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Published on June 20, 2020 (Updated on May 04, 2021)

The Weapons of "Minecraft Dungeons"

Made for all the MC Dungeons players, like myself. As you might know, the game has some pretty cool retextures of the weapons and tools you normally see in vanilla Minecraft. Some say some are better than the originals, and I agree with some of those claims! This, is why I created this texture pack.

This pack retextures the following items:

-Stone Sword

-Iron Axe, Pickaxe, and Sword

-Gold Axe and Sword

-Diamond Pickaxe and Sword

-Bow and Crossbow



These weapons/tools will be replaced by their Dungeons counterpart, where the Bow has changed to "Master's Bow" and the Crossbow to "Azure Seeker".

Here are some in-game screenshots and a demo video so you can have a look yourself. (All screenshots were taken in Java Edition, but no worries, the textures themselves don't change)







There is a reason I used these instead of cooler ones. I wanted to make sure they still remained faithful to the vanilla textures and a lot of the Uniques have a higher pixel count than 16x16. So, I decided to go with these.

I won't be strict on those who decide to use these as base models or reuse them for their own packs, these aren't my own textures anyways so I shouldn't really ask for credit like I did before this update, so go ahead and use them however you like, no permission needed!

So with that said, enjoy your fresh new weapons!

Select version for changelog:


I screwed up big time and failed to properly make the updated file downloadable, my bad... 😅

But now that that's fixed (hopefully), I'm just gonna quickly copy over the actual changelog for those lazy to change version changelogs:

  • Added the Emerald
  • Added the Gold Axe and Sword (used by Piglins)
  • Added Stone Sword (used by Wither Skeletons)
  • Added Cursed Axe (replaces Netherite Axe) and Eternal Knife (replaces Netherite Sword)

and finally,

  • Added Whispering Spear, sorta

Important: I say sorta because I haven't actually retextured its parts. Its icon has been changed, however, I have yet to actually change the model's texture (I am not changing the model itself because I don't know how to make/edit models) to the colors the Whispering Spear uses. So uh, I apologize for that. I will roll out an update eventually with the trident recolored, I just felt like rolling this out now to those that have been waiting for an update for over 6 months. I will also roll out an update to the stylized version at the same time I finish recoloring the Trident, if you were wondering.


I'm gonna make this more detailed than before, just to make sure people really know what to do if they don't know how to install.

Android Users: Simply tap on the notification that pops up in your notifications tray when the download is complete and it should open the game and start importing. Alternatively, go into your file manager, then to downloads under "Internal System" (not the downloads under "Categories"), then find the pack file and tap on it, then it should start importing. (This alternative method applies to users who have Google Files installed)

iOS Users: After the download's finished, tap on "Open in..." and then tap on "Copy to Minecraft".

Windows Users: Simply click on the arrow next to the download and then on "Open". If everything is fine, the game should boot up and start importing.

If these don't work, try moving the file to your "resource_packs" folder and it should do the trick.

I am not sure if this is compatible with Xbox since I do not own one, although it should be able to work anyways since it's bedrock too.

Supported Minecraft versions


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4.89 / 5 (9 votes)
Can you make a new version or make separate texture pack that makes the armors into their dungeons version?
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VictoriousMaverickPlayz October 22, 2020 at 11:20 am
I hope you can still make updates for this pack and good luck from your studies so you can proceed. I really love this, it makes the game very cool :D
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Retexture all tools please like golden tools, stone tools,wooden tools and netherite tools
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Plssss can you add the firebrand? The fire axe thingy plsssss
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Idk how many of you will read/notice this, but I want to just clear two things up. For starters, I’m working on another version of this pack which retextures all the metal tools (Iron, Gold, Diamond, and Netherite) to the style/color scheme of Minecraft Dungeons. I am still figuring out how I want to retexture them which is why it’s taking longer than anticipated. [1/2]
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And second, it’s taking even longer because I’ve recently haven’t had any motivation to continue figuring out how to retexture the tools. I’m not sure how I’m gonna motivate myself to continue experimenting to get it right, but hey, I have the Iron stuff down, I just need the remaining three. Just wanted to clear things up for those that wanted an update on how things are going. I’ll be releasing what I have soon so you guys can have some new content I guess. Stay safe. It’s a dangerous world.
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diamond isn't metal + Netherite is alloy
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Jeez I really need to do research before stating things lmao.
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Is it possible for you to make a 32x32 version of this texture pack so it doesn't look weird with faithful texture pack and a a longer-term project add more weapons and armor textures. I also noticed that when you walk with the retexturized tools they don't do the walking animation like the regular tools do. All around amazing texture pack, looking forward to seeing more work from you in the future ?
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Yeah, and maybe you can make the golden add the firebrand axe and make netherite armor either armor. Also a 32x32 version of this pack would be sweet because I use the faithful pack as well
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Can you change the trident to Whispering Spear
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Man i rly wanna try dungeons but my mom got all my moneys and i don't know how to buy it
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Can you replace some of the other weapons and stuff with existing weapons Fromm Dungeons? Like making the Netherite Sword look like the Claymore?
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I would also love if you could maybe make separate texture packs for the various weapons that only have one weapon in the main game, like bows (I would love to have the Saberwing in Minecraft)
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Make gold tools look like iron tools but golden please
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I just today decided to start making an alternative texture for this that does just that but also with the Netherite tools. So if you’re looking forward to it, keep an eye out for the next time I update this!
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Thank you for a 1.16 version! cant wait to try it :)
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Even though there not in Minecraft dungeons, can you have a crack at the wood, stone and gold in the same style? It’s just a suggestion. I really like this pack!
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