MCBE Among Us v2 (NEW Revamped Vents, Bug Fixes & More!)

Wanna play Among Us but in Minecraft? Now you can! This map works quite similarly to the actual Among Us and is fully functional. Play with 4 – 10 players! Find the Impostor, or finish your tasks!

This map is a collaboration between JuliusScizzor & DyDyOOF.
I made the code and commands in the map, Dy made the models and textures in the map, except for Reactor & Engine models, which are by me.

This map is a recreation of Among Us by Innersloth.


– If you are using this map for ANY of your content, you MUST credit me by linking to me & DyDyOOF’s YouTube channel, or by linking to this page

– You are not allowed to edit the code, if you want to learn from it, sure, but note that copying and pasting isnt learning.

– You are not allowed to extract the add-on for your own use. It is intended to only work with this map

– You are not allowed to share the direct link (mediafire link), only share this page.

– You are NOT allowed to remove the watermark by any means

– Since this is at the top of the page, ignorance of these instructions does not excuse breaking them.

If the in-game settings aren’t working, you need to “re-configure” them.

If the map is lagging try looking around 360 degrees so the game can load the chunks.

The map may not work for X-box players. It works for some, but not for others. This is very likely a game issue, not an issue with the map.

This map works similarly to the actual Among Us game, but alot of the tasks are simplified. There are also working sabotages. Some aspects have been changed since this is Minecraft afterall. 

The O2 sabotage has only 1 part to it, in O2. It takes 60 seconds before depletion so mobile players can have time to fix the sabotage. It uses a randomized code generation system with the help of MajesticButter
(he also helped with some other systems in this map like voting)

I will be posting some tutorial videos on the map soon, so dont worry if you’re unsure about how some stuff works.

Here is a playlist of them

There are some custom settings which only the host is able to access. For example, task count, emergency meetings, impostor count, kill cooldown.
Below are some screenshots of the map

Lobby Settings

New Player Speed Setting

New Lobby Elevator Music

New Shooty Asteroid Minigame in Lobby

Freeplay Mode

New Freeplay Dummies

Console Commands

Dy and apple chilling

Cafeteria (and a wild dy)

Admin (and yes there is card swipe)

Storage (with de floaty box)

Lower Engine


Working Security Cams (sometimes u need to exit and enter it if it doesnt switch)



Apple chilling in the lobby

Apple vibin in the lobby

Colour Selection System. (15 skins to choose from)

New Revamped Vent System

O2 Sabotage Entering Code can now be cancelled if you accidentally key it in wrongly

Watch the trailers:

Watch some of my videos on this map:

Changelog View more

MCBE Among Us v2

- Re-did vent system, works alot more like original game now

- Added Elevator Music toggle in lobby (the music stops if you start a game)

- Fixed vents replaying animation when crewmate teleports back to map

- Fixed Crewmates being able to use vents

- Added Kill Distance setting (3 blocks / 5 blocks / 7 blocks)

- Added Freeplay Dummies (6 spawn every freeplay game. Colours are randomized and ignore duplicate colours. You can kill them as Impostor and report body but you cant vote anyone)

- Added easier way to leave freeplay: /function leave_freeplay

- Impostor killing can now also use right click/long tap

- Shooty Asteroid Mini-game at lobby

- Voting Time has much more options now. (15s - 210s, 15s intervals)

- Added 2 secret "pets" that can run around the lobby (Toggle in secret settings. Hint: Find the lever)

- Added Bed prop (in medbay)

- Fixed being able to double kill when a task dummy and another player are nearby

- Fixed impostors killing themselves when trying to kill when faking task

- Fixed Crewmates being able to use impostor kill item on themselves

- Make fix lights more reliable

- Emergency meetings can no longer be called during a crisis

- Added cancel button for o2 sabotage so if u type wrongly mid way u can cancel

- Ghosts are now completely invisible

MCBE Among Us v1.2

- Added Impostor Fake Task
Impostor can fake task anywhere in the map, so if you accidentally use it then youre screwed lol
The fake task is very very convincing if its used for tasks that tp you to a room to do them.
It lasts for 10 seconds, Cooldown 30 seconds

- Fixed Clear Asteroid &
Submit Scan Task breaking if a meeting is called

- Fixed Reactor breaking randomly

- Fixed Security breaking randomly

- Emergency meeting can no longer be called during a crisis, there's also a 15 second cooldown after the crisis has ended.

- Added more customizable settings:
Player Speed (from -3 to 5)

- Added Secret Settings Area:
Low Vision for ALL Players
Low Vision for Crewmates
Low Vision for Impostor
Nauseate Everyone in the World
And 2 easter egg stuff

- O2 Sabotage is more reliable now

- Changed default player permissions to Member instead of Visitor

- Changed simulation distance to 6 chunks from 10

MCBE Among Us v1.1

- You now have to be a crewmate before being able to start a game

- Added more lobby settings

- Added a little more instructions in-game

- Added Freeplay mode (look at screenshot for more info)

- Added Console settings (only for host)

You can run functions like :

- /function console/tp_skeld

- /function console/tp_cmd

- /function console/tp_lobby

- Hopefully made security abit more reliable

- Made all items not droppable

- Reduced lag

- Removed Player Despawner

- Reduced Map file size by half

- Fixed issues with the map that occurred when getting it ready to be exported,
- Added a bit more detail on sabotages in the article, and credits to MajesticButter for some help with various systems in this map



- If you are using this map for ANY of your content, you MUST credit me by linking to me & DyDyOOF's YouTube channel, or by linking to this page

- You are not allowed to edit the code, if you want to learn from it, sure, but note that copying and pasting isnt learning.

- You are not allowed to extract the add-on for your own use. It is intended to only work with this map

- You are not allowed to share the direct link (mediafire link), only share this page.

- You are not allowed to remove the watermark by any means

- Ignorance of these instructions does not excuse breaking them.

(taken from bendy's instructions)

Xbox: To get through, open this file through your phone or tablet, get through, and to the MediaFire link. Copy that link to Xbox’s browser to download it. you need to download the zip file.

Phone or Tablet ( iOS and Android ): Simply get through, by waiting 5 seconds and tap “Skip Ads”, you will be taken to MediaFire. There, just download it and open it in Minecraft!

If it doesnt import, look up some youtube videos on how to import mcworld to minecraft pe
or watch this video:

If you need help, read this


Supported Minecraft versions

1.16 1.16.100

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Installation Guides

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  1. Monkeepants says:

    I request ZIP file

  2. masterdarknigh1 says:

    hi my game keep crashing on xbox and computer or laptop but the textrure works without the behavior pack but when I tried to load it with the behavior pack it crashes so plz fix your behavior pack or some issue plz because I would like to play this may

  3. devider says:

    I tried to invite friends to the map but it kept crashing their games

  4. Arindam8420 says:

    I want to play this map with my friends….but I can’t able to start this server with atternos serverp please help me….. something problem in this map

    • WhoisNuUuOnE says:

      LOL its not even possible to put this on a server first of all you cant put behavior packs thats it u can put everything else just not the behavior packs and possibly the command blocks pretty sure they arent enabled on aternos

  5. Hey, there’s a bug where the crates in the lobby float?

  6. MinerMod says:


  7. Hoi JS, nice map ngl!
    The only thing that is left now for ya do make is the doors sabotage
    Also u enjoyed my SCP map? 😉

  8. ColorBallDOestuff says:

    just do direct download pls pls

  9. Mayomanitshere says:

    When I want to join it says that it has a newer version?
    i use the paid mc

  10. When i try to open the world in 1.16.40 it says “a newer version of this game has saved this cannot be loaded unable to connect to world”
    Help pls

  11. TravisIshNoice says:

    If you need help with domething, I would like to apply as a builder. You can contact me on discord TravisIshNoice#0002

  12. vred says:

    Nice map, it works fine.

  13. The Mysterious One says:

    ♾ stars!!!

  14. megabekfast says:

    damn this guy is like the mcbe pheonix

  15. ColorBallDOestuff says:

    can you make Mediafire link pls

  16. Mariuz Angus D. Custodio says:

    This is one awesome world! I was wondering, maybe you can upload the addon of it?

  17. SenpaiXS says:

    I’m not sure if this is just a me problem but in the last update, It wouldn’t show up on my world’s but now it does, except it crashes my game when I try to enter it. Does anyone know how to fix this?

  18. GoldBear Productions says:

    Can you make the addon downloadable for people like me who whenever try’s to download the map, bugs out and doesn’t work.

  19. I wish I had friends to play with, great map. Is there an addon instead of the map?

  20. Àssâssin_PláyzXD says:

    Dis is da best among us map ever 😀
    Cuz it has function task, working sabotages and more it’s perfect Among us map :D👍

  21. MinecraftBro657 says:

    I think you should make it possible for Xbox players to play because it would be nicer.

    • Minecrafteano says:

      Hey friend, I have been able to Get Your Complements And I have not copied codes 😬 I tell you so that next time you can make it even safer and I’m not going to tell you how to get it, don’t worry

    • BloxerBro says:

      I wish I could get this, but the download link brings me to AdFly and it has a bunch of notification requests, APK downloads, and a bunch of possibly malicious stuff. Please use MediaFire or insert the file and have MCPEDL make a donload link. AdFly is complicated and dangerous.

  22. Jon_Ethan_098 says:

    Mine crashed but it’s still awesome
    But did you change texture?

  23. Mastercore17 says:

    can i get the direct mediafire link, i cant get past adfly.

  24. Auggie2398 says:

    Is it available for Windows 10? If so, how do you get past Ad.Fly?

  25. iwillmicrowavesteve says:

    Is it available on mcpe?

  26. TheFlamingLite says:

    I like how people tell you what you can’t do with their addons even though it does nothing.

  27. MinerMod says:

    This is the greatest among us creation in Minecraft ever, except its kinda hard to navigate the map and its not possible to fix o2. try and fix!

  28. Herogamer340 says:

    This time it imported the last time it didn’t imported but this time it did and it was so good

  29. When I import nothing happens 🙁

  30. Breathingisfornerds says:

    For whatever reason it won’t let me import
    It just says ‘level failed to import’

    • MinerMod says:

      All you have to do to import it is press play, then click the symbol next to create world. it should be an arrow pointing into a box. import it into there and it should work!

  31. DrPhilipTheMiner says:

    Hey julius, what about making a solo among us addon with all the furnitures. Is that ok?

  32. eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee says:

    aight if some people has a problem importing i could give a link that works but julius will probably not let me do it because its a mediafire link and des not support him if u have a problem with u could ask me if you cant import it u can rename it into a zip watch a youtube tutorial. tutorial click block or deny wait for 5 seconds then skip ad after that click on deny multiple times sometimes ussualy 15-25 seconds then when it redirects you press click this link so it doesnt take u some whre random

  33. eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee says:

    can you make it so ghost players are muted

  34. eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee says:

    this is like 3D among us

  35. BinoDino says:

    Perfect Recreation but…

    Couldn’t you have used the same system that you used in the security cams for the vents? That way, the imposter could see where they are venting to, and it would be more like the original game.

    Just a suggestion, but everything implemented is spot on. Keep up the good work!

  36. GamerAnimate16 says:

    I can’t download the file It comes out as a zip file not a .Macworld please help ;-;

  37. Hi creator I want to clarify doubts and talk about some errors: well one of the mistakes that is happening to me is that when the imposing map of the ship doesn’t happen anything else is also that when I try to get the oxygen it says it’s an error and will never be obliged 🙂

  38. SwellHakkan says:

    oh ok my device isn’t strong so i cant play because it crash my minecraft
    but good map!

  39. xxTinyTrooperxx says:

    thx for the lag reduce, it was so laggy for me, i couldnt move

  40. eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee says:

    the amount of efford put into this is amazing

  41. Hey Great Map! I Am A Fellow Map/Mod Creator I Was Wondering How You Got The Custom Screens, Like The E- Meeting Alert Thingy. I Would Love To Know, Thanks!

  42. NightDwarf says:

    The map is beautiful and it works great.
    My only problem is im on bedrock on my pc and whenever anyone trys to join from an xbox they cannot interact with anything, they cant even get killed by impostor.
    Do they need to download the mediafire link as well or is this a bug?

    • fbicat says:

      Make sure that you go into the escape menu and click on the hand icon next to their name. That means that they are visitor, so go ahead and change them to member, however make sure they cannot break blocks.

  43. ZeeBee says:

    Buddy this is great! I… might not know what the controls are, but it’s really well-made, nonetheless-

  44. I can’t play this on Xbox, every time I try to launch the world it quits Minecraft.
    Can you please fix this issue, thanks!.

  45. JPlayz says:

    The map looks great but I can not download it can you send me the direct link to the download and not on Adfly

  46. TheDiamondSkull says:

    Lol everybody’s struggling to download the map😂

    Well here’s how to do it :
    Step 1 : Click the download map link

    Step 2 : Click Block Then Wait 6 Seconds

    Step 3 : Click Skip Ad

    Step 4 : Click Allow

    Step 5 : Download The ZIP. File

    Step 6 : Open ES File Explorer then compress the zip

    Step 7 : Rename The ZIP File Into AmongUs.mcworld

    Step 8 : Copy The File On mcworld

    Step 9 : Reload Minecraft

    Step 10 : Open Minecraft

    Step 11 : Check Worlds Then There U Have It.

  47. Julius scizzor fan says:

    There is a glitch where if you throw out the imposter it won’t teleport you back to the lobby

  48. JPlayz says:

    Can you send a direct link to the download so i don’t get a virus
    ps the map looks awesome

  49. Vinzpro190 says:

    Dude the map isn’t importing on mcpe pls fix that

  50. Herogamer340 says:

    What kind of map is this!? Don’t even import in minecraft it just opened minecraft

  51. DUCKONAROLL says:


  52. MrAgentBlaze's Second Account says:

    Nice map, does it have a freeroam option, bc i havent downloaded it yet

  53. Nediamail05 says:

    How to get past
    1. Wait 6 seconds for the yellow skip button (in top right)
    2. Keep reloading the second page (You don’t have to block the notifications)
    3. Eventually it’ll automatically redirect!

  54. Nediamail05 says:

    OMG! This is absolutely amazing! Everything is just beautiful! I’m so excited to play this with my friends!

  55. Herogamer340 says:

    Well I haven’t played among us but it seems to be a good game so can you tell me what to do in among us?

  56. PvPnoob says:

    Wow, I’ve been waiting for this for so long, thanks for such a cool map

  57. Edgar John says:


  58. Fox ★ Sánchez says:

    Hey JulliusScizzor, this map are incredible! But.. I can’t import to Minecraft idk what problem have 🙁

  59. Skaboom AB says:

    It’s is nice.
    But only 1 problem:
    Only players can’t download it to Minecraft.
    So I gave it 4 stars.

  60. TheMixerGame says:

    Wtf i cant make it into my minecraft

  61. Spyguy10078 says:

    Whatt da Frick you made Really Really OP

  62. SMOLKEYS says:

    I have LONG awaited for this…

  63. Flaming Phoenix says:

    Your the best bro

  64. CreeperX201 says:

    Ever since I saw your video on YouTube, I just couldn’t WAIT for this addon to come out. Now it’s out, it’s such a great addon! And the map is great too! Good work on creating this, all of you.

    • CreeperX201 says:

      Also I have a suggestion. Maybe you could make the map into a template too? That would be great so I don’t have to repeatedly import the world. Thanks!

  65. E_Dude says:

    It’s not working for me. It doesn’t even export it to my minecraft

  66. Primazal gaming says:

    I love the map it’s so cool 👌

  67. NetherSoul70 says:

    Does anyone want to play among us in minecraft

  68. TheSeadragon421 says:

    Please can you just do a mcpedl download instead of adfly?
    If you can that would be brilliant!

  69. NetherSoul70 says:

    I love this

  70. GoldChieve says:

    We all thank you jullius and your crew for making this addon for we may enjoy what you’ve created☺, anyway julius im very very sorry for spamming a words in your discord channel.

  71. Carlos Andres Mej says:

    Gracias por traernos este increíble addon, muchas gracias

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