Dreams of Luna

Apollo 11 was the first manned mission to the lunar surface, back in 1969,or…….was it the first one?

In this game, you are Subject-58, a product tester of Grissman Corp. Recently, this tech company has turned it’s focus on genome memory research, codename: ‘Project Synapsys’. Using it’s latest prototype, you are tasked to sync with one of the test profiles, Dimitri Kianov, a missing soviet cosmonaut during the era of space race.

Follow through the journey of a single man’s endeavour, an untold fearsome adventure to an unknown selestial body…….

Creator: Da_4Th_Edge🐦(@da4thedge)


▪Game brightness➡100%

▪Device screen brightness➡30%

▪Render distance➡5





Compatible versions:

Minecraft Bedrock Edition v1.10, v1.11, v1.12(beta)

Moonsite credit: (keithross39) here’s his wonderful moonscape map

Gameplay Walkthroughs:

▪Thanks to ‘just a button’ for this nice, complete walkthrough! Zero deaths👌⬇

▪Thanks to ‘Khubeb786‘ for this epic gameplay!!! Verry cool!👌👌👍⬇

▪Thanks to ‘ZynthrixX‘ for this detailed gameplay on updated version of this map! Very EPICC!👍👌⬇

▪Thanks to ‘ToxicPlague‘ for this awesome gameplay at console edition! Nicely done!👏👍⬇

Changelog View more

▪Some minor bug fix

▪Nothing else (this changelog 10 words requirement is annoying -.-)

▪Some info. corrections

▪Player giltching out of rocket fixed (Mojang has fixed this bug on v1.10, so now play this map on v1.10)

▪Updated the download link of .mcworld file (extremely sorry for the previous problems with download link)

▪Added download link of the .zip file

▪Now compatible with v1.8(public) and 1.9(beta)

▪Added a complete gameplay walkthrough made by 'just a button'. Check that out if you need any help to beat the map!

▪Fixed a major bug for windows 10 edition(pc) where the capsule lands on earth without the player

▪Modified some gameplay on the moon, enjoy now!!!

  • Changed a lot of gameplay aspects based on your reviews and youtube videos guys! Now download the map and enjoy!!! ^.^

▪Fixed a major bug where the flag gets teleported after planting

▪Added Custom Sounds ! ^.^

▪New in-game actionbar objective tracker!

Added a new gameplay video on the latest version of this map, check that out!

▪Added a new 2 part gameplay video from ToxicPlague, check it out⬆He recorded it in console edition!


Supported Minecraft versions

1.10 1.11 1.12

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Installation Guides

AndroidiOSWindows 10

89 Responses

4.16 / 5 (33 votes)
  1. BowlingBox says:

    Really great map! By far one of the best I’ve played.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Broken map.

  3. fxl happy says:

    amazing prob one of the best maps ive ever played congrats

  4. The_Emarald says:

    That was amazing what you did. I could never do what you did. : )

  5. Anonymous says:

    I really enjoyed playing this map, it had a captivating, interesting storyline, was very well made, and was just amazing in general!

  6. DU7A says:

    Holy guacamole this map is so cool!!! 5 stars for you! 😀 🙂

    • Someone says:

      Great map, beautiful story, short and sweet. I recommend you play it, however don’t press buttons and levers until needed, and follow instructions. (from a personal experience haha, the space ship left without me). Only bad thing is it’s short, and if anyone knows any maps similar to this, please tell me! TL;DR must play, 5/5 good job 4th edge 😀

  7. Anonymous says:

    I have not played this map yet but I am not indonesian so i dont know if i will like it

  8. Anonymous says:

    SUPER MEGA ULTRA MEGA AWESOME MAP I want to play more like this if u have any other maps u think are good please reply or make a part 2 #best map I have ever played on

  9. Ram says:

    Idk know but in my iPad it leads me to a vpn thingy and it says someone is watching me so I was creeped out so I’m not sure if a download this or not

  10. Voidex says:

    Hello Creator I’ve playing this map is so awesome but i can edit music and language in your map? Thanks you.btw im from Indonesian

  11. AntiGaming says:


  12. Xx_Pheonx_xX says:


  13. Xx_Pheonx_xX says:

    This is a really good map, but I can’t find the Luna-9 🙁

  14. ZbotDyno says:

    I didn’t really enjoy this map. I had to do different commands and I landed nowhere near the moonish part I landed 1000 blocks away and I HATE having music on I am giving it a 2 star because I LOVE the custom music you added but it still wasn’t fun. I was also in survival mode not adventure mode and I had to do “/gamerule showcordinents true” Because I couldn’t see Cordinents. 2 out of 5 for custom music

  15. Ridhan says:

    Hey This is an awesome map here if you wanna see me play this map is on diffrent language tho because im an indonesian but i dont commentate https://youtu.be/I9qAO0mF-Tw

  16. FriendHatty says:

    Nice concept, but you should fix the pistons. Otherwise, great job! Also, can you tell me the name of the music that plays when you go into the minecart?

    • Da4ThEdge says:

      Thanks for playing my map FriendHatty!^.^
      About those pistons….actually that rocket fully works on piston-engine concept. Yep I removed that annoying piston sound and replaced that with custom rocket thrust sound in the latest version. If you have any more suggestions on that then feel free to share that here😄
      Here’s the music that you’ve asked for https://youtu.be/m-M_kbQyUUA

  17. HAK says:

    I cant download the map! all it does is take me to desty.com

  18. _Shopvil_ says:

    I’m gonna record myself playing this and link da video!

  19. Rocket laggy says:

    Amazing map really enjoyed it but the rocket is so laggy. I’m playing in Minecraft PE

  20. A says:

    I’m sure this map would be great but I can’t get past the stupid link shortener. It keeps redirecting me and thus I am unable to wait the five seconds

  21. AwesomeEden says:

    Um… When I extracted the file… You forgot to put them in a folder. Now I cannot play the map.

  22. Legolas54 says:

    Very Good Map. (Dont pause the game in the rocket)

  23. Fhhd says:

    Map could be good but when i was in rocket,it stops. Sorry for my English.

  24. Anonymous says:

    The rocket is very glitchy

    • Da4ThEdge says:

      Yepp, kinda glitchy for sure[so many piston engines working at a time]😅😅
      Mayb give it another try on a better device?[3-4GB ram] or on windows 10 edition?[on pc]
      Also another thing, mojang fixed the ‘piston relocation’ bug on v1.10, so try again on that version of the game I guess?🙄

  25. B0N says:

    Was a really fun map, I died, however, so I have to restart. Hope to beat it eventually 🙂 . Pretty cool story, by the way, I enjoyed till the lunar surface part during memory 2

  26. Jacky says:

    It was super cool. Loved the story and it was quick so I was able to play it on my way home, and got others to go through it too. Really liked the look of the moon! Thank you for a great map! ☺️💕

  27. zippee100 says:

    It was a good map! but it was a bit flat and short? please make a long map sometime?

  28. Anonymous says:

    Good map! but it was a bit flat and short? please make a long map sometime?

  29. Sophia says:

    Can you get this on IOS

  30. Yes says:

    It’s not redirecting me!!

  31. Me says:

    It’s not redirecting me

  32. HirwrC says:

    Awesome map! I had some great time with it. I also found one issue there: the flag teleports when placed. Otherwise everything was great 🙂

    • Da4ThEdge says:

      HirwrC thnx for playing my map! ^.^
      Yeep noticed that issue while tesing the map :v Basically I replaced the shulker with flag model, and edited out aggressive behaviors. Mayb forgot to edit random teleportation ability of the shulker :v Try turning off mob griefing, it worked for me 🙂

  33. YeahItsAlpha says:

    Can I play this with a friend or is this a solo map?

  34. Assassin303-Bloxnite says:

    Can you do a prequel for this? Because it was so incredible and i loved it!!!💗💗💗👍👍👍

  35. FathurNetwork says:

    Good job! Could you create adventure map with many monster spawners? I comment it because i like your map.

  36. FathurNetwork says:

    Good job, could you make more adventure map with many monster spawners?

  37. Agung Widura says:

    Good job bro, the map is amazing, i hope minecraft community is back to it popular ages, and DanTDM continues his minecraft misadventure and play minecraft again

  38. YouTube says:

    it wont work with your new instructions i cant find the file to mcworld or something so please make it mcworld

  39. YouTube says:

    can you make it mcworld please

  40. Azpecz says:

    I cant even dowload it im waiting for that 5 sec to load but nothing happens it did not even moved just place your download link to adfly its better

  41. BiscuitBoi says:

    I can’t find the take off button on the moon, help.

    • Da4ThEdge says:

      Ok BiscuitBoi, after returning to the lander, ride it, then switch to third person back, then look around for a while and you will see a lever on the ground just beside the lander. Use that to take off from the moon 🙂

  42. GameKiller says:

    Русские поймут – что это просто недоработанная карта с плохими механизмами, нет нет это я говорю не изатого что я плохо знаю Английский а просто реальная херня!

    • Rmx57 says:

      GameKiller, я тоже русский и думаю, что эта map неплохая. Да, есть небольшие ошибки, но это не значит, что это мусор. Не говори так и явно не от имени других россиян! Изучите некоторые основные манеры в первую очередь!

    • Da4ThEdge says:

      Thanks for your compliment GameKiller! Но не могли бы вы сказать мне причину, по которой этот map мусор будут называть только россияне, а не другие? 🙂

  43. Da4ThEdge says:

    Ok guys I’m extremely sorry for the previous download link issues, just updated the link, will take effect after mcpedl team reviews it. 🙂

  44. Star says:

    While trying to download, after following ur instructions, I got directed to an online store… Plz help I really wanna play your game.

  45. Nobody (REACTION: 😨 says:

    It sais .exe or exe (i cant remember) in the file name. This scares me. So i will NOT download it. Btw i will now put my reaction to things in my name because… idk.

  46. Tazmoe says:

    Good job
    What shaders are you using?
    Please Reply

  47. Shopvil_ says:

    Lied it’s not .Mcworld it’s .Zip

  48. Mika33 says:

    Where is the lower deck? Can you please tell me? Thx!

  49. Ezhov17 says:

    Not Dmitry Kyanov and Yuri Gagarin

    • Da4ThEdge says:

      yeah I know according to the main mission plan of n1L3, Yuri Gagarin and another cosmonaut would go to the moon after the test flights.
      But this is a fictional story of my own, so I made my own hero in this map :v

  50. Kyuketsuki Kitsune says:

    Hey DA4THEDGE I loved your map! The combination of great narrative description and depth, the use of custom textures and models and their functionality and of course the great story line! After having played your map through twice I couldn’t help but want to improve it and imagine the possibilities if we collaborated. I have extensive experience in command blocks, Redstone and architecture and lack in the ability to make quality behavior packs; so I feel together we could make something great! Get back to me ASAP if interested. 🙂

    • Da4ThEdge says:

      Yeah Kyuketsuki Kitsune I would like to collaborate, but I’ve decided to focus on ue4 engine for now to develop my skills. I know there’s tons of possibilities with this addon feature. But yeah feel free to suggest me the bugs and solutions to this map, and if you need any kind of tips or help about modifying the resource and behavior packs, I will gladly help u. 🙂 Here’s my twitter➡ twitter.com/da4thedge

  51. H4x0rcr4c3r says:

    How u download?

  52. star says:

    Why can’t I download it??

    • Da4ThEdge says:

      Maybe your adblocker is on. Upload.ac blocks the link if your adblocker is turned on. Just follow the instructions above to download without any hassle 🙂 It’s 100% safe!

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