Find The Pressure Plate: Random Edition

Hello! Welcome to my Random Edition of Find the Pressure Plate! This map has 7 levels and this map is actually not hard (i don't know) i wish you enjoy the map if you downloaded it! Please no cheating and no breaking blocks!

I think this map is hard because the pressure plates are camouflage! Just step to those blocks and make a great guess! Have Fun!

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  • Changed and updated description. 
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Installation Guides

It says import failed im using minecraft
how to download
it takes me to
Yep it will take you to adfly just skip the ads and deny the notifications and wait 15 -25 seconds and you will be redirected to the mediafire link
You deserved 0 star
First, it's import failed to minecraft 1.14.60 in ios
second, after i fixed your stupid import failed by rezip file, the mcworld say don't support v1.14.60
It's me again, it's ok i rate 4 stars for your kind word
But don't trick ppl when the map don't support version 1.14
import failed.