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Hello! My name is TaqqyChips and this was my first ever submission/upload on Previously named “Jelly’s Tool Tweaks”, this is a resourcepack that changes the appearance (textures) of a lot of equipment or items that have something to do with combat.

This is a simple, small resourcepack that changes the textures/appearance of items and equipment that are related to combat. Although it is focused on items related to combat, it still fits in with a perfectly normal Minecraft world! Here are the preview screenshots:

Swords and Armor

I finally made Leather Armor textures! The only armor texture I haven’t made yet is Netherite Armor, but please expect it in a future update. Also introducing “smol swords”, you can choose between the original and the smaller sword textures using the resolution slider.


Here are the Netherite tools, at last! Also changed some of the other tools a bit.


Something that wasn’t in here before, a new Arrow texture, and small labels for the status-effect arrows! I haven’t seen this in other resourcepack before, so I’m just gonna say it’s a new, original idea!

OwO TNT and Misc. Utility Items


Health Bar and Armor Bar

Here’s me holding and wearing equipment with the new textures! You can also see the minor changes I made to the health bar and armor bar on the bottom.

Bow Animation!

I changed the Bow texture a bit, and also gave it a new animation! Here’s a GIF for preview. It’s a bit clonky, but it should suffice.

And that’s about it! Just a little spice in your Minecraft worlds. I, personally, use it when I’m playing SkyWars, but you can really use it anywhere you want. I hope you like this small little pack, and consider giving it a rating! I’m not really active too much, but I will try my best to update as much as I can.

Changelog View more
  • New item textures for snowball, ender pearl, enchanted book, apples and golden apples.
  • Small change to arrow texture (the entity that is shot, not the item)
  • Forgot to mention in previous changelog that a few status effect icons have new textures (so I'm saying it now)
  • Very small changes to the stone sword and tools, because I wasn't really satisfied with them yet
  • New subpack, "Smol Swords" that replaces the swords with smol versions
  • Finally made Leather Armor textures after about 10 attempts with the stinky TGA files
  • Completely changed the contents of the resource pack. Enjoy new textures for swords, tools and armor.
  • Added new textures for a few utility items.
  • Added new Arrow textures, with small labels on the textures for the status-effect arrows.
  • Added new Bow texture and animation.


Supported Minecraft versions


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21 Responses

4.92 / 5 (12 votes)
  1. Shurifera says:

    Not bad! I remember using this when it was still called “Jelly’s Tool Tweaks”.

    Nice to see that you’ve updated!

    May not be a huge fan of the chain armor texture, since chain is supposed to be see-through,
    but other than that, everything looks good. I guess it makes the armor easier to see.

    I also like the design for the diamond axe and netherite items.

    Before this was updated, I actually had two versions of this pack.

    The first one being “Jelly’s Tool Tweaks” and the other being “Charlie’s Texture Tweaks v2”.

    The second one had a really cool looking diamond axe, and had golden bits on the diamond tools.

    Other than that, I’ll look forward to an update of this pack. Great work!

  2. JellyPaladin/Raging Boner,why you didn’t reply/comment to this your first ever submission/upload???Please reply/comment…Are you making the Netherite tools???Or you have another work to do please replyy….­čśó

    • TaqqyChips says:

      sorry, i just took a “small” break. i remembered my login just now, and I’m actually preparing to submit an update today. I appreciate your patience. and about your question, you are able to use it in a map, but not merge it with your own pack (unless it’s a private one).

      Once again, thank you very much for your HUGE patience!

  3. Hey JellyPaladin!!!Can you make the Trident looks like your sword,axe,pickaxe,shovel and hoe texture?And add separate download links…I hope you see this comment….

    • I have been using your texture pack from last year…By the way,can I combine this with my texture pack???And the last thing that I want is….I want to know that your profile picture…is that from Anime or Manga???I also want to build a Skyblock(Infinite version) map so I want to have your permission to combine your texture pack to the map…Hope you know how are my feeling….How do you make the textures???Can you give the link or tell what is the name of the App???From last year,I haven’t became a creator of something but now I have been a creator of skin,texture pack and map…I also created Coffin Dance Meme Cloth skin …

  4. Guest-7462638452 says:

    I’m to broke to buy minecraft for Windows 10

  5. Shurifera says:

    Never mind, the pack DOES work on Realms, I just had certain packs on that prevented it the tools from showing. It’s only the download link on this website that doesn’t work.

    Hope the pack gets updated for 1.16!

  6. Shurifera says:

    I tried out the textures, and they are wonderful! However, there were some issues I found that I hope you’re able to fix:

    1. The download link for this pack doesn’t work and I had to download it from another website just to get them, so maybe the link could be updated or the pack could support 1.14 and upcoming 1.16

    2. When I tried to activate this pack for a realm, it gave me something called “Charlie’s Texture Tweaks v2” and the tool textures didn’t show up.

    Other than those issues, hope they can be fixed and this pack could get updated for Netherite tools. Hope this comment reaches you! This is by far my favorite tool tweaks pack and I’d love to see more updates on it! ­čÖé

  7. Zanderman513 says:

    I’m curious if you can make better armor someday or in the future so it well to cool like the tools and also i like the new tools i like how they are different and the same

  8. This is a perfect pack, I’ve always thought the default tools were quite bland and this pack just makes Minecraft feel new again! ­čÖé

  9. Anonymous says:

    Are The Diamond Tools Based Off The Enchanted Diamond Tools From Minecraft Story Mode?

  10. me says:

    could you have a direct link to the download as i cant get it.if so i would appreciate it as this texture pack looks so good.

  11. KeyArctic says:

    Noice. I love a good 1 click download, and i love the idea of making like, Tiers for the tools. Really great.

  12. Anonymous says:

    Could you make it so the less durability there is the more beat up the tool looks?

    • Even though you have a great idea that I had already planned before, it’s currently impossible to do with Resource packs. I hope you understand. Hopefully, they’ll change this one minor inconvenience in the near future.

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