Jelly’s Tool Tweaks

Hello! My name is JellyPaladin and this is my first ever submission/upload on MCPEDL.com. A resourcepack that changes the appearance of the tools in-game. I hope you like it, and consider rating it.

This is a simple resourcepack which changes the appearance of all wooden, stone, iron, golden and diamond tools in Minecraft, to be a bit more aesthetically pleasing. This is a great resourcepack to use if you’re bored of the original textures, although a lot of people on this website has already made a pack like this.

Here are some screenshots for each individual set of tools:






All designs were made only by me, based on the original designs. I hope you enjoy this resourcepack of mine, since this is my very first upload here, and consider giving it a high rating. I currently don’t have any ways for you to be able to contact me, so drop your opinions, suggestions and reports here for the time being.


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10 Responses

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  1. Zanderman513 says:

    I’m curious if you can make better armor someday or in the future so it well to cool like the tools and also i like the new tools i like how they are different and the same

  2. This is a perfect pack, I’ve always thought the default tools were quite bland and this pack just makes Minecraft feel new again! 🙂

  3. Anonymous says:

    Are The Diamond Tools Based Off The Enchanted Diamond Tools From Minecraft Story Mode?

  4. me says:

    could you have a direct link to the download as i cant get it.if so i would appreciate it as this texture pack looks so good.

  5. KeyArctic says:

    Noice. I love a good 1 click download, and i love the idea of making like, Tiers for the tools. Really great.

  6. Anonymous says:

    Could you make it so the less durability there is the more beat up the tool looks?

    • JellyPaladin says:

      Even though you have a great idea that I had already planned before, it’s currently impossible to do with Resource packs. I hope you understand. Hopefully, they’ll change this one minor inconvenience in the near future.

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