Published on August 24, 2022 (Updated on June 27, 2023)

Egyptian Pyramid

Egyptian Pyramid is a creative map made up of a large structure, The Pyramid of Tutankamonos. It is a large structure located in an area surrounded by the sea and in detail. 

It has 3 accesses to enter the pyramid, in which we will find a huge antechamber followed by a small room where we will find the statue of the god Tujacomami. 

On the outside we will have the road that surrounds the entire pyramid and two buildings in its front entrance that serve as the entrance to the tunnels.

Finally, on one of the sides we can locate a small lookout house to start the adventure.

With the new update several new structures have been added, such as:

1.Boats around the port, located in the Egyptian town.

2.A huge Egyptian village, decorated and inhabited by villagers.

3.Giant decorations like a big jackal at the entrance of the town by sea.

4.A large Roman-style temple, half abandoned and submerged in the desert sand.

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Several large structures have been added:

1. An Egyptian city, decorated and inhabited by villagers. It contains houses, warehouses, crop areas and small rest areas.

2. Two giant sculptures of a jackal and a snake.

3. Two ships located in the port area, large enough to be able to inhabit them.

4. A large half-abandoned Roman temple and a small obelisk.

5. The file size has been reduced to facilitate downloading.

6. The surrounding terrain has been modified to be able to create the structures later added.


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