Published on November 10, 2019

Spooky Lobby

A spooky lobby made by Endercraft Studios for the Endercraft Spooky Realm Update. A great map for setting up a Creepy/Halloween themed Server or Realm! Features many islands with different purposes! 

Supported Minecraft versions

Installation Guides

plsdontstealmytoast July 06, 2023 at 9:46 pm
so don't act like you're 3 and read before you blanber your big mouth off about something you didn't know.
plsdontstealmytoast July 06, 2023 at 9:45 pm
but seriously, you all are stupid. i mean- it explains how to use it
plsdontstealmytoast July 06, 2023 at 9:44 pm
i mean severs
plsdontstealmytoast July 06, 2023 at 9:44 pm
lol these idiots don't know it's supposed to be used for maps 😝
noobs this is only a lobby so don't complain this is so cool
For the people who keep saying its trash, ITS JUST A LOBBY! So dont complain that you can't do anything in it, man just REEEAAAAD
This is trash I cant do anything here Like brooooooooo!
Why is everyone hating on this? I think it’s super cool!
Because theirs nothing to do!
mate there no games to play in their realm they only make a flippen pvp area and just a maze Thats it!
This is trash dont download you cant do anything here!
This is trash you can do absolutely nothing here.
why is everyone saying its bad I love it!
It's real stupid
Trash, not worth downloading AT ALL. The only good bit was blowing it up
This is a lobby map idiot
Wow I should Call Air force and destroy this Garbage map!!!
Ughhh!!! What the?!, stupid map!!!