Endercraft 4.0 Minigames Realm - Underwater Update

The full underwater lobby of the Endercraft 4.0 Realm, including styled/updated Minigames such as Spleef, TNT Run, etc. A major Kit PVP Expansion is also included in this update. This full Realm map is perfect for Minigames with your friends or even by yourself!

You may use this as your realm or make a video on it as long as you give FULL credit to Endercraft Studios!

*Join The Realm! https://realms.gg/s11eN7NKoTI 

Join our Discord Server! https://discordapp.com/invite/AvDBhSe 

YouTube https://www.youtube.com/channel/AwesomeDudeMC 

Huge thanks to Nicholas11 and all the other Builder, Programmers, and Texture Creators at Endercraft Studios for making this possible!

*If you’re having trouble joining the Endercraft 4.0 Realm, try restarting Minecraft and try again!

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The world has a bug.. when I first join the world, I swim up to the surface and I got loop teleport over and over again.. until I get myself teleported to other player in the world.
Why did I got banned for no reason?? It’s not fair at all
Can,t go in realm
I am the creator of Time Adventures, search "time". and i would be interested in joining your build team. I am volunteering for this position and don't want any pay. I have decent knowledge of commands and am an experienced builder
On discord as Godlyone
On Xbox as Godlyone1104
Im unsubscribing from you awesomdude sor i have to you banned me fore no reason i ma repoting you and your realm hop you enjoy getting your realm getting banned like you done to me hop you enjoy getting your realm banned
i CaNt JoIn ThE rEaLmS pLs HeLp
I set into creative mode. I saw your offices, cursed boat...