Minecraft: Apex Legends

A cubic version of Apex Legends providing First Person Shooter gameplay for singleplayer & multiplayer. Basically a bad rip-off with less Legends, weapons, gameplay experience etc. but endless options for customization. 

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This is the original post, I am DeathlyTroll (DT). The post at


is an unauthorized & outdated copy, but I am mentioned as creator. You will find 'unofficial' copies of MCPEDL posts everywhere.


Update Notes v1.2.0:


  • Lobby 2.0: animated & optimized for all platforms.
  • SKULL TOWN & South Settlement are now part of King's Canyon!
  • Legends - LOBA: Teleport & Black Market. LIFELINE: Healing drone & Supply Package
  • Gamemode: SHADOWFALL
  • Gun: P2020
  • Gun models: EVA-8, Peacekeeper, Charge Rifle, LStar
  • Charge Rifle Rework: Removed DOT, Charge shot to amplify damage x3
  • New drop system
  • Enemy Legend: Gibraltar
  • Airdrops
  • Added Legend voice lines
  • Added Legend intros
  • Experience levels: max 10
  • Added BR player ranks
  • Kill Leader Status
  • More gun animations


  • Caustic's Gas now applies slowness additional to damage
  • Gas Traps are now thrown every time yo're selecting the item
  • Changed Legendary Guns into Airdrop weapons + limited Airdrop Ammo: Kraber damage x 2, L-Star damage + 1
  • Improved animations & textures
  • Players spawn with P2020
  • Increased 4x zoom & zip speed
  • Players regenerate base health over time (natural regeneration)
  • Less ground Loot for higher performance


  • Shooting animations amplified by 3
  • Added Repeater to deathbox
  • Charge Rifle Laser Beam is visible in tpp now


  • Legend: Horizon
  • Badges

Weapon rebalance: Charge Rifle (+damage), Kraber (+damage), Wingman (+visual recoil), G7 (+rpm), L-Star (+damage)



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Will you have a discord server for this? Would be fun sharing how i have modified apex legends 1.0 and 1.1 and now im going to modify 1.2 (i modify it by allowing you to keep guns after you win a game usually)
I do have a server, but it's kinda cool to have only people there, who found the way XD
I'm not interested in making it grow..
But it's awesome to hear how you modified the map!
100 percent id like a invite. iv been interested in the map and stuff since iv looked around and seen different structure you have made (one not in game but is outside the map and looks like you built a hub of some sort)

I also own a server over 300 members and a youtube channel 400 subs i know a little tiny bit on server growth
Hi, would there be anyway I can get in contact with you? Your discord link is broken, and I would love to ask you some questions. I'm started a big project I'd like to share with you, and get inspiration from how you created your amazing maps!
Well, I'm not actively working on any Minecraft/game project anymore. But if you don't expect much from me, my discord Id is "jonas_dt. "
I'm definitely interested to see your big project.
That's perfectly okay! Minecraft is a very time consuming hobby. Could you put the 4 digit number for your discord name? It won't show up with out the #1234. I'm even more excited to show it to you!
Hm, I've been called JonasO#3645 once. But discord updated its username system a while ago, didn't it?
If this won't work, you may give me your ID
He might use a modded version of discord, i know some modded versions like bluecord with extra plugins like seeing deleted messages or hidden channels. And bluecord hasnt updated to the new username system yet (same with a lot of mobile modded apps)
i testing this game on every types of minecrafts the only problems i have is the education edition can u help me
não roda pra versão mais moderna do minecraft pe???
I'm convinced that this man can recreate PayDay in Minecraft
Everything's possible in Minecraft!
Hi! I’ve been making this map into a more multiplayer version of the game. I’ve changed many things like it being based off other players so when there’s on left it’ll make that player win and zones closing and stuff. I was wondering about the legend selection system do u know a way I can change it around where I can have multiple players as one legend or would I have to just recreate an entirely new selection system. Thanks! Also the map is amazing I can’t wait for future updates :)
Oh, that sounds amazing, I'd love to get a glimpse at your creation!
How in the world did you make a zone, that works with the bounds of render/simulation distance? Is it based on something else that an entity inside ticking area?

And I created the selection, of course I know the solution XD
Given that you're familiar with animation_controllers: The solution is located in the BP AC for lobby (button 3). The states for each legend runs a command that loops to the next legend if the former one is already assigned to a player (via family).
Simply remove this command in each of the four legend states in BP/AC for b3..
I’m not sure how to configure Animation controllers yet sadly. I tried to a little bit ago but I ended up just breaking some features. Is it ok if I add you on discord if you could help with js this one little thing that would be great. Also thanks for the response! Here’s my discord AstroFear#1144
Having a blast with this world! I've been playing it pretty frequently and it's some of the most fun I've ever had lately, runs smooth as butter too which is phenomenal! However I do hope this continues to get updated with new legends and such, one I'd personally love to see is Wattson, her fences and ulti could really shake up things. Additionally optics seem pretty hard to find, and at that I've only found 2-4x ones, assuming there is a 2x bruiser I've never seen it and I hope for it to make an appearance if it's not on here yet. A couple more things I'd love to see is an active player count in a match so you can know how many players are left, and an active ammo count of the gun you're holding so you know how many bullets you have going into a fight, and lastly I feel like you spawn with too much in your inventory, its full of ammo and personally I'd rather just start with the p2020 and a stack of light ammo (maybe 2-3 singles next to it in order to prevent it cluttering in my hot bar) or each ammo just has 1 stack and two singles to prevent clutter, and if possible maybe a way to reduce sensitivity while ads'd? (aiming down sights), I play with a controller on my phone and aiming things like the kraber or longbow/charge rifle with super sensitive movement is very difficult.

Some bugs I've encountered while playing:
- Lifeline drone has no cooldown
- Lifeline care package goes through blocks when coming down
- Hovering loba black market then not placing it still gives the tokens (to which you can drop them and have infinite tokens)
- Items and weapons dropped purposely don't disappear in between games
- In the game select (i don't know how I initially got it to happen) but if you get lobas tactical in there you can clip out of the select area

Last points:
- Spitfire is no longer heavy ammo, in the real game it's been changed to light
- Wingman is no longer heavy ammo, in the real game it's been changed to sniper
One more thing (ran out of room in the previous comment) A 1v1 game mode in a small arena with the choice to pick your load out and attachments and stuff for two human players would be incredibly fun to introduce friends to the game.
Thanks for your detailed feedback! Of course there will be updates.
Being careful with always-active systems is just one thing I'm doing to preserve performance. That's why (all!) tactical abilities have no cooldown (I don't think that makes them op). And that's also the reason why there is no passive ammo indicator. If I ever add it, it will probably turn out as color (!) indication on the back of each weapon.

The ammo in your inventory is not enough for any clip. It's there to automatically sort in ammo when picked up. That way ammo usually appears not in your hotbar.

Scopes are also limited due to performance. Right now each scope-weapon combination requires quite some space.

Sensitivity changes can't be achieved by the methods I'm familiar with. Also a reason why I set sniper scopes to max 4x.

This 1v1 coliseum gamemode is on my to-do list (But don't expect it soon).

Btw, I don't mind certain 'abuses' like clipping out etc: If you want infinite black market tokens just type in: /give @s token:black_market 0 900000 (or simply give yourself Kraber or Titan :P)
DeathlyTroll are you planning to make other game add on?
I have started quite some things, but no. In favor of real life I must reduce this here to one project (Apex) and leave Minecraft eventually.
I'm playing on the latest version of Minecraft EDU. But it says i'm not on the right version!! what do I do about this??
I'm not familiar with MC Edu. But I'm not sure if the public MC Apex version is really for v 1.20.12.
It's absolutely amazing loved this its not that hard when you get used to your character it's only hard at the beginning i already won 3 times and i played 8 times it's so fun thanks for making this map
I mean, it's Minecraft. You can always give yourself resistance lvl 5 etc. Bots won't mind.
Bro, can you create a Battle Royale mode against other players and not against bots?
Sorry, this here is just a world for 4 players. I'm not looking forward to learn how servers work.
I'll focus on PvE modes, if you want to play against players, you have to organize it yourself.
You are a mod god and i love you for working so hard on this map if i could i would give you money for this
YES!! Thank you so much for updating, and making this map better everytime. You should have a Patreon or something, so I can support you and other people!
Very good map, but im still waiting update for phasmophobia map