Diversity [v1.0.2]

Diversity is an addon that encourages having a diverse diet through better and worse effects depending on your diet diversity. Eating the same foods over and over will decrease your diversity leading to negative effects, while diversifying your diet will lead to positive effects




Whenever you eat food, your diversity value will either increase or decrease depending on how many times you have eaten that food out of the last 10 unique foods. For example, eating 1 food 3 times will increase your diversity by 7, eating 1 food 10 times will increase it by 0, and eating 1 food 20 times will decrease it by 10.


Every time you eat 10 unique foods, your stored foods will reset, allowing you to eat foods you have already eaten without losing diversity


Positive Effects

  • Speed 1: 300+ diversity
  • Poison Immunity: 350+ diversity
  • Strength 2: 420+ diversity
  • Regeneration 2: 500 diversity


Negative Effects

  • Hunger 1: below 0 diversity
  • Slowness 2: below -50 diversity
  • Weakness 1: below -100 diversity


More Info

Crouching while holding a food item that you have eaten atleast once (must be supported by Diversity) will display this message:

or this message:


Any food supported by Diversity will have this text under it:


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You can now cure villagers with Diversity golden apples .



Turn on "Holiday Creator Features", and "Additional Modding Capabilities" In the world settings or the addon will not work!
Set your game language to English, United States

This addon uses player.json and may be incompatible with certain other addons. To ensure that it will work, place it at the top of the behavior packs list in your world.


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This is amazing! Great job! This makes the food system in so much more interesting. I added many modded foods and it makes the game so much better.
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This is a super awesome concept and great work! Can't wait to see where you take this!

Would you be ok with a server using a modified version of this with credit pointed back to your MCPEDL page here? Modified as in to only add in additional foods that have been added to the server. Thanks again, and awesome work!
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