Elemental Bedwars v0.7

In this world, where all the elements have gathered, people came to claim the islands that float in the sky, gaining the sole access to the riches and secrets it holds. Are you up for the challenge to battle against them? If so, upgrade your gears, pack your blocks, and build a fortress to defend your bed, your very respawn point! 

Fight with other players in Elemental Bedwars!

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My maps will now be hosted with Lootlabs for the new updates.

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Can i ask,why every time im move snow Golems spawn,and how to fix that?
I see, so that bug is still there... I'll try to fix it and update this map as soon as I can, sorry for the inconvinience
How does one use crystals after using them at your base
They do not seem to do anything after using at the amathyist at your base
As of now, they are only used for changing the mage tower's attack. But once I have put the scrolls, it should be useful for changing what each scrolls do. I am sorry if it may take long, but I will do my best to put them in the game as much as I can.
How do I use element crystals magic powers??
I use controller
Scrolls too
After buying the crystals, you need to bring them to your base, then hold them in your main hand as you stand in the amethyst block there.

Also, there are more guides and tips you can find there, so you can read them to know more.

As for the scrolls, they aren't working yet except the scroll of return. They are still a work in progress.
I did bring them to my base they did not do any thing to my base or my player
The map is extremely buggy it would be cool if it was less buggy because mine crashed
Hmm... I see... I shall try to adjust things in it to make it less buggy

I am sorry for its current performance, and thank you for still trying it out! I shall make it better for everyone to enjoy it more!
I apologize, but it has some bugs that I just found:
-Gamerule is not set to pvp (Please use the gamerule command "/gamerule pvp true" once the game start)
-Installations doesn't work properly yet.
-Events, bosses, 20 minutes bed explosion, and 30 mins reapers spawn doesn't work.
This has been fixed already, and should now work, even before the official update goes out.