Depth Striders Addon (1.16+)

This addon introduces a new type of strider which is the depth strider, the overworld version of the nether strider! You can now walk across oceans on a mob instead of a boat!

The strider is a new mob in the nether used to traverse the lava oceans of the Nether, what if the overworld had it’s own version called the “Depth Strider. This new mob allows you to traverse the peaceful oceans in the most peaceful way possible!

The Depth Strider Mob looks like this and can only be spawned in with creative mode as this mob isn’t as fast in water than it is on land (I tried my best, sorry).

To control this mob, you’ll need to create a kelp on a stick which is crafted with a fishing rod and 1 piece kelp. If you right click with the kelp on a stick while riding, you will get a boost! You also need a saddle in order to ride him, basically works just like a normal strider mob!

Here is a video explaining this mob in further detail:

Changelog View more
  • Fixed download for IOS and Android MCPEDL apps
  • Made a few tweaks to how the Depth Strider mob works
  • Updated Kelp on a Stick recipe to a shapeless recipe
  • Added video to explain this mob in further detail
  • Fixed Supported Minecraft versions of the addon so you know what it works on:)


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33 Responses

4.64 / 5 (14 votes)
  1. SpikedCthulhu says:

    I like the addon, however I have a couple suggestions and such to improve it and a couple other ideas:
    •rename the Depth Strider to Water Strider or something as the creature has a similar name to the enchantment with the same name.
    •make it so they don’t spawn naturally really or they spawn so very very rare. A way you could get them is by drowning a normal strider

    Now for a strider suggestion:
    •Frost strider- they spawn in or near frozen lakes and areas rarely they will stride across snow and ice quickly. Upon nearing water the striders make water turn to ice so they can easily walk across.

  2. Beam006 says:

    Make when strider drowned in water it will transform into depth strider

  3. Guest-9363713050 says:

    Forgelogical: i have new type of strider i called depth strider!

    Depth strider (enchantment): am i a joke to you

  4. Guest-3184140738 says:

    Hello your addon is so cool but you can rename it Ocean Strider or Water Strider because Depth Strider is an enchantment

  5. Guest-9930296747 says:

    What wsould happen if you gave a Depth Strider (the mob) Depth Strider (the enchantment)?

  6. Liam TDP says:

    This is so cool Forge I like it Its simple but very amazing

  7. Guest-6326631354 says:

    If possible make a zombified strider . It is much faster than normal striders but gives you nausea when you ride it .

  8. Guest-2529403995 says:

    Make an end version of the strider . The depth strider although great is just a horse . An ender version will be good .

    • Guest-7216463037 says:

      END VERSION OF THE STRIDER? What’s the point of that? I mean where on End would End Strider traverse to since there’s no water neither lava there? It would just fall into the End’s void. 😅

  9. Guest-4346972189 says:

    Boat but with more steps..

  10. Guest-9068100055 says:

    Wait why didn’t u make it spawn naturally 🤔

  11. So there’s an enchantment called Depth Strider, and there’s a mob called the Depth Strider… Very funny, Forge…

  12. Guest-8805788961 says:

    the depth strider doesn’t work on me

  13. TryHardJibs says:

    Dude, the model of the depth strider is actually epic!

  14. Guest-6707372176 says:

    You know there is the nether update beta and the strider whas add in Java edition in 25 mars and in 16 april in bedrock edition nether update beta.

    • Guest-7179085269 says:

      This addon introduces a new type of strider which is the depth strider, the overworld version of the nether strider!
      ~Typed by the creator of this addon

    • TryHardJibs says:

      Bruh. The creator added a new type of strider into the game and not the normal strider. This new strider can only walk on water, while the current one lives in the nether and walks on lava.

  15. Guest-2940712697 says:

    It’s invisible

  16. Guest-2635478292 says:

    Have you consider making a nether boat addon?

  17. Guest-8553779168 says:

    can you make a end strider flying on the void ?

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