Fantasy Kits 0.8.3

A remaster of my previous map "KitPvP Advance".

In this world where weapons and magic collides, different people gather to test their prowess in battle with their own unique skills and characteristics. A battle against others, or battle against monsters fighting alongside comrades.

Will you join the contest of strength, brave warrior?

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  • More quiz questions from the Sphinx! 


  • Monk's special skill has been nerfed.
  • Shadow's strength buff has been nerfed.
  • Impostor's major skill electricity sabotage has been nerfed from 1 minute to 20 seconds. 


  • PvE Arenas now have better looks!
  • The knockback on King of the Ring minigame has been changed from level 2 to 1.
  • Skills doesn't need to be thrown to use them anymore, you only have to select them on your hotbar for it to activate!
  • Slimes on area 1 are now nerfed to a medium size to lessen the lag.
  • Slime King got a health buff.
  • You only have to hold the mana potions on your hand during a game to use it.
  • Ghost's minor skill now have its sound effect! Spooky! 


  • Arena Randomizer has been fixed.
  • Overflow minigame has been fixed.
  • Impostor's special skill has been fixed.
  • Madman's special skill has been fixed.
  • Mage's special skill has been fixed.
  • The shrinking arena in King of the Ring has been fixed.
  • The Join icon has been added.

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Pinned comment
Hello everyone!! If any of you have noticed any bugs or errors, or have any suggestions and concerns regarding the map, feel free to tell me here in the comments! I really appreciate it very much!!

May you enjoy my creation as much as I enjoy creating them!
there was a bug when I bought vip character locked why:(😭.. pls update
Ahh, that's intentionally locked still, as it is still made in progress, but no worries, I am finishing them and about to update it! Please look forward to these VIP character kits!
excuse me the ghost class breaks my character and keep spectator mode even after the battle over can you please fix this
I see, thanks for notifying me about it! I shall look into it and fix it.
Hey can you nerf the Archer class? Thanks.
I can agree with this, but I think it is quite nerfed already after the few updates I did recently, so I'll probably not for now. I'll reconsider though if I got enough evidence that the character kit does need to be nerfed.

As for a tip on how to fight against a player with archer class, try to use character kits with high mobility skills, such as the ninja or assassin.

I do know that my game ain't that balanced yet, so I do apologize for that, but thanks for downloading this map and hopefully you are enjoying it!
It is quite nerfed already with the limited arrow settings and the shortened lightning arrow effect, so no need to worry! (For now, fufufu~ Just kidding hahahaha)
I can't transfer the entire world folder to the Minecraft worlds folder. Some things don't transfer.
Hmm... I am not sure how to fix that... Have you tried clicking "open with..."?
Hello is the random map selection fixed and also please add more 2 player minigames rather than 4 player I don't have many friends🥲.
Sure do! I'll try to finish all of the ones I have planned for!

And same, which makes it hard for me to play test this thing with not much people to do that with.

Anyways, thanks for playing my map! Look forward to the updates!
i found a bug the rock paper scicor minigame i cant get out of it unless i die and the game doesnt start over and when i play pvp or any other map if i destroy a block the block doesnt reset
Indeed, I have found out that all the minigames are not working properly either, and I am already uploading a fixed version of it, as for the map not resetting, it should be fine now, I think?
hey in fantasy kits i bought vip and after i went to vip character selection all the characters are locked
I am sorry, but they are not available yet... They are all still a work in progress, but don't worry, I am working on them.
I am really sorry for the long delay of update... My schedule has been hectic lately... But don't worry, I don't plan on stopping on updating this map until I have already completed everything I have planned for it! Anyways, the next update will be up by 2-3 days from this post. Hope you'll enjoy it!
Hello again! Yup! It's back and running, but not yet in its fullness, so look forward to it! It will have many more new things, while keeping the nostalgia of the first one I made! I hope you'd enjoy it as much as the first one!
The random map selector is currently broken I think. I also had some issues with the platform falling map not working properly (just thought I’d mention some bugs that I came across).
Yup, they are, and they should all be fixed on the upcoming update I am trying to upload. Unfortunately for me though, I don't understand why they won't let me use linkvertise links this time... But I'll just upload them without linkvertise, just sad that I won't be able to save up money for my efforts, but welp
because linkvertise decided to limit it to 3 downloads a day limit
I see... That's really unfortunate then... Thank you for letting me know
You can alternatively link it to your own site.
There are lots of ways to get it up and running for free and have advertisements on the site so that we can support you.
Just out of curiosity, how much did Linkverse offer per download?
I'll try if I can make my own site, but for now, I'll just upload them here as usual with mediafire links. As for how much linkvertise pay... I am not sure about the specifics, but I think it says $5-$10 per 1000?
I've added some few new mechanics such as mana and way to see the cooldowns, in which I hope make it more better than the previous! But it is still definitely in need of tweaks, such as character balancings and lag fixes, and as usual, bug fixings.

But I do hope you'll enjoy it as much as the old one, if not more.

And yup, I'll be updating this one this month as much as possible, in which, VIP characters will be available in the PvP section by then!
Hello again!
Glad to see the map back in action and better than ever!
A few bugs to report as requested:
When spawning into a map such as the one with pressure plates or one such as the cloud map, we always teleport inside a block which often causes the player to instantly die in the lava. just teleportation in general including the Enderman kit cause this. I think it's just a simple fix of adjusting the y value by 1.
Another bug seems to be when there is only one player left and the wither is still alive from one of the kits, the game does not end until the wither is killed.
These are the only ones I can think of at the moment.
Also, I was wondering if you could provide a release schedule for the 1.0 update that would have the complete experience from the previous version of this map.
Thank you and keep up the hard work!
Hello, I am glad to see you again!
And as usual, thanks for notifying me of bugs and errors, I really really appreciate it!

For the first bug, I also have noticed it, and I do think I need to apply an added teleport command right after a /spreadplayer command, since that command is quite buggy recently.

For the second concern, that is new to me... I'll try to look into it. It should be the Cult Priest's special skill, if I am right.

For the last one, I can't guarantee a release date due to personal unstable schedules and such... And I am doing them bit by bit, until all the kits in both PvE and PvP are already available, and the PvE mob arena is already playable until the end of Wave 10-10. But once I am near finishing it, I'll do my best to put a release date.

Anyways, thank you very much, once again! I'll be putting a v0.8 update for the next one, which would probably happen next month. Please look forward to it!
hi im here to test mods and maps to every minecrafts and edu edition is not capable thx
I have a suggestion you should make it so that the dice kit instead of getting random abilities he should get random abilities from other kits also random weapons and armor would be cool but i would understand if you said no also when is version 0.7 going to be released for .mcworld
Thank you for the wonderful suggestion! And yes, I won't change the dice's abilities, since I have already planned a character kit which does exactly that, except the armor and weapon one. Maybe I would consider adding a blacksmith kit which can change armor sets with different ability, as well as for weapon. As for the .mcworld, I'll be updating this map this month, so I'll put it with that new update, orrr would it be more convinient if I change the one you'll get in linkvertise to .mcworld, instead of .zip?

I'll change it to .mcworld for now, and change it back if someone would give me an insight in which would be best.

Anyways, thank you so much for playing and downloading my map!
Zip wasnt working for me before but i fixed it so its ok now
I already post the e-mail to you.did you saw it
Yup!! It looks sooo great!! I like it so much!! I shall apply it right away, and it should be there on the next update!! Thank you very much!!! And I hope you'll continue to enjoy my maps as much as I enjoy creating them!

Also! Keep up the great work! I shall keep you in mind, and might ask you if you would like to join my team once I am already pursuing my game dev career!
thank you. Your praise is a great honor to me.:-D
It's me the guy who remaked your Advance pvp texture pack
Do you have anything like discord so that I can send my texture pack to you?
Well, I have gmail, if that works? But I'll try if I can get on discord again, and tell you my account on it.

As for gmail, here:

[email protected]