense Towers Add-on

Are you tired of the usual situation in your minecraft world?. the usual raiding of zombies, skeletons and other hostile mobs in your house. then this add-on is for you!. This add-on adds 2 gorgeous and powerful Defense Towers and 1 Tower spawner to your world!

There are 3 mobs added to your world when you download this add-on. 2 Defense towers and 1 Tower Spawner.

1.Blue Tower

  • Over 40 HP.
  • Shoots small fire ball.
  • Will attack any hostile mobs within 16 block radius.

In-game screenshot of Blue Tower.

2.Red Tower

  • Over 40 HP.
  • Shoots large fire ball.
  • Will attack any hostile mobs within 16 block radius.

In-game screenshot of Red Tower.

3.Tower Spawner

  • Can be found in the overworld
  • Transforms into Towers
  • Interact it with diamond to spawn Blue Tower.
  • Interact it with emerald to spawn Red Tower.

In-game screenshot of Tower Spawner.




Find Tower spawner. They spawn all around the land. if you want to spawn a Blue Tower hold a diamond and point it to the tower spawner then a button should appear and press that button. for a Red Tower to spawn you need to interact with the Tower Spawner with an emerald.


You can find all of the Defense tower spawner in the creative menu.


1.Click the link(The Behavior Pack and Resource Pack) 

2.Wait 5 Secs then Click Skip Ad

3.Wait for the allow button,Click Allow

4.Click Download

5.Download And Install Both Packs!


Supported Minecraft versions

1.10 1.11 1.12 1.13 1.14

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11 Responses

4.43 / 5 (7 votes)
  1. Jamie Macdonald says:

    BEWARE , Mod author requires you to ALLOW ADFLY on you system to download ( not just see ad’s) This can lead to Data Scraping , malware , trojans among other things. His response was just disable it after the install ( which won’t fix the holes it can poke in your system). Just so he makes a few cents ad revenue off you.

    • Jimbo_Acob says:

      You will be infected if you’re too dumb. everyone knows that even mcpedl gives instruction before directing to an adfly site. If you don’t want to use my addons then dont. AHAHAHHA you can keep spamming all of my addon and mod threads if that will make you happy HAHAHAH.


  2. HadesThePyro says:

    Can you please use something other than adf.ly for your links Ive been trying with numerous dofferent browsers to download this mod and none of them would give me the link.

  3. Dawson j says:

    I love the addon but i really want a few New towers in a new update. Like a ice tower,flamthower tower,arrow tower. I cant think of anything. Else i hope you add these 🙂 i want new stuff in a update for my zombie game.

  4. Dawson j says:

    Its me the kid who sent mesaage from my school. Im gana try to see if this work with crasycraft add on tomorrow on beta & if it doesnt work then have danblackrose or whoever the creater of crasycraft is. Have him add your add on to his crasycraft if u do That then i will have alot of my friends download your add on if u have 5+ turrets. PLESS DO THIS. I NEED U TO DO THIS ITS UESFULL FOR MY MINIE GAME.

  5. Dawson says:

    I’m at school right now so yeah I will try it later on

  6. Dawson says:

    I’m school right now so yeah I will try it later on

  7. Dawson says:

    Thank u so much for making this add-on that has turrets I been trying to find a add-on with something like this BUT please add a lot of turrets. I have not check this out yet but I will when I get on my Xbox 1. Also will this work with the crasycraft add-on?

  8. Josephine57 says:

    Perfect for mobile legends

  9. Anonymous says:

    Please add more Towersss plsss

  10. BonnieEXE says:

    Please add more towers!

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