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Remember to BACKUP your world before using

Are you currently bored in your Minecraft world and want to add another challenge that still fits the vanilla theme? If yes, then this is the addon for you. This addon adds  variety of new mobs and 2 bosses. We’ve got it all from a craftable custom rune used to summon bosses at a shrine to magical scrolls that awake ancient creatures. In the brand new Aquatic Structures Update there are now pirate ships, merchant ships, loot islands, dungeon islands and rafts

Enjoy the brand new Aquatic Structures Update: pirate ships, merchant ships, loot islands, dungeon islands and rafts

The Aquatic Structure Update

Pirate Ship

A ship that is sailed by the undead among it lies treasures that can aid you throughout your game. Currently this ship houses wither skeletons and regular skeletons but in the future they will be housing a new assortment of entities such as pirates. Don’t be fooled by the small appearance of this ship as one wrong move could cost you your life.

Merchant Ship:

A ship that is sailed by the stupid but valuable villagers. This ship creates a safe house from the harsh and dangerous world outside for the villagers of many different classes. This is a perfect way to get villagers into your base for trading.

Loot Island

An island that is a sunny beach paradise with a palm tree for shade, but contains a lot more than that. It contains some loot on top of the island but, legend has it that this island contains a secret treasure that can greatly help you in your adventures.

Dungeon Island

A dangerous island that contains a cave made out of basalt. On the island you find spirits of lost sailors(strays) ready to hunt you. Although this island may be difficult to conquer it definitely is worth your time as it contains a treasure that will definitely aid you in your quests to glory. 


The Desert Update

Scorpion Boss

Description: A Giant Scorpion that shoots deadly poison balls at the player. Be careful of the Poison Balls as they may summon a scorpion too. A boss that shouldn’t be reckoned with till you’re confident with your skills.

How to Summon: Use a Desert Scroll(Info and Crafting below) on a big scorpion(right click or press button/hold on big scorpion with scroll on mobile). Remember that this only works on big scorpions, size info of scorpions listed below.

Loot: 2 Netherite Ingots


Description: Spawn in 3 different sizes in the desert. Avoid these creatures as they will attack and poison you if near. Don’t be fooled by the size of these creatures, the smaller, the more potent.

IMPORTANT INFORMATION: The scroll on summons a boss on the BIG scorpion(Right of the image)

Drops: Poison Antidote, this substance is crucial when fighting the Scorpion Boss as you will be getting poisoned a lot.


Description: This Zombie like creature roams around the desert in groups looking for its next target. Careful not to get hit as you will end up blind for a period of time.

Drops: Scroll Fragments(3 different variants, listed below), enchanted golden tools, paper and rotten flesh.

IMPORTANT INFORMATION: Once you collect the 3 different scroll fragments from mummies you can craft the desert scroll(More information below). Rotten flesh and paper are more common so don’t feel like something is wrong if you keep getting those.

Cursed Mummy

Description: Unlike regular mummies who roam the desert and attack you from close, these guys use magical spells to shoot shulker bullets at you. Once hit by the shulker bullet you will be given levitation. So the next time you visit the desert, bring a water bucket as there may be a lot of high drops.

Drops: Scroll Fragments(3 different variants, listed below), enchanted golden tools, paper and rotten flesh.

IMPORTANT INFORMATION: Once you collect the 3 different scroll fragments from mummies you can craft the desert scroll(More information below). Rotten flesh and paper are more common so don’t feel like something is wrong if you keep getting those.

Desert Scrolls:

Description: This scroll is obtained by combining all 3 scroll fragments in a crafting table.

What to do with it: Once obtained you can find a large scorpion and interact(right click, or press button/hold on scorpion on mobile) with it while holding the scroll. Make sure you interact with a LARGE Scorpion.

Scroll Fragments:

Scroll Fragment 1 / 3: This fragment is obtained from killing any type of mummy, the drop is rare so you may have to kill many mummies before it drops.

Scroll Fragment 2 / 3: This fragment is obtained from killing any type of mummy, the drop is rare so you may have to kill many mummies before it drops.

Scroll Fragment 3 / 3: This fragment is obtained from killing any type of mummy, the drop is rare so you may have to kill many mummies before it drops.

Explore an Enhanced new world with the addition of a new boss.

Desert Scroll Recipe: Put Scroll Fragment 1 / 3, Scroll Fragment 2 / 3, Scroll Fragment 3 / 3 in a crafting table to get the desert scroll. The shape of the recipe does not matter.


Description: A rideable animal that spawns throughout the desert. Able to travel at a relatively fast speed and it has 5 storage slots. Be careful when riding as they may go a bit wild.

Description: This trader spawns throughout the desert and trades iron for enchanted weapons and gear. NOTE: to trade interact with the shadow under the camel.

Enhanced Grasslands Update


Description: A peaceful creature that roams around your world which can be slain to get food

Health: 10

Drops: Antelope Horn (used for later recipe) and Mutton


Description: Speedy birds that zoom around your world. You can ride them, but they really don’t like to listen. Be quick when trying to kill them as they run away with great speed.

Health: 15

Drops: Ostrich Feather (used for later recipe), chicken and speed potion


Description: Pesky and fast creatures that slither around your world. Careful not to hit them by mistake as they do bite back!

Health: 15

Drops: Snake Elixir (used for later recipe) and chicken(cause we don’t eat snake in these parts)


Description: They may look tame at first but they do pack a punch if you mess with them.

Health: 10

Drops: Goat Hoof(used for later recipe) and lamb


Description: They are friendly, only if you are. Bisons spawn in packs and mind their own business if you do, but if you decide to be hostile, they will hit you, keep in mind they hit hard!

Health: 20

Drops: Bison Fur(used for later recipe),


Description: Creatures that walk slow but, are tanks which will attack back when provoked. Usually found by themselves in the wild. These creatures can be ridden by the player (hold an apple to control) , although it may not be your ideal speed for transportation, it’s perfect for fighting mobs as it’s a tank.

Health: 100

Drops: 100 experience points

Guinea Pig

Description: Cute little mobs that run around your world.

Health: 10

Drops: Guinea Pig Fur(used for later recipe)

Golem Shrine

Description: This mysterious shrine spawns  inside mysterious structures scattered around the plains biome. Interact with the Rune of the Earth and Summon the Earth Golem. Interact with the Rune of the Earth and Summon the Earth Golem. Interact means hold Rune of the Earth and hold tap on mobile, or right click on it while holding the Rune of the Earth on PC. Try aim at the bottom if the top is not working.

Summons: The Earth Golem

Earth Golem

Description: Summon it using the Rune of the Earth on the Golem Shrine. This boss hits heavy at 10 damage a hit. But that’s not it, he summons little creatures called Earth Mites at a rapid rate, be careful Earth Mites bite and they love to swarm.

Health: 300

Drops: Earth Sword and 2000 experience

Earth Mite

Description: Fast little bug-like creatures that take little knockback. They love to swarm up and attack the player. They may seem harmless alone, but together they can destroy you!

Rune of the Earth

Description: The Rune of the Earth is a rune that is used to summon the Earth Golem at a Golem Shrine.

Crafting: Put 1x Guinea Pig Fur, 1x Goat Hood, 1x Ostrich Feather, 1x Snake Elixir, 1x Bison Fur and 1x Antelope in a crafting table in any order.

Earth Sword

Description: A powerful sword dropped by the Earth Golem. This sword does 8 damage, however it lacks in durability. Hold it to show the world that you are the King of the Grasslands.

Changelog View more

Added new islands and ships that spawn in the ocean biome

added pirate ship(spawns in Ocean)

added merchant ship(spawns in Ocean)

added loot island(spawns in Ocean)

added dungeon island(spawns in Ocean)

added abandoned raft(spawns in Ocean)

added Earth Golem Structure(spawns in Plains)

The Desert Update!

Added: Mummies, Scorpions, Camels, Traders, Scrolls and a Scorpion Boss.

No more is the desert a boring land, now you can fight mummies and receive magical scrolls, trade for valuable items with desert traders, fight scorpions and summon the Scorpion Boss!

Improved Textures of Antelope, Bison, Goat and Ostrich.

Made Download links easier to understand.

Updated Textures of  Antelope, Bison, Goat and Ostrich to be more detailed.

1.16.0 compatibility

Added a mediafire link to the .mcaddon file. 

.mcaddon files install both the behavior and resource pack at the same time

Added .mcaddon file to make installation process easier.

You are still able to install the behavior and resource pack separately via mediafire, just now you have the option of downloading the .mcaddon file which will just require you to install 1 file.


If using the .mcpack files: Make sure to install both the Behavior and Resource packs

If using the .mcaddon file: both the Behavior and Resource pack will be installed together( you only need to download this file). This option is best for mobile users as only 1 download is required.

Turn on EXPERIMENTAL GAMEPLAY when you use the pack.

Remember to BACKUP your world before using the addon.



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  1. AMAZING! 🙂 i absolutely love it! could u make custom trades for the merchant villagers!

  2. xRandomyzxXD says:

    Dude this sea update is pure masterpiece. GG btw

  3. Honestly a really good addon. The behaviors and content is great, although as I’m sure you know, the textures and models hold it back. I suspect this is one person, since I think a team effort would yield better results. All in all, great addon held back from greatness. I really hope you continue the work.

  4. Guest-1802525826 says:

    Good mod, expect the models could be better

  5. Guest-2051097329 says:

    This is definitely will be good in the future, I would like to suggest if you can randomized the loots from the ships and others because they were all the same when I search for them and minimize the spawn rate of the ships and islands because I found all of them within atleast 100×100 blocks and some of them are doubled in that area. Overall it’s good looking forward on your works in future. 😁

  6. Anonymatum says:

    The structures don’t generate

  7. Guest-3293925011 says:

    Great work guys! Keep the good work

  8. Guest-8711976396 says:

    Epic This addon is Incredible i Love the Update of Ocean

  9. Guest-6287804392 says:

    Can u make it so the bosses can be Mob battles also I has idea for next update
    Advanced ocean update
    Undead pirate
    submarine structures
    Scuba divers
    undead captain (mini boss)
    pistol (drops from the mini boss)
    cutlass (25% to drop from a captain)
    KRAKEN (boss)
    Dunkleosteus ( boss )

  10. Guest-1717664915 says:

    Is there anyway i can revert back to the desert update, the boats are cool and all but there’s way too many of them, and way to OP of loot

    • Thanks for your feedback, we will look into reducing spawn rates of structures or reducing the amount of loot. Here is the link for the desert update tinyurl com/ yc52nj2y . Please correctly format the link(I put it like this to avoid any anti spam).

      – Eternal Adventures Development Team

  11. KShaiban13 says:

    Great Add-on. Will comment another time, when I make a video on this!!!
    You guys are great and please do keep making more add-ons!!!!!
    I am going to award you the highest honour I can bestow:
    “Add to survival world”

    • Thank you for the complements 🙂 We are glad that you enjoyed our addon. Be sure to post a link of your video in the comments so that we can check it out.

      PS the next update is scheduled to be released tomorrow(it will contain pirate ships, dungeon islands, loot islands and more) be sure to check it out.

      – Eternal Adventures Development Team

  12. Guest-6412527098 says:

    The addon remind me of orespawn mod.

  13. Guest-6744131331 says:

    This addon is epic but you should work on the textures , because they’re too plastic, a bit ugly and they not fit it to the game well.

  14. Guest-3823682921 says:

    Hey Pls Add The Recipes In The Game To Be A Beeter Addons!!😉😇👍

  15. Shark373 says:

    One of the best addon, that I ever seen

  16. Guest-9101994791 says:

    Me gustó todos los mobs que agregan y el jefe ,espero que siga mejorando

  17. Guest-4527941070 says:


  18. Guest-6326786511 says:

    Models are super sloppy and need some work.

  19. Guest-7850542395 says:

    Incredible Complements More The Terra sword has no damage when I went to fight the scorpion boss I thought I was going to win more I died after I made a test and saw that it is without damage Incremental complement but have to fix this

  20. Guest-7841918703 says:

    Hey epic mod I have a suggestion for future updates if your interested

    1. If you can maybe add some sort of naturally spawning structure that can have a boss inside and some spawners as well as loot
    2. Do a jungle update and add a giant venus flytrap that cant move but gives you heavy slowness if it hits you
    3. Add giant ants that spawn either on their own in plains or if you can do custom structures make them a custom anthill

    • Hey there 🙂

      Thanks for trying out our addon, your suggestions are greatly appreciated. Keep a look out for our next update. In it we will be adding a structure for the Earth Golem Summoner, loot islands, dungeon islands, merchant ships and pirate ships.

      – Eternal Adventures Development Team

  21. Guest-8031830601 says:

    I haven’t tested it, but it seems great! will definitely check it out! 🙂

  22. Mr.Valentine says:

    Good addon, keep going 😀

  23. Guest-9564199951 says:


  24. Nananan says:

    Great addon! 10/10!

    • Hey there,

      We are glad you enjoyed our addon, thanks a lot for trying it out.
      We were also wondering if you gave us a low rating by mistake(1/5) as your comment says 10/10. We kindly request you to change your MCPEDL rating if you made a mistake. Anyways thanks for trying out our addon 🙂

      – Eternal Adventures Development Team

  25. Al rules says:

    Looks quite good, I think the textures need a little bit of work, rather than them being mainly 1 colour, the overall idea is good though

    • Hello,
      Thanks for your feedback. Improving textures and models is definitely a priority for us, hopefully by the next update things will look a bit more visually pleasing. We greatly appreciate you checking out our addon. Have a nice day!

      – Eternal Adventures Development Team

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