Published on January 31, 2019 (Updated on April 16, 2021)

Dreams of Luna

Apollo 11 was the first manned mission to the lunar surface, back in 1969,or.......was it the first one?

In this game, you are Subject-58, a product tester of Grissman Corp. Recently, this tech company has turned it's focus on genome memory research, codename: 'Project Synapsys'. Using it's latest prototype, you are tasked to sync with one of the test profiles, Dimitri Kianov, a missing soviet cosmonaut during the era of space race.

Follow through the journey of a single man's endeavour, an untold fearsome adventure to an unknown selestial body.......

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  1. Changed download link to mcpedl, so no more ads
  2. No more updates on this map, but a new minigame map is coming soon :)


  • Dreams_of_Luna.mcworld

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I also made a video playing DREAMS OF LUNA on youtube!
Hi! can i use your texture and behavior packs on my map? I tried to send you a message in dicord because I'm creating an APOLLO 11 map! my name is inácio
Ancora l'ho giocata ma credo sia bellissima nel caso riposto il mio commento
AMAZING please make another map soo good love it! :)
I broke the game by accident, in the plane thing I went back to get the equipment and the plane thing was gone
Really great map! By far one of the best I’ve played.
i believe it is still being worked on. if you are having trouble with it re download the map and watch a video on it.
amazing prob one of the best maps ive ever played congrats
That was amazing what you did. I could never do what you did. : )
I really enjoyed playing this map, it had a captivating, interesting storyline, was very well made, and was just amazing in general!
Holy guacamole this map is so cool!!! 5 stars for you! :D :)
Great map, beautiful story, short and sweet. I recommend you play it, however don’t press buttons and levers until needed, and follow instructions. (from a personal experience haha, the space ship left without me). Only bad thing is it’s short, and if anyone knows any maps similar to this, please tell me! TL;DR must play, 5/5 good job 4th edge :D
I have not played this map yet but I am not indonesian so i dont know if i will like it
bruh what does that have to do with anything?
somebodyoncetoldme August 27, 2019 at 3:29 pm
good point
SUPER MEGA ULTRA MEGA AWESOME MAP I want to play more like this if u have any other maps u think are good please reply or make a part 2 #best map I have ever played on
Idk know but in my iPad it leads me to a vpn thingy and it says someone is watching me so I was creeped out so I’m not sure if a download this or not