Published on February 01, 2021 (Updated on February 10, 2021)

Duward's Competitive Textures V3

I made this pack to create a competitive advantage over my friends on my realm and on treasure wars.  It raises FPS for PC gamers and it does many more things to help you focus more on the game. (List of features below)

List of features:

Your inventory is see through so nothing can really sneak up on you.

The water is clear.

Particles are disabled.

The glass is even more clear too.

Iron tools are red for people who can't tell the difference between diamond tools and iron tools unless they look closely.

If you have a pumpkin on your head you can see clearly.

Tools are small so it is easier to see around you.

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Tools are smaller to help see more stuff around you.


  • DuwardsCompetitiveTexturesV3_1612910491.mcpack

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you can make a more aesthetic texture for the iron sword, as well as two versions of it, one with the jappa textures version and one with the old textures, forgive my english
This pack is ok. Maybe make the pickaxes have a shorter backpoint to allow us to see around better.
Okay I will. Thanks for the comment!