Published on July 01, 2021 (Updated on August 01, 2022)

Gilded Netherite Armor, Tools, and Maces Addon!《Compatible with Any Addon》‎‎‎

🔹 This addon adds a new tier of armor and tools better than netherite, maces that can stun mobs and players, and makes Gilded Blackstone way more useful! 🔹


This amazing idea was suggested by Imthecatguy!

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v2.4 changes:

  1. Maces’ Special attack animation has been improved
  2. Maces’ normal attack will now stun the enemy for a duration of time rather than a degree of change
    • Diamond Mace: 30 degs >>> 0.25 secs stun
    • Netherite Mace: 35 degs >>> 0.3 secs stun
    • Gilded Netherite Mace: 40 degs >>> 0.35 secs stun
  3. Tool Fixes:
    • Axes can now strip wood
    • Axes can now break Mangrove Roots
    • Shovels can now make grass path
    • Shovels can now break Mud Roots
    • Hoes can now create farmland
  4. Bug Fixes:
    • Fixed the shrieker bug
    • Fixed player_entity inconsistencies when dying
    • Armor abilities now work in peaceful mode
  5. Equipment can now be fixed with gilded netherite ingots again
  6. Slightly modified MCPEDL page


v2.3 changes:

  1. Added recipes for Gilded Netherite Ingot into the crafting table again (v1.18.30+ support)
  2. Added v1.19.0 text support
  3. Major Armor Changes:
    • Gilded Netherite armor is now better than Netherite except from being dealt 41 dmg to 67 dmg
    • Added armor sounds when players wear Gilded Netherite armor
    • A full set of Gilded Netherite armor protection value has been increased from 20 >>> 32
      • Helmet: from 3 >>> 6
      • Chestplate: from 8 >>> 12
      • Leggings: from 6 >>> 9
      • Boots: from 3 >>> 5
  4. Bug Fixes:
    • Fixed Tools not being able to break certain blocks
    • Fixed the Trident Riptide bug
    • Fixed the double player_entity bug
    • Fixed a bug where one person wearing Gilded Netherite armor would give everyone bonus health
  5. Slightly modified MCPEDL page


v2.1 changes:

  1. Mace changes:
    • Normal attack changes:
      1. Attacks will now “stun” the target
      2. +1 second of slowness
      3. 0.65 seconds cooldown
      4. Gilded Netherite Mace: +40 stun (degrees angle change)
      5. Netherite Mace: +35 stun (degrees angle change)
      6. Diamond Mace: +30 stun (degrees angle change)
    • Special attack stats have been added into the name of the item
  2. Gilded Netherite equipment can now be made in a smithing table, including netherite maces
  3. Removed the usage of the player.json file
  4. Fixed gilded_health scoreboard not working for certain players
  5. Fixed text in MCPEDL page (Axe)
  6. Added version 1.18 in MCPEDL page
  7. Modified MCPEDL page to include spoiler tabs


v2 changes:

  1. Added loot tables for mobs and chests:
    • Piglin brutes now spawn with gilded netherite armor and axes
    • Melee piglins have a higher chance of spawning with gilded netherite
  2. Fixed bad omen glitch
  3. Tweaked the leggings texture
  4. Pickaxes can break:
    • Packed ice
    • Blue ice
    • Red nether bricks
    • Red nether bricks stairs
    • Stone stairs
    • A ton of double slabs
  5. Axes can now break Stripped Nether Wood and certain Workbenches
  6. Shovels can now break Podzol and Mycelium
  7. Hoes can now break Azalea and Flowered Azalea Leaves


v1.1 changes:

  1. Added language support for Chinese players thanks to Z_GRASS!
  2. Does not burn in lava or fire unless you rename it
  3. Reworked Maces’ way to give resistance and buffed attack speed from 0.8 to 0.5 seconds
  4. Pickaxe can break smooth basalt, packed ice, and blue ice


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I'm thinking about making a mega-pack of all your -custom-equipment and tools addon, with a custom armor texture pack (and all the modification on the textures to make the visuals consistent)
Although it's for personal use, I'd like to publish the whole pack (obviously giving you credits for your wonderful work) in case anyone else likes the visuals too. It'd be a single .mcaddon on mediafire. Can I have your permission? :D
Sure, you can make that! It might be a better idea to wait a little bit though because I will be releasing my combined armor addon soon! 😁
That 1 idiot on YT August 15, 2022 at 1:46 pm
Just thought I should tell you this but 1.19.20 broke a lot of mods including most of your armor mods
I am currently in 1.19.20 and my addons are working perfectly fine... Are you sure it's because of the game version and not something else?
You mind if I try to make this into a texture pack for personal use.
I won't mind if you use the textures for noncommercial uses! 👍
Hello brother, I really liked your armor, I would like to get in touch with you to talk about work. If you can make me a change to the mod or something custom, I would pay you for your time and work. .Could you also work with me on some mod, I'm a content creator but from another online game and I'm new to minecraft, I have my own server, if you would like to work please answer me I need help.. hotmail is [email protected] and this is my discord Antony#3228
Hola me acabo de dar cuenta que no son resistentes a la lava podrias hacerlos que si resistan a la lava? ya que son hechos con netherite!!
The gilded netherite items do not burn in lava unless they are renamed! I will try to fix that but it isn't really that important 👍
i have downloaded v2.4, but there is still a husk on my head. . .
Make sure you apply the v2.4 gilded netherite and deactivate the older version! 👍
i don't have an older version. this is my first time installing.
Do you have any of my other addons?
If not, then another active addon is probably the reason!
esta bonito el mood, pero lo eh probado y cuando mueres tus armas de duplican... asi que tuve que quitarlo de mi server.. sera que puede solucionarlo?
I don’t think so.
Unless another armor and weapons addon that you have does not have the tool duplication glitch! (If that’s the case, please tell me which addon) 👍
pues me acabo de dar cuenta que pasa con otras de mis armas del mod, no tengo muchas armas de mod seran unas 4 contando con las suyas, pasa esto que cuando yo uso el arma y alcanzo a golpear a un mob si este llega matarme automaticamente de duplica solo pasa con el arma, sabes que puede ser? de casualidad no tienes discord? como usted es master en esto podriamos llegar a un buen acuerdo, obviamente sera pagado por tu tiempo y trabajo cosa que me ayuda a solucionar algunos bug de mi servidor ya que soy nuevo en esto gracias y en serio me encanto tu mod.. Este es mi discord Antony#3228
Hello, can I sinicize this work and publish it to the Chinese forum, I will indicate the link to the work
Like I said with the Warden addon, sure! As long as you link this MCPEDL page! 👍
You can publish all of my addons to the forums as long as you follow that rule!
Lo único feo sin ofender es la textura del casco
I feel like it looks cool though 😁
If there is a husk sitting on you please download the addon again (the v2.3 link should send you to the 2.3.1 version)
Sorry about the inconvenience! 😅
Help, when I use it, there is a husk un my head, i don't know why. Did I do something wrong?
This comment has been removed
There's a husk seated on my head in this addon, why? What could I do? Jaja
Hi, I am using this addon in my Aternos server in 1.19. I am having problems with the pickaxe: it does not break many blocks and it's slower than the normal netherite pickaxe.
On blocks like clay the pickaxe does not work (it's like if I am trying to break it with a sword )
On blocks like cobblestone it's still slower than the netherite pickaxe and it's quite sad :(
Sorry for the inconvenience! The pickaxe should be fixed now with the new links! 👍
thank you su much for your effort, really !
I didn't think that you would have responded in su few time lol
I tried the pickaxe and I still find problems:
1) It still can't break diorite stairs (maybe its not the only block which has this problem)
2) when both the netherite and the gilded netherite pickaxe have efficiency 5 the netherite one is way faster.
Btw if these problems can't be fixed for various reasons that's not a problem, the armor is fantastic, both the design and the mechanics :D
Don't think the efficiency problem can be fixed, but the pickaxe should be able to break diorite, andesite, and granite stairs!
Hi! I really love the mod and its pretty great! But lately an issue or bug I've noticed so far, is that whenever I specifically try to use a trident specifically with "riptide" enchantment, it pretty much doesn't work at all only sound really. I do have other addons in place but I made sure to isolate this addon from other ones to make sure it isn't just another issue from any of the ones I have. So far I've confirmed that it is this mod in question that's causing problems with Riptitde, therefore I'm wondering if their is possibly any way you can look into it? All in all its a great mod, it's just this seems like the only issue that is troubling me.
Yes, I am aware of that issue, and there are definitely some ways to fix it except it might lead to some other problems with armor effects. I will try to find a good resolution to the issue in the next update! 👍
thanks so much for responding back to me! I'm relieved to here its a known issue that's has been made aware of and that you are looking into! I hope it gets fixed soon though. But, I really love your mod so far in general, it really is a great addition to overall game play.