Magistral Pack Bedrock-Edition (Russia and CIS)

This resource pack was created for the construction (or reconstruction of existing roads). It includes many tools for:

-Road construction (various options for road surface and markings, as well as ways to overlay them);

-Road signs (some can be pre-imposed sign with the direction) and traffic lights (sorry, do not work);

-Auxiliary blocks for roads and other structures (for example, bridges or lights);

-Road fences;

-Magistral_Pack_Road_Signs Creator Kit, allows you to create your own road signs.

But at the same time the resource pack keeps the classic world of Minecraft familiar to us.

If you have any questions, you can write here or join the Discord group:

Download and make new roads (или автомагистрали).

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What new:

-improved road signs and other textures: 

-texture of mossy cobblestone changed to andesite.

What's new:

-new asphalt blocks.


All of the DLC resource pack is now uploaded separately.

What's new:

- 2 DLC (for Germany and Italy,but soon, there will be for other countries, so order);

-new road marks ("Give Way");

-improved road marks "Arrow".

Please do not judge for what shoved a lot of screenshots, so not all showed.))

-added new link (mediafire);

-updated link for partner texture pack.

What are new:

-new paint;

-2 type arrow for road signs;

-not big gift.



Download the file immediately, if something goes wrong, use the link from mediafire. 
If you have ideas for the development of RP, please report
In the resource_packs folder, leave ONLY one of the selected resource packs in this series. For unknown reasons, they "merge", not allowing you to select the resource you need.


Supported Minecraft versions

1.12 1.13 1.14


32x 64x

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  1. Guest-2052298921 says:

    It won’t let me copy to Minecraft

  2. Guest-2052298921 says:

    I can not download and how to download on the iOS

  3. Where can I find some road signs and traffic lights? 🙂

  4. Anonymous says:

    добавь светофоры которые можно запрогамиршвать

  5. Anonymous says:


  6. Kostenych says:

    Go to this Twitter, where you can watch the improvements for resource pack and other things:

  7. phucminh2611 says:

    Can you do Vietnam?

  8. Peter says:

    Where are the signs

  9. Thesadx says:

    im installing it now but will it work 4 uk??

  10. XLX says:

    Your work is impressive, like it very much, looking forward to a Chinese traffic DLC

  11. Anonymous says:

    Why dont i have the signs i see in the pics?

  12. Brahndon says:

    Working Traffic lights.

  13. Fox says:

    Add it to iOS mate

  14. KindCreeper 24 says:

    how do you create custom maps.
    Thanks you

  15. GoodPro232 says:


  16. KindCreeper 24 says:

    hello how do you make custom maps thank you

  17. ken says:

    Nothing is working for mediafire…. This is not what I wanted please fix this. It says repair is not working

  18. ^_^ says:

    Media fire link not working

  19. Minecraft Time says:

    why It’s not for iOS. 🙁

  20. FakeMinecraft says:

    RIP the download button. Two link are dead. 😕 both link are sending on the wrong site. Please do something.

    Translation to Russia:
    Разорвите кнопку загрузки. Две ссылки мертвы. 😕 обе ссылки отправляются не на тот сайт. Пожалуйста сделайте что-нибудь.
    Razorvite knopku zagruzki. Dve ssylki mertvy. 😕 obe ssylki otpravlyayutsya ne na tot sayt. Pozhaluysta sdelayte chto-nibud’.

  21. Saad says:

    RIP the download link

  22. Clatheon says:

    Можешь, пожалуйста сделать отдельные блоки для версии 1.12?

  23. Anonymous says:

    It wouldn’t let me download please fix

  24. SizzlingFlea464 says:

    Can you fix the mediafire download link?

  25. PrintedDwarf says:

    Make it work on version

  26. DanielCenteno12 says:

    Do you have a download for the map you used

  27. Эдуард says:

    Можешь Выслать Карты с Этими Текстурами Плиз)

  28. MiguelTheGamer0 says:


  29. QTVNickBro says:

    Are you Russian?

  30. Alesscreeper says:


  31. Kostenych says:

    This is an updated version of the resource pack, and will soon update to the Java Edition.

  32. This is literally an exact copy of RusAutoRoad

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