Elemental Swords Addon (v22) (Link Fixed)

SEE THIS! I have some cool super-powered swords for you to have fun playing in mine-verse. You can craft them and fight with some powerful bosses such as ender-dragon or wither-boss or the new bosses. Let me show the swords to you. Addon by @ahangarkani_ali ; instagram.

Note: Please enable experimental gameplay.

Note: The swords can’t come into your hotbar. You should craft them for seeing and using them or use :/function swords

/function sticks


This sword is tier-1(strength1). It doesn’t have any special power but it’s the key to other swords.


This sword is tier-1 with super-speed and slow-falling. As I said, the knight-sword is the key to others.


Tier-1 with super-jump. Use it with air-sword for don’t getting hurt.


First thing firs, your moving is hard because of heavy weight. But you have strength-8.


It has all knight-sword power double. And it used for… SEE THE NEXT.


The most power-full sword of my addon with strength-6, speed-5, absorption-8 and resistance-1. But it’s so hard to obtain.


Tier-1 sword with one line more heart.


It’s an upgrade for master-sword with strength-3 and 3 line heart. Get the stones from galaxy knight to craft it.


It’s special power is fire-resistance and it’s tier-1


You can use this sword for exploring under-water. It has the conduit-power and tier-1.


It’s special power is regeneration with strength more than tier-1.


Actually, and certainly it’s not a sword. It is a magic-wand. When you are moving to a block that is air, it changes it to wool block that you don’t fall. If you jump it happens, too. It changes lava to obsidian and water to ice,too.(but for lava it has some delay). It had alot of bugs but now it doesn’t have any. Boom


First, you should craft the asgard-stones. The the lightning-stone and then the lightning-stick. When you get it on your hand, all of the mobs in the range of 4 to 14 from you get on lightning_bolt.


Set any mob to fire at the range of 4 to 14 EXECPT new dogs.


No one can move in 4 to 14 block of you. Faster day and night cycle.


For now the crafting is broken. You should get it with commands. Spawn evocation-fang at mobs in the range of 4 to 14.


The iron-battleaxe has 30 attack damage. It doesn’t have any effects.


It has the power of three swords at once. You can use it for killing some powerful bosses like the new ender-dragon.


A sword made by rainbow stone that can be found from killing rainbow-knight. One of the most powerfull swords.

20-aqua trident

An upgrade for aqua sword with double power and throwing ability.

21-galaxy sword ultimate

An upgrade for galaxy sword with more hearts and strength.

22-STORMBREAKER (from @keyyard it’s not for me)

Another cool weapon in the place of trident with lightning power when is thrown. I’m saying it again that it’s not for me. It’s from @keyyard (twitter) addons and thanks from him because of getting me the permission.

GETTING ALL THE SWORDS: /function swords

/function sticks

/function armors

23-elytra crafting and texture

Now you can craft the elytra.

The shield texture is from @cubitosMC twitter

24-poison stick

A stick that affect everyone from r4 to r14 on poison.

25-wither stick

Same as poison stick with wither affect.


First you should craft the empty infinity stone then make the ston and finally… YES!!! The infinity stone. With its power you are INVINCIBLE.

27-dog stick

With that you can get powers to your master dog for fighting with hostile mobs.

28-Espada swords

I have a pack of 4 swords for you to shoot. Yes you can throw them. You have a little strength and speed. The 3rd and 4th level of swords have the power of explosion. Be carefull and enjoy. Hold to shoot.

29-unearth stick

Pull everyone into earth to dye. HaHaHa

30-golden battleaxe

Has 15 damage

31-legendary knight sword powered

One upgrade of legendary knight sword.

32-redstone powered knight sword

33-redstone powered matter knight sword

Powerfuuuuuuuuullll with strength+12 woaaaaaa

34-obsidian sword

For now do nothing. You say what should I include.

35-Bedrock Sword and Axe


Become the most powerfulm warrior in mine-verse forever with soooo much strength.

37-new friends and foes

A new boss that naturally spawn in game that has 100 hearts, 5 attack damage and drops some diamonds. It doesn’t attack you until you attack him.

The knight that drops some  swords but it’s so hard to beat them.

The rainbow-knight has 1000 hearts with 20 attack damage. It drops rainbow-stone

Boss steve 200 hearts spawns on day. Nightmare Bsteve that spawns on night. Drops emerald.


Master-dog. New dog with 150 hearts and 8 attack. It tames like normal wolf.

Fire-dog. Another dog with 200 hearts and 10 attack damage that tames with blzae rod and breed with blaze powder and magma cream. I’m sorry but it doesn’t have any fire-resistance.

Rainbow dog. The most power-full dog ever with 500 hearts and 20 attack damage. It’s hard to obtain and tame with the rainbow stone that can be found by killing rainbow knight. it can be breed with meats.

Galaxy sword. 400 hearts and 8 attack. Tame with galaxy sword.

Tame with sweet berries. Not so powerful.


I uploaded a map that you can learn all of the craftings.

*#New big Tchests update#*

Now you can find swords in treasure chests.

*#New mobs spawning#*

Now you can find one mob only in one biome. Or maybe on other worlds.

*#added new particled#*

*#Something speciaaall#*

Now you see like this just wear a pumpkin to your head.

#Added armors NOT REPLACED#

As you can see they were not replaced. They were not completed. I made them because alot of you guys told me to create. They don’t have any recipe yet get them with /give command (armor:assa/armor:bedrock/armor:iron)

Check out my knights skinpack too.

NOTE; This is my first addon. If it is bad or you discover some crashes, please tell me on instagram (@aghangarkani_ali)

+#please enable experimental-gameplay#+


Changelog View more

I am really sorry because of some bad things in Iran Ican't upload in mediafire so I uploaded for developer.

New 4 god swords

Alot of you told me swords powers have bug and they don't vanish after we choose another sword after it. So I fixed it. Now powers are better, potions work and real mcpe swords work again,too.

Having fun playing in mine-verse

Espada swords are now ready with the power of shooting. I have completed them. 

I have changed the aqua trident. Now you can trhow it. A new added trident with the ability to shoot

I'm working on armors to have powers. But I have not finished it yet.

Becauae of you guys I jave added new armors.

All of the sticks had bug, actually phantom stick and I have solved it.

I have found a good way for working potions and normal swords again. But it takes me time to create it. I will correct them so soon.

Sorry everyone. I really forgot to update the links.

Now you can craft the bedrock weapons.

Some bugs of new knights fixed.

Some weapons attack damage changed to script instead of strength effect.

And more I changed and I want to add.

Added bedrock sword and axe.

Changelogs for the entities.

I'm working on knights to have swords.

Two new swords:

Redstone powered matter knight sword

And obsidian sword.

One new knight friend

AND----> You people. Pls tell me what should I include to espada swords set. Non of you tell anything. Tell sth I'm out of idea.

See around more beautifull with pumpkin in your head.

New redstone powered knight sword.

Fixed the crafting on saw knight sword. Now you can craft it well.

Added 3 new swords

Added new knigjts friends I didn't add any pics

Added new espada swords.(I didn't add any power you gamers tell me what should I add.)

Changed the texture of armors.

Future update is adding new mobs suck as new friends(knights) and other things.

added new espada swords.(the don't have any powers yet you should say the powers)

Added new armor texture.

Future update is some new mobs like knight friend and else.

Added new texture for armors but no new recipe fornow. Added new 4 espada sword. 

Futur update: I want to add new mobs such as new friend knight and I will use the textures of ES skinpack.

Changed the link. I had fixed them. I forgot to update them. I'm really sorry.

Added new particles

Added new Tchests(treasure chests) loot

New spawning.(every mob in his unique biome)

New treasure chests.

New mobs spawning

New particles.

Have fun.

Added the dog stick for making dogs more power full.

Bug fixed of crafting. Added the pics to describtion. Have fun.

Added infinity gauntlet and stones and crafting. In future I will seperate it from elemental swords.

Two new wand the poison and wither stick. Some changes on entities.

Some changes on entities.(I broke the thor. You can't tame him until I fix it)

Two new swords.

Change some spawning rules.(it may crash. I should work on it more)

Can tame thor now and breed him.

New spawning rules.

New crafting for galaxy sword.

Two new swords with powerfull strengths.

Review the behaviour for checking working of addon.

1-New weapon (iron-battleaxe).

2-New textures for some swords.

3-More power-full ender-dragon.

4-New crafting(harder)

1-Add a lot of new knights to game.

2-Now some mobs spawn just in knight.

3-Sticks affect other players, too.

4-New loot tables.

5-New texture for end-sword and galaxy-sword (I didn't change the pic. So don't be confused.)

New dogs

  Galaxy dog

  Sweet dog

New mobs

  Boss steve

  Nightmare Bsteve

Crafting for evocer-stick.

Because of easy playing made swords strength weaker

1-new sticks




2-fixing som bug of swords and phantom-stick.

1-link bug fixed again

2-new dog

3-new mobs(thor,2 kind of knight)

4-new treasures in some chests on mine-verse

Because of the link bug I update it quikly. I'm sorry because of it.

1-new boss

2-new dogs

3-new magic-wand

4-added support for minecraft pocket edition 1.13.x


I am really sorry because of some bad things in Iran Ican't upload in mediafire so I uploaded for developer.


Supported Minecraft versions

1.10 1.11 1.12 1.13 1.14

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770 Responses

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  1. Torete9106 says:

    Does it works on Windows 10?

  2. Guest-9623271212 says:

    I can only do the spawns, shield and the hammer instead of the trident???

  3. Guest-1756506688 says:

    It won’t let me download the mcpack is it because I’m on a ipad?

  4. Crashthecaretaker2 says:

    Thank you for fixing the link

  5. Guest-4755901394 says:


  6. Guest-9199357578 says:

    U ppl need to no I could look at the pictures all day. 😂

  7. Guest-8447347479 says:

    My infinity gauntlet doesnt do anything. Did i do something wrong? Somebody from the comments help me.

  8. Guest-1461145917 says:

    the link is for the behavior and rescores pack is still not working

  9. Guest-2011654172 says:

    R.21 Recourse and Behavior failed to import, maybe update them?

  10. Guest-9648079534 says:

    The top links work, try em

  11. Guest-7598507841 says:

    download doesn’t work, looks like a good mod tho

  12. Guest-6116136707 says:

    I can’t craft infinity gauntlet

  13. Guest-6056245838 says:


  14. Guest-9584196867 says:

    How do I download this?

  15. P1xe1at3d says:

    Failed. You guys are bots.

  16. Guest-4881768382 says:

    The axe is literally Escanor’s sacred treasure

  17. Guest-4909828416 says:

    I couldn’t have EVER done any better than the creator of this mod at the first time.
    Gud job. Btw the infinity knight sword was copied by novaskin.me

  18. Guest-9445903696 says:

    And this mod look SO FLIPIN COOL! I would love to have the first god sword in dis mod!

  19. Guest-3762761853 says:

    Btw I can’t find the skin pack

  20. Guest-4466456684 says:

    I downloaded the mcpacks, and its not working it keeps saying “not a valid zip archive”. And if when I try to turn them to a zip file it won’t let me extract them because they become damaged. Can you make them a zip file or fix the pack ?

  21. Guest-3366279460 says:

    I feel like a this mod is one of those mods that look Supa cool but is really hard to download.

  22. Guest-4910932899 says:

    mod looks cool an would be perfect for a world i play on but iu cant download it for some reason and the bottom links dont work. 3 stars for the good mod tho

  23. Guest-7720374272 says:

    The download page is written in a different language and is full of viruses. Please change the link.

  24. Guest-9480645347 says:

    I love it but I have one question. How do I make the infinity gauntlet? The recipe isn’t working for me. Is it gold block, furnace, and coal?

  25. Guest-9480645347 says:

    I love it but I have one question. How exactly am I supposed to make the infinity gauntlet? The recipe says to do a gold block on top of a furnace on top of a piece of coal but it doesn’t work. The furnace looks a little bit different than it does on my screen. Am I doing it right?

  26. Guest-2812519702 says:

    which weapon is the best.

  27. Guest-6956906048 says:

    This mod is great love all the special effects of all weapons and also the god weapons. The only problem I have with this is the infinity gauntlet, it took so long to make but it doesn’t do any damage or effects and armor doesn’t work, and finally the rainbow and galaxy knights don’t drop the stones, but overall best mod so there please keep up the good work:)

  28. Guest-2560030275 says:

    How to download it? I use .mcpack , but the only thing I could download was the skinpack, but I really want to download the mod itself. please help me

    • Guest-5543994170 says:

      ..still me,

      elemental sword skin.mcpack
      elemental swords Bv21 .mcpack
      elemental swords map v21.mcworld
      elemental swords Rv21.mcpack
      Elemental swords behaviour .mcpack
      Elemental swords resource .mcpack
      Elemental sword map
      Elemental swords skinpack .mcpack

      What ones do I choose? Also, I tried to download it for a few hours now, but nothing T_T
      anyone have a step by step tutorial? please help me

      • Guest-6421570116 says:

        The v21s don’t work but the older versions do so click on them. It will take you to bit.ly but you can’t do anything so reload bit.ly and you will see a download button click on it and it will take you back to bit.ly but it is different click the download button again and then it will take you to a sight we’re you can download it. You have to do this twice. Once for the old resource and once for the old behavior pack. Hope this helped

        • Guest-7296923294 says:

          Thanks a lot for helping. I now know that I’m definitely halfway to success. I see that the file now has something in it, but here comes the new problem. Minecraft tells me that the file id is unknown, and the pack version is unknown too. Do you know what the problem could be here? If you do, please help me. And thanks again 🙂

    • Guest-5923629835 says:

      ..still me,
      Im playing on 1.15

    • Guest-4965538702 says:

      What to do after making it a .ZIP? I cant extract it because there is nothing to. Any help?

    • Guest-7850281705 says:

      The update doesn’t work download the older ones. It will take you to bit ly reload bit ly click download click download again on the new bit ly and it will take you to a site to download it

    • Guest-2498260414 says:

      This website doesn’t work but I found a website that does work it’s called mc pe monster.

    • Guest-9603632761 says:

      This website doesn’t work but I found a website that does work it’s called mc pe monster.

  29. Guest-9164174393 says:

    When I downloaded it, it showed that it has 0b, AND THATS WHY IT SAID INVALID ZIP ARCHIVE WHEN IMPORTING IT TO MINECRAFT

  30. Guest-3231556548 says:

    When I try to download the IOS packs it doesn’t work
    It just sends me to Bit.ly

  31. Guest-6011355902 says:

    I downloaded the mcpacks, and its not working, it says “not a valid zip archive”

  32. Guest-8150396029 says:

    And how?

  33. Guest-6407060262 says:

    which of them is the most powerful weapon and what is the use of the infinity gauntlet?

  34. Guest-9394612689 says:

    how do I install it, I’m confused putting the mcpack folder that has been changed to a folder

  35. Guest-6392558132 says:

    i love this mod me and my girlfriend was looking something new and we both found what we wanted with this mod

  36. Guest-6201961696 says:

    I can’t download four last links, and four previous links can’t get imported into game. (I tried changing them into .zip, doesn’t work)

    Could you please give me some advice please? This add-on looks great and I can’t get it.

    • Guest-9083430011 says:

      Okay, I got Bv21 and Rv21 things but they dont work, like they’re adding things into game but they’re dealing no dmg. (I have experimental)

  37. Guest-3332473086 says:

    You need to change the website again, always says access to this resource is forbidden.

  38. Anonymous says:

    (If you can fix this, please do) I have been playing for several days trying to get everything working, like crafting swords and all of those things, but it hasn’t. I have had on experimental gameplay, and even then the swords have not worked. Also, maybe should have already said this, I’m playing on on v1.14.30. I thought that my version of Minecraft would work because of other times I’ve downloaded some add-ons that only suit versions 1.10, 1.11, 1.12 etc. worked for 1.14.30, my version. You still get 4 stars from me because I haven’t even tested out the swords yet. And yes, the download worked because the Infinity blocks are in my creative inventory. If you know how to fix this please tell me. Thank you!

  39. Guest-3572332808 says:

    Why is it that when I kill any knight, they do not drop their respective stones

  40. Guest-4021240997 says:

    The link works, but the import does not work because Minecraft thinks it is a mistake

  41. Guest-6341632483 says:

    the link works but then it says failed to download addon looks really cool though

  42. Guest-8540008547 says:

    The map download does not work

  43. Guest-5117476224 says:

    AMAZING MOD!! Can you fix the armor, it does not work correctly. The armor does not give you effects when you are wearing it only when holding

  44. Guest-5117476224 says:

    AMAZING MOD!! Can you fix the armor, it does not work correctly. The armor does not give you effects when you are wearing it only when holding.

  45. Guest-5774230541 says:

    Pls do media fire.

  46. Guest-6246083666 says:

    really should fix the links because this addon looks really cool but it’s not because you cant download it.


    the downloads links are broken, its just an infinite cycle of getting to the redirect page only to get redirected back to the original page that takes you to the redirect page… is this actually a real addon or is it just a fake download with adds so you can get money

  48. Gabe says bork says:

    Thx for fixing the broken link.

  49. Guest-5272592173 says:

    Your addon is trash, doesn’t works for 1.14 please update to that version plsss, it Will we good for 1.14 users cuz the addon’s swords are cool and the crafts are good, i love that addon but doesn’t works for 1.14 i don’t want downgrade to 1.13 cuz My addons are for 1.14 and i’m doing a 1.14 addons survival, and i want that addon in My survival

  50. Guest-1915616186 says:

    I downloaded the file and MC even said successfully imported. And, the swords never showed up in the search bar nor crafting. Also, the function didn’t work. I added both resource and behavior packs to be active but it still didn’t work. I’m on minecraft 1.14. Please reach out to me if you know how to solve this problem. 🙂 – also, this has been reoccurring on every sword modpack I’ve tried to install

  51. Guest-2735090970 says:

    This is an amazing mod pack but every time I try to open it, my Minecraft keeps saying “Unknown pack ID” and I don’t know what to do. Maybe can it be ’cause I’m on windows 10 or is there something wrong with the packs in general

  52. Henkill95 says:

    the link of behavior pack doesn’t work, please you can fix it

  53. Guest-6455764446 says:

    heck the link not work. wtf bruv

  54. 102582947 says:

    Can you fix the Behavior Link?

  55. Guest-8360923796 says:

    Very nice mod but please made it a direct link, no ads

  56. Guest-8621374933 says:

    Umm the behavior pack is not working every time I try to go to the download page it says file not found can u fix that i live this addon and my name is Bdude1994cool

  57. User-8218219753 says:

    unvalid zip file

  58. User-9222663305 says:

    its not work,say its not valid file zip… :C

  59. 102582947 says:

    You should add more bosses
    Elemental King
    120 Hp
    Small/big fireballs
    180 hp
    Very fast, throws potions
    The Elemental
    220 hp
    Boss Steve 2.0
    350 hp
    Teleports, fireballs
    Illager King
    750 hp
    Summons pillagers, vindicators, evokers, vexes, evoker powers, summons arrows from the sky, summons witches, regens hp

  60. User-1256557872 says:

    سلام میخواستم بدون ادان هارو با چه برنامه‌ای درست می کنید ؟

  61. User-2688389948 says:

    The map you can download by entering captcha code, press “follow this link”, press slow download, complete the captcha and then wait a few seconds press download, if it says wrong captcha, then try again until you get to the link, press that or press download. Also very good addon

  62. User-3081825993 says:

    I cant dowload iOS only zip and mi not in android

  63. Gilberth Peadolvky says:

    Plz change web to download the map i cant and i always sent to dis weird web plz update

  64. Gilberth Peadolvky says:

    Plz change web to download the map i cant and i always sent to dis weird web

  65. Me says:

    They say I don’t have permission

  66. MEDIAFIRE says:

    Please make the link go to media fire! This mod looks so cool but I can’t download it!

  67. Ur mom says:

    Hey bro nice addon! My suggestion is to add in a new boss like some kind of dragon boss if you can. Oh and also you should add in some cool armors otherwise, Very Cool Addon!!!

  68. Jimbo says:

    Seriously dude what the heck are those links and the arabic text… I just want to download the pack and why is the resource and behavior separated dude all you want is money but you barely even get any money from these sites. Not enough to even buy school lunch

  69. Ystudio says:

    Please fix the link

  70. axel says:

    i need a mod that have a quarry and pipes!!!

  71. axel says:

    it was awesome the addon have another tools like better axe, better pikaxe or better shovel

  72. Anon. says:

    May I ask what you used to make this addon?

  73. Cristian says:


  74. Cristian says:

    I just want to go to mediafire, not a Punjabi website

  75. Xbox user says:

    Can you please make a mediafire download link

  76. Marc says:

    I downloaded the addon successfully and Once i equip it and use it for a few minutes it crashed my game could you fix that?

  77. MoreBlackouts says:

    I Love your mod but since the 1.13 Update on xbox One i cant craft any swords? But the trident and mobs are working pls help

  78. Cristian Romero says:

    I hate the adds! I try to download this addon, it took me to some Indian website. Please fix’s this And take it right to the download

  79. GAMEPLAY OVER says:

    crack cambia a mediafire no puedo con este link

  80. SwallowFF says:

    The addon has so much in it but the knight entities are invisible.

  81. Anonymous says:

    It takes me to indian porn

  82. Dawson johnson says:

    I hate the part that it bring u to a website that shows u something that u will hate a lot. Pleas change it it give u ads that little kids should not see at all. This stuff give me nightmares and it different in a way that is weird. I think this the 1 that brought me to that website with the really really bad ads I mean like there a lot of bad adds

  83. vasa says:

    i love minecraft

  84. Carlos says:

    I can’t Import the map because san that have an error

  85. Dhruv says:

    Hey I can obtain the swords but don’t get the powers plz help me. And also one of the site is not working it says udont have authorization as per dot compliance. I downloaded it from another place

  86. ElderWizardGaming says:

    Please just make link mediafire, it is still broken! Can your addon work on xbox?

  87. NekoMamu says:

    hey bro i do love your packs but could u change the link download it got blocked on my country

  88. MilKop963 says:

    The links send me to a chinese/japanese website plz fix

  89. Gigan gamer says:

    Pls add mcaddon pls es file ads 200 photos A second pls ad mcaddon file

  90. DemonRider10 says:

    wen i get the map it says faild to get please fix

  91. Anonymous says:

    It keeps saying the behaviour pack didnt load????? NEED FIX HELP

  92. hoppingduck says:

    How can i craft the armor?

  93. JNdu33 says:

    Please can you change the download link

  94. Lawa azad says:

    Brooooo thank uuuuuuuu this mod is amazing bc there is ALOT OF NEW STUF but where do raibow boss spawn?? And other bosses?

  95. Vietnamese guy says:

    Too much recipe i cant remember all of them

  96. Siamese cat says:

    Can you use mediafire? It’s a lot better than uploadboy.

  97. Adam Oswald says:

    I can’t get bedrock from crafting nor it’s weapons from commands! Even though I deleted and upgraded to the update! Plz help me!

  98. Blah says:

    It is not working. it says that the import is failing

  99. David Creen says:

    Pls help: I says that I don’t have access to the page

  100. Prys says:

    Fix the link for the flash addon

  101. holaquehace says:

    Hola una pregunta cual es la mas fuerte o mas chetada?

  102. GamingWithYassin says:


  103. Anonymous says:


    Me and many other people who are interested in this addon are having trouble downloading it. For me, it was that the addon would not load into the game.

  104. gdbx says:

    I can only get some of them in creative and can craft any of the items

  105. Nefos says:

    I cant just download addon, site says that I dont have permission to go to /index.php

  106. Anonymous says:

    Guys, I cant download mod, what should I do?

  107. Anonymous says:

    Please help me when I tried to install the map on iOS it said import failed

  108. The Boy says:

    When i try to open the map, it says that the world is saved in a newer version, but i am on version 1.12. Pls fix

  109. Anonymous says:

    Please nerf the Ender Dragon. The “buffed Ender Dragon” has like 5000 hearts. Even in creative I couldn’t kill it without /kill @e. Please nerf it down to 2000, or 1000

  110. Jordan says:

    It has upload boy and I don’t like upload boy

  111. Anonymous says:

    What are the item ids?

  112. JJ says:

    Please fix the map

  113. Brandon says:

    I can’t play the map please fix it i hope you have a good day

  114. Anonymous says:

    I have an idea, since you have “knight” swords you should add a king sword with a “king” boss that drops it. Good add on btw

  115. dankestblaze says:

    I used ex gameplay and it didntsay ther wer any missing dependancies, but when i typed in the command, only the stormbreaker, aqua sword, and air sword worked. Plz help?

  116. Juan Pablo says:

    I really want to test this addon but when I open the file, it opens Minecraft, it starts importing but then it appears an error.

  117. Ben says:

    I still not happy can you tell me all the attack damage or have it in the name like Knight Sword 6 Attack Damage! PLEASE

  118. Thetigerking says:

    Plz make the link to mediafire.com 😞😞😞😞

  119. Harvey says:

    I can’t craft infinite gauntlet or redstone swords

  120. Stompie2gamer says:

    Espade sword set should have all elemental swords abilities because it looks like it all the elements in the sword btw thanks for creating the add-on , it’s amazing create a super infinite ultimate knight sword plus

  121. Jake says:

    I was able to download it on win10, but failed to import, unlike on mobile when it says forbidden access and wouldn’t take me to the download site

  122. yungmrcq says:

    i can get swords but i cant get the potions? for why do you know? and what is ur instagram tho aghankargani_ali isnt working

  123. MCNINJA05 says:

    A all around great mod has some of the most content I’ve seen but anytime someone leaves the world it crashed

    You should make a sword the causes explotions

  124. Caite says:

    The map doesent load for me,it just says “failed to import” plz fix this and I give 5 star

  125. ThatGirl says:

    Link is BROKEN
    Pls fix it.

  126. Andrew Luiz says:

    You forgot to fix the text because it says galaxy sword not galaxy dog and galaxy stone! Ha in your face but face hahahahahahaha!

  127. Elf pup says:

    When is someone gonna make a niche a generic survival game add on.

  128. Egor says:

    Explain how to download a file from this dumb site.

  129. Vô Danh says:

    How To Download Addon ?

  130. TheMafiaZ says:

    Why it always show “failed to import”? Please help me because I want that mod

  131. Anonymous says:

    Swords don’t actually do any abilities for me except the storm breaker, they are all weak for me like I’m hitting things with my fist

  132. TTRATE says:

    looks so cool but the link is horrible and broken please change it to mediafire

  133. Misf1t S0ul says:

    for some reason, the behaivor redirects me to a xip.li “re direct” page, and it doesnt load in. its just blank. but the resource link successfully puts me into the uploadboy link, that works fine. pls fix if you can, let me know if you need more info

  134. The PIZZA BOI says:

    Did you know Deltarune? If so, please add the DevilsKnife. You can throw and it come backs to you and when you throw it at any block, it creates a laser that comes out of the sky (just like from a beacon where it creates a tall beam)

  135. Ben says:

    Good for making IG craft a bit harder it was too op and too easy to get right now I think this is the best customised Add-On right now I really want to know how you made this Also You should add Biomes Dimensions when you can and ores that generate and try to make it so you can see it in creative and in recipe book

  136. LinkSans2000 says:

    Um… could you please change it to a mediafire? Because I keep getting a 403 Forbidden when it worked before…

  137. Anonymous says:

    Nvm I didn’t know what I was doing , this Addon is great

    Everybody bully me ;-;

  138. Michael says:

    The link for the map doesnt work and im not able to craft the infinity gauntlet or the first stone for it. Other than that the mod is great!

  139. michael says:

    make a .zip file!!!

  140. Andy says:

    Infinity gaunlet doesnt exist

  141. Dark says:

    Best Mod yet but infinity stones aren’t craftable

  142. ToshiMarborisu says:

    Hey Man! So I make Modpacks and Don T really upload them for reasons That I’m Not gonna list because Stupid Plot Points But My Question is Are you gonna Add More Swords i also have a recommendation for the Golden Battleaxe Seeing how it does twice the damage of a diamond sword and gold is heavy Why not make it give you Slowness 1 just to make it not too OP (Not thats the strongest one in the Addon.)

  143. Nevin says:

    Download link is verry cunfuzing plz do metiafire and unable to import world

  144. YuharaYuki says:

    How do you get pass the xip.li website so that I can go to mediafire?

  145. Dayot U says:

    Could you please give a link to the ZIP files, because the .mcpacks dont work for me. The ZIP files work fine, I am on Windows 10

  146. LinkSans2000 says:

    I just spent a good two hours playing with this mod and I absolutely love it! It has earned the top spot on my favorite mods list!

  147. Anonymous says:

    This is the type of addon ya want. The only problems I have with it is armor and spawn rates of the knights.

  148. ThatGirl says:

    Link is not working
    C’mon ._.

  149. Vaca Alien says:

    Very good mod I congratulate you because I already tried the previous versions.
    But there is a big problem installing files B and R says inside the game Unknown error and the version of mod or the file is not known and gives error

  150. Jair says:

    Please make it with another link. Many of us do not know how to download it from here.
    By the way, congratulations for the mod

  151. ItsIceSteveYT says:

    Pls make a version available for windows 10

  152. ThatGirl says:

    Links is not working :/

  153. Tyler says:

    Make it so you have to craft the sqords not from chests and stuff

  154. TheMafiaZ says:

    please make it on mediafire because I can’t import it

  155. Ennard says:

    I went to the link download and it literally told me to wait 48 freaking hours before i could use JUST the first pack. Any chance you could make it mediafire so I don’t have this problem?

    • OwenDkara says:

      no you click the link it means that the link will always be available for download for 48 hours. So if you accedently uninstall it, you can reinstall it till 48 hours is down

  156. Artie says:

    It won’t let me craft the gauntlet fix it plz

  157. Dawson says:

    Will you just use media fire for god sakes man it’s not that hard

  158. Pablo Jair says:

    i have a problem with the link.
    That is awful, because the mod is amazing!

  159. xunes says:

    Great Addon but the saw night sword’s crafting recipe doesn’t work pls fix

  160. Leongwj says:

    Why is it evrytime I enter the capcha code then the webpage redirects me to a blank screen?

  161. Leongwj says:

    You updated this Addon to v15 but then I can’t download the .mcpacks at all

  162. Pepinho says:

    All of the packs are not working for me, when I open minecraft I get a notification that they are failled, worked good previously with the ZIP files

  163. Anonymous says:

    This add-on is great! Although there are some problems… I got it working on my Xbox and some swords don’t work, like 1 or two of them. Also the add-on works when I play by myself an d definitely works smoothly but it’s not multiplayer compatible. Everytime my friends join with the add-on activated they get an error and are not able to join because of it. Is there a way you can fix this in the future? That’s be great, Thanks!

  164. Bdude1994cool says:

    Hey quick question r u fine with me using your addon in a series on YouTube i just want to know ok

  165. Anonymous says:

    This is a very awesome addon!!! I love the crafting recipes! Awesome Work!

  166. TheMafiaZ says:

    Pls make it on mediafire

  167. ThatGirl says:

    I can’t download it :/

  168. Anonymous says:

    it wont let me download it

  169. Jew says:

    Fix download link to go to mediafire not upload boy and make it till 1.12 people can still download. This is a great mod but it needs more mobs like dragons, goblins, knights that will fight for you, God’s and demons creatures of myth.

  170. Pogimon01 says:

    How Do You Even Download This Addon It Just Scammed Me Or Something

  171. Anonymous says:

    Addon is not working
    Recipes are not working

  172. ThatGirlCute says:

    This is addon BROKEN

  173. Gustav says:

    bro please stop using uploadboy use direct media fire it doesn’t work

  174. Emiliano says:

    you could fix the legendary sword and saw knight’s sword I can’t create it

  175. Daniel says:

    Hey, I know that this is your first addon but there is a really important bug that you need absolutely to fix. There is it: when you drink a potion of the effects of the swords (example: potion of speed) you don’t get the effect of the potion that you have drinked before. I hope that you fix this bug really soon.

  176. Gigan says:

    Dude, you REALLY need to replace the resource pack download token. Everytime I tried to download it, it redirects me to a blank page. Please fix!!!

  177. Adriana Gonzales says:

    plz I don’t want the addon to be a zip file I don’t know how to install one and I have to wait until you put it as a mc pack plz I really love this addon and I cant download it

  178. Shawn says:

    Please added sounds to the new mobs

  179. Dawson johnson says:

    Does this work on xbox 1 s. If it does then how do i download this

  180. hongo says:

    bug with golden apples don’t work

  181. Dawson says:

    Can you please make it into .mcpack form instead of .zip iOS users can’t use this. Plus the website doesn’t exactly help either just use media fire it’s a lot easier for some people

  182. NoOne says:

    I can’t download your mod anymore because you changed it to a zip file, please change it back. Btw I really like this mod so please change it back.

  183. Levi says:

    Fix the link please, it’s not working. If u can, can you put a media fire link. I love this mod pls fix link

  184. Emokid500 says:

    Can you fix the links they are both .zip

  185. asd says:

    FILES ARE NOT IN .mcpack only in RAR

    how I can convert it in mcpack?

  186. Rodney says:

    Hey can you do the final update cuz I always downloading this addon I’m tired of updating cuz I like this addon

  187. DLV26 says:

    Hey can you change each swords damage cuz the other sword is only player effect can you change it a real damage like an iron battleaxe!?

  188. Caite says:

    Hey can you make is available on apple?im on an iPad and I can’t get it 🙁fix it and u get 5 stars,the mods good on computer tho

  189. Please says:

    Please use media fire it’s faster please

  190. Anonymous says:

    Use media fire uploadboy doesn’t work

  191. Anonymous says:

    I can’t download it it says a newer version has been made

  192. Zkyball says:

    It Wont Work Im On Windows 10 And It Wont Let Me Put It In Minecraft Plus Can You Please Put It On Media Fire Please I Really Want To Download This

  193. Dawson says:

    Why the the file in ZIP form and not .mcpack on download

  194. Nobmstr69killer says:

    You know dakonblackrose made crazycraft for bedrock and he use this mod but I guess its v7 and I couldnt update it to current version so can you try this? If this version fit, of course

  195. Sad guy says:

    TERRIBLE, the download link doesn’t work, I can’t press create download link. Change it to media fire please….

  196. Unknown says:

    PLEASE FIX THE CRASH IN MULTIPLAYER WORLDS SINCE THE V5 UPDATE im playing in 1.12 ex gameplay on it keep crashing everytime a player leave the server i stop using this addon til u fix it please fix soon im not the only one with this problem

  197. Patrick says:

    Addon is good but your descriptions are very bad. Please be specific in how much damage each thing does.

  198. MrFlimFlam says:


  199. Redhood1121 says:

    plz reply plz fix when it says import fail I really like this addon and I am missing out on a lot of updates

  200. Steve says:

    What the “NEW ENDER DRAGON?”

  201. Anonymous says:

    I can’t download it it keeps saying I got it wrong

  202. That Girl says:

    Something recipes are not working (((
    I’m on IOS

  203. Egor says:

    Explain how to download a file from this stupid site for free?

  204. Anonymous says:

    Is there a certain reason why most of the crafting recipe don’t work? And why it’s said that the iron battle axe does 30 dmg when it takes 5 hit’s to kill a cow?

  205. Akira says:

    I can’t even download this redirect it to media fire so I can use this addon

  206. ForbiddenPlays says:

    Still the map is still not compatible with version 1.20 and for all iOS players yo cant get the beta version unless u root. It says level import failed, also why people complaining about upload boy upload boy is a fine website all u gotta do is create an account it takes 2 secs (I’m rating 3 stars for now because of the map, everything else downloads fine.

  207. Butler says:

    Most of the addon works perfectly, I can craft everything and spawn everything however for some reason the weapons don’t have any effects or damage and it acts as if I’m hitting with my fists, I use xbox one and I don’t know how to fix this 🙁

  208. F3rd13 says:

    Some of the items are not in there like the iron battle axe and more.pls fix it

  209. DLV26 says:

    Can you do the final update?

  210. Matrix7081 says:

    Hey great addon but I cannot download it dude to upload boy only letting me install a certain amount, it stopped me being able to after I downloaded the first ones because I had downloaded too much files from upload boy, if you could ridirect the download site to media fire, or adfly, I could be able to download it, but I’ll rate three stars until it’s fixed

  211. HYRIKO says:

    How do you download this that nothing leaves me?

  212. Joebo360 says:

    Ik upload boy is an easy website to share ur file but for me i cant install the actual file because every time i click on the download link button it says i have to wait 24 hours which is BS because een when i was able to get the file because I also play xbox. I one time installed it when it was v8 and the file copying/downloading was actually possible anyway i was hopeing you could make a media fire page instead and i hope you see this 😁

  213. someone says:

    So at first I thought the mod was awesome, but when I started to make the weapons I realized that none of them make any damage, which is a dissapointment tbh, and thor is invisible, so you cant see or kill or tame him, the mobs are fun to fight and are a new challenge, the dogs are pretty cool, but the swords and thor need fixing or else it just sorta ruins it

  214. Icesteve says:

    please make it available for windows 10
    (a.k.a use media fire) it makes it available on all platforms

  215. Gustav says:

    this site is a dump i try to download but it won’t please switch to media fire pls

  216. Ranter68 says:

    Dear Creator,
    This is a great Addon in general, but there is still work to be done.
    On another note, the links for the B pack and R pack makes me go a website that requires me, if I have downloaded 2 files within the last 24 hours, to register, which is a logical pain in my rear, as I have to download the packs using your links, mind me that I’m on iOS, and you keep on updating stuff every few days. Please change the website in the links, because it’s very aggravating/annoying.
    Those are almost all of my problems with this Addon, but it is an “okay-ish” Addon.
    *Note: too overdone.

  217. Justingamer0090 says:

    Plz!! I need a mediafire link for this addon!

  218. Anonymous says:

    Put A Type of Menu with Sword Recipes

  219. Jake says:

    Xbox can’t get the newer version sense you changed media fire to upload boy and can you create a lightsaber and make the material one iron ignot and 2 lightsaber crystals and make force choke by having a stick that makes you levitate and take damage

  220. Jake says:

    Change it back to media fire

  221. A ordinary fan of your addon with an cool idea says:

    Amazing job, this is my favorite addon, it’s the literal GREATEST, if your are looking for other ideas for a new addon, I got a awesome one, you could make an orespawn addon, with the king and prince and Mozilla and all that,

  222. Anonymous says:

    Could you switch to media fire upload boy doesn’t work.

  223. Eh_none says:

    Hmm, about the recipe of infinity gauntlet. I think you should modify it with harder items to obtain so it’d be difficult to craft the infinity gauntlet.

  224. Anonymous says:

    Once i use the iron big hammer that takes 4 iron blocks and 3 ingots a few times i am able to one shot zombies/villagers and 3 shot iron golems please try to fix it

  225. MS nonon says:

    Hey if you can respond that would be great, in not sure what to do but certain weapons like the infinity gauntlet and battle Axe do 1 heart of damage

    • Ali ahangar says:

      Who did you try it with? If it was another player maybe he has resistance.

      • Ranter68 says:

        Hello there, it’s me.
        I once tried to apply resistance to myself, but it didn’t work (the /effect @p), as there is/are items that give you resistance in the Addon, same with other stuff, such as things to do with speed (I did [/effect @p speed 999999 5 true]), but it did nothing to me (while wearing and holding nothing).
        And as for you, MS nonon, you have to test it without such variables to see if it truly does a single heart of DMG.

  226. nobmstr69killer says:

    Isnt that infinity gaunlet too easy?

    • Ali ahangar says:

      You people that say this is easy, how much do you play in one day,ha? I can’t understand you. This much of redsrone block takes me at least one week. Because I should first play it myself then upload it that be the best for you guys to play.

      • Ranter68 says:

        You shouldn’t judge people by how much people play in a day, as everyone’s different and there ARE speedrunners/people who try to clear Minecraft (beat the Ender Dragon) the fastest. Face it “Ali ahangar” (not a capital “A” in ahangar), you aren’t the same as your peers/the other players, and stop assuming everyone plays like you (and don’t vote 5 stars on all your comments, it’s disgusting, to say the least).

      • Random dude says:

        I can make the infinity stones in one day in a new world it is really easy you should make it use dragon eggs to craft them and/or nether stars or totems. As it is now it is really easy to make

  227. Kev says:

    Im on xbox one and cant use map but the mod is great keep up the good work

    • Ali ahangar says:

      Thanks my friend. Hope to play it on PE version.

    • Ranter68 says:

      Wait- why do you play on Xbox, if you are on this website that (probably) only works with Bedrock Edition? Xbox isn’t Bedrock, at least going by my understanding (AND DID YOU READ WHAT IT WAS? IT IS AN “ADDON”).

      • Zo0m786 says:

        bruh why are you so toxic to everybody at least appreciate the effort that was put into the addon, and calling it a mod is normal for normal minecraft players because as all people should know java came first, and they were called MODS, not anything else ranter68, i read most of your messages and all it is is toxicity. So next time you want to try and give horrible feedback, think about if it was you who put all the hardwork into this.

      • Literally Just Google says:

        Playstation has their own version. But every other device that isn’t running Java is using Bedrock now including xbox and switch

      • Person says:

        Actually Xbox does have a version of bedrock edition for $20 which is the newer version released in 2017 and it is possible to get addons on it without having a computer

  228. iNeedHelp101 says:

    I would like to know why when you try to get the download, it takes you to uploadboy.com and other unsafe websites and I cannot get the download which makes me mad, can you please help or could someone comment the link to the final download site? It would help a lot!

    • Ali ahangar says:

      The final? It’s just uploadboy.com nowhere else. I should upload my files somewhere. And the best for me is this site. I don’t know what do you mean.

      • Ranter68 says:

        Ali, there isn’t just uploadboy. There are more download sites to go to such as ad.fly and its kind. You shouldn’t stick to just one site (the first/one of the first sites you probably found) just because “it’s da best,” go try some new stuff. Just because it’s the best for you doesn’t mean you can forsake all of the downloaders to your Addon.

        (And before you call me a racist, everyone, I shall let you know that this guy tries (or at least pretends to) listen to some of the comments, and I’m just trying to tell him to get better at doing it.)

        (Secondly, I do hate grammar/spelling issues, but that doesn’t make me racist. Lastly, I don’t even know if this Ali ahangar is the creator “Ali Ahangar,” which makes me a bit hypocritical, which is human nature.)

      • nobmstr69killer says:

        Yes actually its some hard but we are playing with other mods so its makes it too easy only hard thing for me is I cant upgrade mod versions on crazy craft…

  229. Just another person says:

    Can you please add armor and label how much damage something does also add some kind of damage to the actual things it seems Andy I may be wrong that the swords just give buffs and all the attack Is strength added to the attack of your hand

    • Napstaa967 says:

      I cant say its 100% true but
      U cant add armour without replacing one in-game

      • Ali ahangar says:

        To both of you: thanks because of your ideas. To this time I can’t make a new armor set. But I can change the texture of armor. I’ll do that thanks. And what do you mean by actual things. If you mean the real weapons of minecraft, it is so hard to bring them back to normal. But I’m trying.

    • Ranter68 says:

      Sometimes, people should just observe first, then ask/critique. You, Just another person, clearly haven’t seen enough armor Addons, as there are only 5 sets of armor, and there are no other ways of getting more than that amount (and add the new armor: scute helmet and the other stuff). And, of course, those weapons have 1 attack DMG on them, with strength added onto them, if that helps you, Just another person.
      (And just before people complain about this, this ISN’T a rant, well, the last part isn’t. I wrote this comment to just tell them (this person) (them usually is plural, but can be singular for a gender neutral him/her)/clarify things a bit.)

  230. Anonymous says:

    How do I craft the sword u use to craft the infinity knight sword

  231. Pickles says:

    Addon is amazing but Uploadboy only allows me to download a certain number of files per day. Pleas use mediafire next time.

  232. Fidulus says:

    I got it to work by manually adding the packs as extracted zip files into their designated paths.
    But… it got the same problem as so many other addons: Only when it’s at the top of the behavior list it works. If you want another addon like “tree feller” or “backpacks” to work they have to be on top and nothing else works under it. sadly it’s the same with this one. I wish i’d know why that is

  233. Fidulus says:

    I am on windows 10. version 1.12.
    It fails to install with the message: “failed to import”
    unknown pack type
    pack id: unknown ID
    pack version: unknown pack version

  234. Fidulus says:

    I am on version 1.12 on windows 10. tried to install it and this is the error i get:

  235. Andrew Luiz says:

    Can you change it to more elemental swords mod/Add-On?

  236. Andrew Luiz says:

    Can you change it to adfly not uploadboy?

  237. Anonymous says:

    The mod is good In my world but I can’t download the map whenever I open minecraft it says level import failed

  238. WitheredPro says:

    Can you make armor to go with this

  239. Karl says:

    Cannot craft the saw knight sword but so far have been able to craft the others.
    Plz help.
    Is crafting wrong? What sword do I use?

  240. Anonymous says:

    Doesn’t work with multiplayer when others try to load into the world it pops up the error “error downloading pack” and no matter how many times we restart install and uninstall my friends still cant join any world that has this installed any way to fix it or is it purely solo only? other than that every thing is great.

  241. Christian Loya says:

    Could you please make it so you have to sneak to activate the fire stick, the lightning stick and the evoker stick? Its a hassle having to evade it in the hot bar to not kill my pets or farm animals…

    • John says:

      Thats honestly just your problem since having to sneak to activate something is a hastle especially since for the evocer stick the things you are trying to kill will be moved away from you so you would have to unsneak follow and then resneak. I bet its a REAL hassle to put 2 things on the very right of your hotbar to just tap to.

      • Anonymous says:

        I play in xbox and we use the bumpers to scroll through items. Guess in PE is not a prob, but In all honesty this simple mechanism makes multiplayer unplayable on xbox

    • John Doe says:

      I would rather there be a seperate download link for the sneak thing since some people wouldnt like to have to sneak to use them.

  242. Anonymous says:

    you could add shulker stick

  243. Trung Ta says:

    I looks good for your map but it doesn’t work in my world(although I checked it carefully and installed it in the world) and I hope you will fix it

  244. Bdon says:

    Yo man the mod doesn’t work on realms is there a way you can fix this

  245. Hello My Name Is GASTER says:


  246. Soup’n noodles says:

    The map doesn’t work for 1.12! The rest of the mod is gud 😀

  247. lilrayjon65 says:

    I cant find or craft the swords but everything else is awsome

  248. Anonymous says:

    Does not work for 1.12 , it’s a lie. He didn’t check because he is on a later version.

  249. Kristina says:

    Um I think you copied the texture for the Scythe from crescent rose which is from RWBY the anime

  250. Anonymous says:

    How do you download the map on ios? I can’t open it in minecraft because it’s a .zip file.

  251. Unknown says:

    Please fix the crash in multiplayer world when a player leave

  252. Potato says:

    Nice reference of the Steve Saga

  253. IcEWaRRiOr says:

    The sword is my favorite weapon in minecraft.And now they will have a lot😏

  254. Dududu says:

    Link to map is missing please fix thank you

  255. Anonymous says:

    Link to map is missing please fix thank you

  256. Hey Please i ask for a credit for Thor , that’s made by me, and I don’t see my name mentioned in any form here , it’s clear it’s taken from Avengers Endgame Add-on.
    I hope we make a fair deal

  257. yes says:

    it says import failed….

  258. Boi👌 says:

    Great Add-On I love but I’m sure me and bunch more players would like more weaponry such Guns like laser weapons or m16s or like snipers

  259. Anonymous says:

    😮 it’s not letting me download it. USE MEDIAFIRE!!!

  260. Jesse says:

    For some reason I cant craft the swords why do you finesse us like that 🙁

  261. Anonymous says:

    Just installed the new version v9 (even tho it says v8 on the mcpedl page) and everything stopped working , the textures are still there , you can craft “some” of the items and the only working thing left is Thor’s hammer (trident) none of the effects on the swords are working for this version PLS fix , or send an old working version link. ( Btw love this addon , fix soon )

  262. Anonymous says:

    Hey I was able to download v7 but v8 brings me to this stooped link which really annoys me. Could u fix this plz?

  263. Emokid500 says:

    Ummm how do you even craft the swords ? It’s not in the crafting table did you make A special item?

  264. Kevin Le says:

    This is a great addon and it functions perfectly on my device. ALTHOUGH could you just ENHANCE some of the weapon’s damage, because it’s a little too weak. Thanks.

  265. UhhRice? says:

    Did you change your insta? because I cant find it.

  266. Jason says:

    Get a new download link please. The current one is not working.

  267. Kyle Moran says:

    Hi I just downloaded this and it said ‘a newer version to this game has been saved to this level. It cannot be loaded’ and I kept trying and just gave up. 1.12 just came out and I guess I’ll just have to wait for 1.13 😢

  268. Anonymous says:

    Not sure if it’s my phone or the add-on but Everytime a player leaves my world the game crashes. If you can, try to find a way to fix it.

  269. ItsIceSteveYT says:


  270. Anonymous says:

    Yo, I have it on xbox and the /function command only gives me stormbreaker how can I can get the other ones?

  271. KYamaguchi says:

    It’s a great add-on, but there’s one problem with it. After you use an item and you hit another player they instantly die in one hit. Please fix this

  272. Dat boi says:

    This Addon is so good that it works for my Xbox

  273. Dat boi says:

    I love this mod it works smoothly but can you please fix the pictures on your website because they don’t want to load for me and some recipes are wrong like the saw knight sword just letting you know🙃

  274. ItsIceSteveYT says:

    can you pls make an ice sword as I said before im making stevesagsa episodes soon and it would be nice if you could do that for me and also make the rainbow sword more rainbow less black pls it would look nicer

  275. SlavHeister says:

    The reaper sword is broken as the effects only lasts a few seconds

  276. Bd0n says:

    In the v8 the I can’t seem to get the new swords and the /function swords only gives you the old ones and I also can’t craft the new weapons

  277. Anonymous says:

    the air sword isnt giving me any effects, and phantom stick is not working when sneaking (i do have experimental mode on)

  278. Dude says:

    Hoat the f do u dowload it it is no download button!!!

    • Anonymous says:

      Ok it’s a different language but wait till the blue button at the bottom is a dark blue then click and boom your at the media fire link

    • MafloBLITZ says:


  279. Oof says:

    When I tapped the media fire button to download it just showed a ton of codes and other stuff plz fix that

  280. raul says:

    all good! one of the best addons in this moment,Only resource and behavior .mcpack doesn’t work, but we can extract them and put in directly in their folders. no glitch, no bugs and full compatible with another 1′ addons(tested by myself on w10 edition)

  281. Anonymous says:

    When trying to tame a rainbow dog but what meat are you saying like raw or cooked because their is no meat in minecraft

  282. Sam says:

    How do you add the elemental swords map

  283. Anonymous says:

    I can’t download please change the link to mediafire or somethin

  284. HyprixHD says:

    I got confuse the link it
    Why won’t you link in media fire

  285. Anonymous says:

    I installed the addon and now it keep kicking me out

  286. Adenclm says:

    I don’t know why but there are these 2 mods that conflict with your mod I’d like it if you could try to fix it there made by the same person AGamingPlayz and the mods are Called tree feller and vein miner. By the way I really like this mod keep up the good work

  287. BloodStrikes says:

    When I try to install it says unable to import behavior pack.

  288. Enturath says:

    I had the v5 and I uninstalled it to install the v7. V7 doesn’t work and my minecraft is telling me to check output. It won’t let me install it upon minecraft. Any ideas?

  289. SSL_Music says:

    It seems that this mod doesnt let the swords actually have their own damage. for now they act like collectable items

  290. Arshil says:

    Please remove stormbreaker as it replaces something, having it as its own add on is fine, but a lot of people like me prefer keeping the normal stuff vanilla. Stormbreaker also causes way too much lag.

  291. ItsIceSteveYT says:

    Still not letting me install the add on

  292. Help says:

    When I press it it sends me to a website that has a Chinese Language someone tell meh what to do

  293. Anonymous says:

    The link sends me to some weird site and i cant read it its not english plz fix or use addfly bc this mod look

  294. Shawn says:

    Are you going to add sounds

  295. Anonymous says:

    I don’t know why but there’s these to mods that for some reason conflict with your mod and make it so one or the other doesn’t work I’d like it if you could try to fix it. The Mods are vein miner and tree feller and the both made by the same person AGamingPlayz. But besides that it’s a really cool mod

  296. Nabil says:

    it Says failed to import the packs into the game. can someone help? I would love to try this add on so bad

  297. Unknown says:

    The mod used to work fine in v5 but since i updated it to v6 and v7 it crash the game in multiplayer everytime a player leave the server i check if it wasn’t compatible with the other mods im using but it wasnt the problem the crash seems to happen in this mod please fix its my fav mod

  298. Chewy says:

    How do you download the map I really need it because i wont be able to memorize the crafting recipes

  299. Help says:

    Help it brought me to a website with a different language did I do something wrong?

  300. Um.... says:

    Help it keep bring me to a different website and in a different language. Did I do something wrong? HELP!!!

  301. Um... says:

    Um it brought me to a different website and in a different language did I do something wrong?

  302. Why says:

    When I try to download it why does it send me to this weird website in a different language

  303. Anonymous says:

    on one of them I think you ment galaxy wolf not galaxy sword

  304. Anonymous says:

    It says a newer version has been upgraded to this lvl it this add on sucks

  305. Brian says:

    Hi plzz respond i have a very serious problem that apparently others do too. Im on xbox and when another person leaves the game it crashes the whole thing, also id like if you could make villagers not trade the items

  306. Anonymous says:

    It doesn’t work your add on sucks

  307. CatKid says:

    Hey can you fix the function thing cuz it only gives me storm breaker

  308. Robin says:

    It didn’t even work

  309. ItsIceSteveYT says:

    The add on wont work it keeps saying unknown pack cant install please fix

  310. ItsIceSteveYT says:

    are you going to possibly add at least the ice sword

  311. TopgX says:

    How do I get the sword

  312. Henry says:

    This is awesome can you make it with armor

  313. Sky says:

    It won’t work

  314. Anonymous says:

    Bro u should make a final end boss thats super big after u beat the drvon and he drops end armor and that amour lets u telaport if u hit crouch and jump at same tims

  315. Painfulhail says:

    There seems to be a bug using potions. I can’t give myself any effects unless i have the sword

  316. Andrew Luiz says:

    YOU LIAR!!!

  317. Jew says:

    Also what else do you plan to add?

  318. Jew says:

    I love your mod and it would be cool to have some dragons, drakes, wyvers, undead soldiers, gods and goddesses, demons, wizards, village guards, goblins, hydras, giants, and creatures of the deep. I hope you add things like this in the future love the mod

  319. Althayr says:

    I cant import it, welp sucks to be me

  320. Emokid500 says:

    Again please fix the download it’s not working 😢😢

  321. Emokid500 says:

    Again please fix the download it’s not working this mod looks really good

  322. GrumpyGus324 says:

    This is a really cool add on, but if you ask me, it would be SOOOOOO much better if you added elemental ARMOR.

  323. GuyWithEye says:

    I can get swords and wands, but they’re haven’t their special attacks and abilities, like just item with texture(
    My version:

  324. Nicolas says:

    You should add a weather stick that can control weather and a mob stick that summons helpful mobs to attack your foes

  325. nobmstr69kilr says:

    Can you add a mod to lighitning stick like attack to enemies and attack to animals because if I use it in my home everything is gonna burn
    Also sword materiald are very easy I can make infinity knight sword on my first day and and kill the ender dragon without armor you should obtain them harder use some diamond block or etc.

    • 3 stars says:

      I couldn’t get the stuff after hours if trying to get a rainbow gem thing I got a DIAMOND AXE I don’t hate this Addon but it’s like the worst one I’ve found so far I was hoping to be able to get a sword I got. a diamond axe I was sad plz fix it I had the tp pack on the behavior pack and I didn’t get the rainbow gem

    • You are a real pro player that got them on your first day. Two thing. If you mean one mcpe day, it couldn’t be. And if you say one real day, you are playing sooo much. It’s better to play less and study your lesson for your future. I was really surprised.

    • Liam TDP says:

      Hi I really love this add-on I download all version and also I have a suggestion pls make knights hold a elemental sword for example galaxy knight holding a galaxy sword pls add this feature pls

  326. Michael says:

    I cant get the swords ?????? Only the stormbreaker

  327. Aaron says:

    stop updating the addon that I have to download and download the addon bit Is como the addon

  328. noobmaster69 says:

    Whats is chance to we see this mobs I only saw thor twice and killed him.Are they spawning every biome or different and how often do they spawning

  329. Ray says:

    Hello ! Il play bedrock edition on XBOX, at first everything works well but as soon as a player leaves the game it makes me crash

  330. Redgamer88 says:

    The game crashes when a friend joins then leaves

  331. Wolfy says:

    Look, this is a great addon ok but the swords don’t work. I can get the swords, but they don’t give any affects

  332. Naijei plz help says:

    I cant go into the map it says am out of verion but am on 1.12

  333. Tyler says:

    Im very confused. Im new to this and usually there is a behavior and a resource pack. But its just called addon. Do i pu that file in both?

  334. thanoid says:

    takes me to xip.li and then tells me to wait 5 seconds. waited 5 minutes and it didn’t take me to the site. I tried tapping on it but that also didn’t work

  335. Anonymous says:

    Both map downloads are .zip please fix

  336. Anonymous says:

    Can u make lightsaber with crystals and using an iron handle and make a force choke by making a stick that make mobs taking damage and levitating

  337. Anonymous says:

    Make lightsabers with lightsaber crystals and using an iron handle and make a force choke by making a stick that make mobs taking damage and levitating

  338. Nnununu says:

    This best add on ever

  339. Glen Childers says:

    So… I really like the idea. Would there be any possibility whatsoever of you doing a pack with other various Zelda swords? Or even just the Master Sword by itself, as you have already made that? I tried to edit your packs to do that, myself, but it didn’t work at all. I can’t get the effects to appear when I hold the sword.

  340. Anonymous says:

    Got the pack on xbox, put in the resource and behavior pack in the dedicated places, however when i put them on active in the map, i only see stormbreaker and dragon shield?

  341. ItsIceSteveYT says:

    Hey Here’s an idea you should do
    1- since you have rainbow stone you should make a rainbow sword-abilities are all the good effects in game and 25 attack damage
    2-You should make the galaxy sword look more like the galaxy like the galaxy sword form favrmysabre steve saga
    3-You should make a Void Sword it makes entities(inculding players) disapear to another part of the world
    4-Its Would be nice if you made the lightning stick strike other players too
    5-Fireball stick please i really want it(if its possible
    6-Make the texures of some of the items more like minecraft
    7-change the texture of the Knight of light and make it white on the inside in stead of white and rainbow it just bothers me

    -sincerely ItsIceSteveYT

  342. Anonymous says:

    How do u get the new wands

  343. Lol you dumbnuts complaining about the Resource Pack link when there is a .zip and .mcaddon link.

  344. It looks good enough, but my one problem is that it doesn’t use custom textures. Maybe you should try Pixel Art next time?

  345. LambDPro says:

    I’m on version 1.13 and the crafting does not seem to work. The spawn eggs do work though so it’s very odd. I just can’t craft anything. Any fix?

  346. BRUH says:

    Rip every time I Use expiremental gameplay it crashes anyone know how to fix this?

  347. Austin says:

    I have all the swords and the mobs, all the mobs work but only the storm breaker works with the weapons, maybe I’m doing something wrong, I need help plz

  348. Nite says:

    Enabling experimental mode crashes the game

  349. Henrycry says:

    Does it work on 1.14

  350. Tone says:

    Can you change to the way to install it plz it doesn’t work otherwise

  351. Grape says:

    It crashes when I try to open my world

  352. Eric says:

    Hey bud, the resource link doesn’t work. I used the behavior link, but it wont install properly without the resource of course. The ixp.li thingy says the link doesn’t comply with the terms of service thingy.

  353. Ray says:

    Doesn’t work.Resource pack cannot download.

  354. Panas says:

    Doesn’t Work At All. I tried to craft it but it doesn’t work.

  355. Robert says:

    I did it it says that it has been deleted and i cant install it pls fix

  356. Abbas says:

    Texture back has been deleted by owner or removed by site because it didn’t comply with ToS pls fix

  357. Henry says:

    The resource link still dosen’t work for me

  358. Unknown says:

    Pls fix the resource pack link..

  359. Anonymous says:

    resource pack link doesnt work , the li is already like that when i loaded the website plus only using behavior pack crashes my game WITH experimental on .

  360. Chris says:

    Hey your Behavior pack link works great, but your resource link is dead. I looked at the changes you told others to do anf it looks like you fixed the URL but its still dead

  361. Emokid500 says:

    Can’t download the resource plz fix looks really good

  362. Riley says:

    Fix the resource link pls

  363. Unknown says:

    It would be perfect if you can add
    Elemental mages:
    Water mage/storm mage
    Use water element hit lighting strikes and turn water to ice maybe he can use ice wall as a defence
    Fire mage use fire element can hit with fire balls and spread a circle of fire around him as a defence can summon fire wolfs to fight with him
    Air mage can hit you with levitation balls and summon a flying minions like vex maybe ?
    Earth mage do poison and wither effect can summon earth golem & wall of stone as defence
    They all drop the magic wand and some diamonds or emeralds
    New elemental totems:
    Air totem slow falling
    Water totem water breathing
    Fire totem fire resistance
    Earth totem regeneration
    More bosses different fighting style
    Elemental Dragons:
    Fire dragon appear in nether use fire breath
    Earth dragon appear on mountains use poison breath
    Air dragon appear almost everywhere at the sky use air breath to knock back the target
    Ice dragon appear in snowy biomes shot snow balls & can freeze or slow down the target
    Tameable & rideable
    Dungeons with new bosses drop good loot
    And a sky village made of quartz ?
    Your mod is great keep up the good work 🙂

  364. Unknown says:

    It would be perfect if you can add elemental mages too example:
    Water mage/storm mage
    Use water element hit lighting strikes and turn water to ice maybe he can use ice wall as a defence
    Fire mage use fire element can hit with fire balls and spread a circle of fire around him as a defence can summon fire wolfs to fight with him
    Air mage can hit you with levitation balls and summon a flying minions like vex maybe ?
    Earth mage do poison and wither effect can summon earth golem & wall of stone as defence
    They all drop the magic wand and some diamonds or emeralds
    add more bosses its a great mod

  365. Riley says:

    Does anyone have the resource pack?? The link isn’t working for resource but I have the behavior

  366. Olli says:

    The addon is amazing!!!

  367. Rodnori says:

    The resource link dont works only behavior link fix that pls

  368. MeselfEsKrueg says:

    GJ, but why isn’t this ALL about swords? There are wands, a dog, and an alternate elytra. Shouldn’t it Ben Calle day the “Elemental swords and wands (or something)?”

  369. Ian says:

    Hey the behavior one is working just resource link isn’t working plz fix link looks cool tho

  370. DirtLord95 says:

    Will this work for 1.11+ or just 1.12 / 1.13?

  371. 4K HD Gamer says:

    Wow dud i like the mod n btw ty for telling change from xip.ii to xip.li to make the link work n thank you i will always wait ur other mods in future

  372. Anonymous says:

    link on resources has no pack

  373. Mathéo says:

    I can’t download the ressource pack its removed for copyright

  374. Eric fridley says:

    Please fix the link really wanna download V2 reminds me of almost crazy craft

  375. Anonymous says:

    Please fix the link this is the best Addon on here it’s almost like a mod and no mcpedl is saying it’s copyright why do they gotta ruin good things guess it was good while it lasted

  376. LucasTriplesg says:

    Best addon with swords I’ve ever downloaded.

  377. Anonymous says:

    No funcionan los link aparece servidor no encontrado/The link does not work server appears not found

  378. Anonymous says:

    Mcpedl have removed this addon for copyright that’s why you can’t download it!

  379. Somebody says:

    Resource link won’t work. Pls change it asap. I LOVE THE LOOKS OF THIS ADDON >_<

  380. Raycka13 says:

    Hello your link for download doesn’t work , I have try with my phone, PC and Xbox …

  381. Ness1HP says:

    Links dont work bruH

  382. Infamous says:

    Both links don’t work

  383. Anonymous says:

    Great addon love it but I can’t download the behavior or resource please fix that overall best addon

    • Brian says:

      I successfully downloaded it and i see you said you have to craft it but even that doesnt work. I can only get stormbreaker and dragonsheild crafting swords doesnt work and the function only gives me stormbreaker

  384. Hzm says:

    why the link is error

  385. Liam TDP says:

    I really like the add-on so cool😎 But the download link dirt work when I click it it says you can’t reach this page pls fix it😢 I really want that addon

  386. Anonymous says:

    I love the add-on so cool😎 But the download link didn’t work when I click the download link it says you can’t reach this page pls fix it😢 I really want dat addon

  387. Zajcus657 says:

    The download link doesn’t go me to the add-on it said the Link can’t reach

  388. MafloBLITZ says:

    please update this so I can play it on 1,14.0 or change the link because on my ipad and windows computer says the site deose not exist, great addon wish I could play it

  389. Zero_gaming says:

    That link doen’t work

  390. Galactikal says:

    Amazing mod, but I would love to see a Storm Bow and an Ice Crystal Sword, Storm Bow will rain arrows with every shot you take and Ice Crystal Sword will freeze any mob you hit with your special right click attack in ice blocks like a crystal with a reload system.

  391. No one says:

    V1 was amazing, but its not letting me download v2

  392. Anonymous says:

    Link doesn’t work

  393. Anonymous says:

    Link Broken

  394. What happened to Storm breaker?

  395. Joel says:

    Link wont. Open

  396. M says:

    Download links are down

  397. Chris says:

    The Dowload link dosen’t work

  398. Anonymous says:

    The links dont work. Can you. Have them be mediafire?

  399. Unknown says:

    The download link DOES NOT WORK FIX IT NOW

  400. Anonymous says:

    this mod shuts down minecraft and does not work. i’m playing on a fast pc on windows 10 edition

  401. EnderNinjaPlays YT says:

    Nice! Maybe add a “Blaze King” and a “Blaze Stick”? It could be crafted with blaze powder and nether rod (obtained Blaze King) and please add an End sword. Thank you!

  402. Anonymous says:

    It won’t work

  403. EbayGaming says:

    Im trying to get into a game with this add-on and it just crashes before i even get in the game and you fix or tell me if I’m doing something wrong

  404. Anonymous says:

    This is giving me some insane Terraria Terra Blade vibes right here

  405. Yeet says:

    Whenever I try to use this my game keeps crashing and I punt on experimental gameplay

  406. Davidgamer7151 says:

    Wow this is great

  407. Anonymous says:

    the resources are to much for my windows 10

  408. Anonymous says:

    Did not work for me

  409. DaKing256 says:

    Crashes my world before I even get on it. Without experimental gameplay on it works fine though. It only gives the elytra and stormbreaker however. Hopefully the greater can fix this?

  410. TrayBlock says:

    This does not work it only turns the trident into thor axe and add shield texure also elytra texture but does add new swords

  411. Isaac says:

    This add on crashes minecraft

  412. ... says:

    I can’t craft the swords and I can’t find them in creative but I found the storm breaker which works great

  413. PressuredExplosive says:

    Only vets remember that skin in the title please do not remove my comment due to being irrelevant

  414. Anonymous says:

    Cool Addon! Also I like your skin! It fits so well to this addon!

  415. Anonymous says:

    Why am I constantly running super fast even though I haven’t done anything? I spawned and I have all of these buffs, and there annoying

  416. Copyright says:

    Didn’t use anyone’s permission for various things. This needs to be taken down!

  417. Matts says:

    Hi your mod isnt working in pe pls fix it plzz

  418. It’s not bad for your first add-on, I too just made my first add-on

  419. Ryan Reconish1209 says:


  420. Shane Alvin says:

    It crashes when i use experimental gameplay, but the creator told me to use ex gameplay! It looks cool but please repair this first

  421. Luka Gam1ng123 says:

    WOW awesome dude :3

  422. Blaze Gaming says:

    Really really liked the addon,5 stars,and theres just so much potential in this addon,its not even funny!

  423. Anonymous says:

    … This doesn’t work…

  424. Retalen says:

    What the hell i cant craft the sword and the command not working either

  425. Kris says:

    Does it work in normal and not beta?

  426. Stichyboy10 says:

    I need help how do I upload stuff to mcpedl I’m not sure how

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