Published on December 07, 2023 (Updated on February 16, 2024)

Faithful RTX

Ever wished to use Minecraft's ray tracing with higher resolution vanilla-styled textures? With RTX Reactor it is now possible for anyone to use every resource pack with ray tracing, and Faithful is no exception!
Faithful RTX is a free Faithful conversion for Minecraft with RTX on Bedrock Edition, generated by RTX Reactor upon the latest version of the well-known and popular Faithful resource pack.

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In this release, Faithful 32x RTX was regenerated with a newer version of RTX Reactor based on the latest Faithful release as of Feb 16th 2024.
As a result, it now comes with new features that were added in RTX Reactor v0.4, such as sun azimuth modifier implementor in all packs, and improved Glass blocks.
RTX Reactor v0.4 also introduces new normal map generation capabilities, in this update, two normal mapped versions of faithful have been added alongside the updated regular version.  

• Regenerated RTX Support for Faithful 32x using the new version of RTX Reactor (v0.4), this release comes with a few other minor improvements to all of materials globally.
• Added 'Faithful 32x RTX Normals, an alternative version of Faithful 32x RTX, now with 32x Normal Maps for all blocks.
• Added 'Faithful 64x RTX Normals', the 64x version of Faithful with full RTX support generated by RTX Reactor.
• Added newer images and updated thumbnail



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It would be amazing if you made a pbr version of this since not everyone has an rtx card
Why did you make the link so we have to visit scam websites and download viruses in order to download it.
nevermind, I have no clue why some website was popping up then.
Thank you for this!! Faithful is my go-to texture pack, and RTX makes it look incredible now thanks to this pack! I'm curious if there any plans to make a shader version of this pack as well, like for the Deferred Technical Preview?
It would be really beautiful if you add normals maps, with 32x resolution this resourcepack looks fantastic
Could you just confirm what it does - to my understanding RTX Reactor uses AI to add PBR maps to textures, correct?