Published on January 18, 2022 (Updated on January 23, 2022)

Doctor Who 2017 (Sequel)

You're a Veteran Player? Do you miss the Old Packs that you've been use while playing on Old Edition? Dont worry, this time i will bring you Doctor Who Skins back to your Minecraft Bedrock Edition a.k.a Minecraft 2017! I mean, this pack only exist on Legacy Minecraft Console, kinda Sad that we wont be able to see the original pack ever again on current Minecraft but dont worry, this pack will cope your Nostalgia (Hopefully)

Volume 1

This pack consist of 57 textures of Doctor Who Skins Volume 1. Yes.. All of them from Volume 1 is here xD. Its rough to bring back this giant buddy to life again because of different format files and off course; the geometry. I had to assemble any missing parts from the geometry and renaming the texture and BakinG ThE TextureE and ConVerTinG geOmeTry and FINALLY TURNS IT INTO A PACK. Well, that's kinda too far, lets enjoy our childhood memories for a little bit.

Ah yess.. Daleks.. You can also get a complete access to full collection of Daleks (Atleast from Volume 1 pack). Honestly, this is what i think the most interesting part of the pack. It has Custom Geometry that's far from what we always see inside Minecraft. I mean, its kinda refreshing to see a new shape rather than Humanoid-type.

Volume 2

The latest has bringing you the sequel of Volume 2 for Doctor Who 2017. It contains atleast 51 Textures, a total of 108 items with the previous volume! It's giant, so enjoy it while it lasted. In this pack you can also find numerous new unique model beside Dalekses, completing the collection. Well in the future, i will also do another pack as part of RE series but that's it for now xD.


  • This pack is only working client sided (Only you that can see it).
  • If the link is down, i'm not gonna update it.
  • If you're using 1.16.x version, keep in mind that some of the 1.16 version wouldn't load this pack, especially the beta version [1.16.210 - 1.16.230]. Fortunately this has been fixed on the newer version, so i recommend to just upgrading instead.

Well.. You made it till the end! Thank you so much for reading my bad grammar, hopefully you're not regret to come again to my thread next-time. If you have any kind of bugs or suggestion, leave it below! You can also join my Discord server and leave your suggestion there for faster notice :3

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  • Q : Why the the Skin doesnt load when i switch types?
    A : Alright, when you encounter this problemo…. make sure you already switch variant types and then just re-open minecraft or alternative way is that to remove the resource pack first from the resource pack section (I mean not to delete it) and apply the resource pack again with other hair types already selected and *BOOM*
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  • Q : Is the Link safe?
    A : Off course! even the content is safe from any viruses or malware! If you are using Anti-viruses, sometime its marked as "Virus" because the software detects that you are downloading the content from untrusted link (trusted link : Play Store) just ignore that or just disable Anti-Virus while you downloading.
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  • Q : How to switch to another skins?
    A : EZ PZ, just use the Resource Pack Slider as you can't see below! :

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  • Added Sequel Volume 2
  • Added New Visual
  • Updated Link
  • Updated Terms inside the pack


  • Go Download
  • Done xD
I’ve noticed that in the sequel pack there is a skin missing. It’s the second 60s Cyberman skin I think. Besides that this is really good!
Its not missing, there's 2 Cyberman 1960 named the same. I'll probably added 'second' as suffix in later update.
now if only the other skin packs from Console that was on Bedrock was here *Thinking emoji*
Probably in near future but dont know if i will continue to release it in MCPEDL