Published on July 01, 2021 (Updated on April 17, 2022)

Gilded Netherite Armor, Tools, and Maces Addon! (v2.1 Update)

This addon adds a new tier of armor and tools, a new type of weapon (maces!), and makes Gilded Blackstone 9000% more useful! This amazing idea was suggested by Imthecatguy!    


This addon no longer uses player.json!! It should be compatible with every other addon!


Don't forget to turn on Holiday Creator Features and Moland Features!


You can check out this YT video for extra info on the v2.1 updates!

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How to craft Gilded Netherite Items!



How to craft gilded stuff:

1. Burn Gilded Blackstone in a furnace or blast furnace



2. Make Gilded Netherite Ingots and combine diamond equipment in a smithing table


directly apply to netherite equipment


Armor Stats!

Armor stats:


(1 or more pieces of armor makes piglins ignore you)

(Full set of armor gives you 2 extra hearts)


Gilded Netherite Helmet: 3 bars of protection, 543 durability

In comparison, Netherite Helmet has: 3 bars of protection, 407 durability



Gilded Netherite Chestplate: 8 bars of protection, 789 durability

Netherite Chestplate: 8 bars of protection, 592 durability



Gilded Netherite Leggings: 6 bars of protection, 740 durability

Netherite Leggings: 6 bars of protection, 555 durability



Gilded Netherite Boots: 3 bars of protection, 641 durability

Netherite Boots: 3 bars of protection, 481 durability


Weapon Stats!

Weapon stats: 


Gilded Netherite Sword: 9 damage, 2539 durability, 15 speed

Netherite Sword: 8 damage, 2031 durability, 15 speed



Gilded Netherite Pickaxe: 7 damage, 2539 durability, 10 speed

Netherite Pickaxe: 6 damage, 2031 durability, 9 speed 



Gilded Netherite Axe: 8 damage, 2539 durability, 10 speed

Netherite Axe: 7 damage, 2031 durability, 9 speed 



Gilded Netherite Shovel: 6 damage, 2539 durability, 10 speed

Netherite Shovel: 5 damage, 2031 durability, 9 speed 



Gilded Netherite Hoe: 7 damage, 2539 durability, 10 speed

Netherite Hoe: 6 damage, 2031 durability, 9 speed 



Gilded Netherite Mace: 2539 durability, 10 speed (breaks cobweb and bamboo)

Netherite Mace: 2031 durability, 9 speed (breaks cobweb and bamboo)

Diamond Mace: 1561 durability, 8 speed (breaks cobweb and bamboo)



 Normal hit (Left Click):

Gilded Netherite Mace: 6 damage + 40 degrees of camera change

Netherite Mace: 6 damage + 35 degrees of camera change

Diamond Mace: 5 damage + 30 degrees of camera change



Bash (Right Click or Hold on mobile): 

Gilded Netherite Mace: 50 durability damage

Netherite Mace: 42 durability damage

Diamond Mace: 35 durability damage



All maces have a range of about 2.9 blocks and a cooldown of 0.5 seconds


3D Models & Recipes!


3D Models:







Gilded Netherite Helmet

Gilded Netherite Chestplate

Gilded Netherite Leggings

Gilded Netherite Boots

Gilded Netherite Sword

Gilded Netherite Pickaxe

Gilded Netherite Axe

Gilded Netherite Shovel

Gilded Netherite Hoe





Where to find the items:




If you want the details of the original Gilded Netherite, you can watch this video!



If you enjoy equipment addons, make sure to also check out my new Glowing Obsidian Addon!


If you make a video on this addon, make sure to include a link to THIS MCPEDL PAGE and that only!

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Select version for changelog:

  1. Mace changes:
    • Normal attack changes:
      1. Attacks will now “stun” the target
      2. +1 second of slowness
      3. 0.65 seconds cooldown
      4. Gilded Netherite Mace: +40 stun (degrees angle change)
      5. Netherite Mace: +35 stun (degrees angle change)
      6. Diamond Mace: +30 stun (degrees angle change)
    • Special attack stats have been added into the name of the item
  2. Gilded Netherite equipment can now be made in a smithing table, including netherite maces
  3. Removed the usage of the player.json file
  4. Fixed gilded_health scoreboard not working for certain players
  5. Fixed text in MCPEDL page (Axe)
  6. Added version 1.18 in MCPEDL page
  7. Modified MCPEDL page to include spoiler tabs


Turn on both Holiday Creator Features and Molang Features, and make sure you apply both the Behavior and Resource packs!

Installation Guides

Hi! I really love the mod and its pretty great! But lately an issue or bug I've noticed so far, is that whenever I specifically try to use a trident specifically with "riptide" enchantment, it pretty much doesn't work at all only sound really. I do have other addons in place but I made sure to isolate this addon from other ones to make sure it isn't just another issue from any of the ones I have. So far I've confirmed that it is this mod in question that's causing problems with Riptitde, therefore I'm wondering if their is possibly any way you can look into it? All in all its a great mod, it's just this seems like the only issue that is troubling me.
Wow this is beautiful 😍
I made a Chinese language file (.lang), can I put it in the resource pack?
Yes of course! You can send the language files to [email protected]! 👍
(I thought I submitted a reply to your comment a while ago, but I guess it didn't register. I am so sorry about the late reply!)
The only proble. Is that the gilded netherite armor looks like it is scrapy armor. What i mean is that the gold is only appear in the armor because its damaged. This is the impression i had. Would be cool if u had more time to polish this texture pack i little bit.
I created the textures that way because the gilded blackstone is more or less covering the netherite rather than actually gilding it, but I understand why you would think it seems damaged. Idk I might change the texture in the future! 😁
With the addon I cannot enter the nether, maybe it is due to entities or similar but it is not possible
I did realize that the addon makes players not able to enter portals, but the new 2.1.1 version should fix that glitch! 👍
when will that version come out?
Cool and all but this armor is indestructible with unbreaking 3 in 1.17.30 like it doesn't lose durability. It is busted
Sadly, this glitch happens to all armor mods (using the 1.16.100 format), so there's nothing I can really do about it. 😔
I think the unbreaking glitch has been fixed!
1.18 are same 1.17 except extra height
Very up and very down to deepslate
If you support 1.18 mace will work
New height at this time or not
If I understand what you are saying, yes, this addon works in 1.18! 👍
Does it work in 1.18?
Yes, it does! Most likely a new Minecraft update will not affect armors.
But don't copy that same comments
I accidentally posted this comment, rather than being a reply! 😅
I like it except for one thing. Why does it being gilded make it stronger? Shouldn't gold holding it together make it weaker? Gold is very weak so the durabilities shouldn't increase from there being gold cracks.
That makes sense, but it would probably make gilded netherite equipment not worth obtaining ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
make redstone equipament pls.
I probably won't be making pure redstone equipment, but rather it would be used to make something else!
This add-on looks really cool! Just wanted to ask if the netherite and diamond gear lose their enchantments when turned into gilded netherite.
Sadly, the armor does not carry over its enchantments. Hopefully Mojang can add smithing table recipes soon 😃
Or need safety before enchanting
Hello, I eat cactus :D September 01, 2021 at 9:39 pm
The armor destroying is maybe too op, maybe remove it?
That's the core function of the maces... It might not be very balanced but this is an addon after all 🤷‍♂️
Maces main purposes in medieval history is to smash some armor
I honestly wish this was a resource pack instead of an addon lol
I'm guessing that's because of the usage of player.json? Well, I'm trying to figure out a way to remove that 😁
I’d love to see you tackle maybe redstone, lapis, or maybe even prismarine gear next,
I probably won't do redstone by itself, and thank you for the suggestions! 👍