Endercraft 4.0 Minigames Realm - Underwater Update

The full underwater lobby of the Endercraft 4.0 Realm, including styled/updated Minigames such as Spleef, TNT Run, etc. A major Kit PVP Expansion is also included in this update. This full Realm map is perfect for Minigames with your friends or even by yourself!

Installation Guides

The world has a bug.. when I first join the world, I swim up to the surface and I got loop teleport over and over again.. until I get myself teleported to other player in the world.
Why did I got banned for no reason?? It’s not fair at all
Can,t go in realm
I am the creator of Time Adventures, search "time". and i would be interested in joining your build team. I am volunteering for this position and don't want any pay. I have decent knowledge of commands and am an experienced builder
On discord as Godlyone
On Xbox as Godlyone1104
Im unsubscribing from you awesomdude sor i have to you banned me fore no reason i ma repoting you and your realm hop you enjoy getting your realm getting banned like you done to me hop you enjoy getting your realm banned
i CaNt JoIn ThE rEaLmS pLs HeLp
I set into creative mode. I saw your offices, cursed boat...
Guest-6255990103 May 30, 2020 at 5:37 am