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Welcome to the world of destruction, this is a addon which can be applied to your Minecraft world and mostly all of the missiles/items are obtainable in survival so you can raid your friends bases with ease. So what are you waiting for, let the destructive side of you show!


  • experimental gameplay must be enabled for this addon to function properly
  • I use a program called bridge which does all the syntaxing of these addons, it makes making addons a lot faster so I want to thank you solvedDev for making the program
  • give solvedDev a follow (click here)

Current missiles added:


  • this is what the missile will go to
  • can be obtained by  dropping stone slab and a ender pearl together
  • you can use a channel switcher (can be obtained by going /give @p searmr:channel_switcher) by right clicking 


  • There are 3 different types of launchers, black hole missile launcher, scatter missile launcher and normal missile launcher
  • currently not obtainable in survival (will be obtainable in next update), has to be obtained from creative
  • to load the launchers you will need a universal missile which can be crafted like:

  • once you have loaded the missile you can switch the channel of the marker you want to go to using a channel switcher (can be obtained by going /give @p searmr:channel_switcher), right click to change the channels
  • to launch the missile right click with a lever on the launcher
  • each of the missiles have different things they do. The black hole missile summons a black hole when it reaches a marker and the black hole sucks in entities and after 20-30 seconds will explode, the normal missile just explodes when it reaches a marker and the scatter missile sends a whole bunch of small bombs explode out of it when the marker comes into range

    Hover bomb:

  • a rideable hovercraft that will explode when the  block underneath it is not air and explode when on impact with mobs
  • this can be controlled by WASD and arrows on mobile (can also go up an down by looking down or up)
  • you will have 10 seconds before its sensors turn on so you have time to ride it and get it in the air
  • this can be obtained by dropping some TNT, a iron block and a redstone block together

    Homing missile:

  • this can only be used in creative but is a excellent device to troll other players in survival
  • to make the homing missile home in on someone you will need to go /tag (player name) add target
  • it does a lot of damage so they will most likely die
  • and the homing missile will only explode on a player if it is in survival

    How the new targeting system works:

  •     there are a total of 5 different channels (1-5), when a launcher and marker are on the same channel the launchers missile will go to the marker on the same channel, the current channel of the launcher/marker is displayed in the chat

Don’t forget to give my me a follow on twitter (click here) if you enjoyed my addon!

Extra notes:

  • you are free to make a video on this but just provide the original link
  • if you upload this to another site you MUST provide the original link to this website and credit me
  • do NOT claim as your own as that is piracy of this addon

Changelog View more

Fixed the download links, sorry for the troubles - programmer 745

  • added 2 new missiles
  • missiles will now 'fly' over to markers now
  • added new targeting system
  • launchers and markers can now be placed on all blocks
  • fixed multiple bugs
  • fixed a issue preventing use on realms (should work)
  • stay tune for more!
  • remodeled and retextured basically everything
  • fixed some annoying bugs (big head and inconsistent explosions are some)
  • added the missile item
  • added launcher
  • made missiles obtainable in survival


  • these addons take a lot of work so please be thankful for the other addons creators who spend a lot there time making these for you


Supported Minecraft versions


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62 Responses

3.67 / 5 (27 votes)
  1. GXholeCraft_Official says:

    If You Will Still Update This Piece
    I Reccomend You To Add Some More Missiles
    Like Nuke , Napalm And More

  2. Truefanofmcpedl09 says:

    Lastly could you change the missile flying animation to look more realistic(For example like the American tomahawk missile) not just up then down,but love the work you’ve done so far👍

  3. Truefanofmcpedl09 says:

    Suggestion:Could you consider re-texturing the missiles and adding different type of missiles. Also could it be possible to make them coordinate based using the UI for players to set their destination(Similar to Voltz Missile Mod) please consider.

  4. Guest-2450116296 says:

    i cant go up with the hoverboard when i look up! yes i have exp gameplay on
    (everyging else is fine and works great!)

  5. Guest-2490201591 says:

    Link si broken

  6. Guest-7956802309 says:

    I have no missile it isnt in the game

  7. Sineg0mo8811 says:

    Can you say the ID of the objects I need of this to make a villagers selling missiles

  8. Guest-1416659092 says:

    Thanks for not hiding the download behind adfly…

  9. Guest-3395970064 says:

    Can you make an add-on for this on 1.16 because I really like it

  10. Guest-2442551523 says:

    Is there any other missile like a Nuke. If so please tell me how to craft that or get it if not please add it

  11. Guest-5178466623 says:

    I loved the adon. Part of it was because i like demolishing stuff with tnt in minecraft, but most of it was that it is a great adon.

  12. Guest-3126649285 says:

    Ive downloaded the mcaddon and have got the behaviour pack on my world. Exp gameplay is also on but i cant craft it?? Plus it says warning next to the behaviour pack? Have i done something wrong? 🙁

  13. I wanted to used this Addon for survival uses, so if you mind if you’d add a crafting recipe for the Homing Missile, please.

  14. Guest-8692092988 says:

    The Missile keeps going up and coming back down to the launcher and not the marker, What is happening???

  15. Guest-2948474809 says:

    Cool I love it

  16. Guest-1931022388 says:

    Hey maker of this missile addon, am I dumb or how do you get the missile to go to the target?

  17. Guest-5866206996 says:

    How can i make a lunch platform and a marker??

  18. Guest-8082938506 says:

    Make a version with all 16 colors of missile and target. A missile will only go to a marker of its color, for instance, a blue missile goes to a blue marker. This would make it easier to control where they go.

  19. Guest-6634338232 says:

    I’m long pressing the bottom of the launcher and nothing is happening

  20. Guest-7224641575 says:

    Instead of dropping items, can you use all crafting recipes?

  21. Guest-1588335594 says:

    Can you add sound for missile I like your addon and I hope create more missile

  22. Guest-3409543408 says:

    I can’t craft the missile

  23. Guest-6558816576 says:

    I long pressed the missile and notuing happened

  24. Guest-4470056829 says:

    I think I broke it, I spammed markers and then set off a ton of missles but nothing happened

  25. Guest-3596164520 says:

    i can’t find Maker by dropping stone slab and a ender pearl together
    Are something wrong with me @@

  26. Guest-7750371481 says:

    I can’t craft the missile by the crafting recipe.

  27. I will fix this issue tonight, sorry for the inconvenience

  28. Guest-9267417191 says:

    the behavior pack is activated but the others arent and i cant get a marker even though i did as said

  29. Guest-8102984850 says:

    Amazing you could finally update this addon!
    This addon is honestly 1 of a kind 🙂
    Going to test it out on Realms and come back to edit this comment, great job and hope there could be more potential updates in the future

    • Guest-5470640623 says:

      hello, I’m the same user
      This works perfectly in a normal local world but when I tried using it on my Realms server, it is only showing the old texture and models and missing all the new things, why is this and how can I fix?
      Yes experimental gameplay is enabled on my realms server

  30. Sam says:

    When are you going update the game?

  31. TheUnknownMikey says:

    This is a cool addition and I known there are some bugs in it also because it is at the starting stage like you said and to me it is a pretty cool addition keep up the good work

  32. Ryan says:

    How do you get missiles? They don’t appear in my inventory in creative mode

  33. Danydepany says:

    How do i use the missile on ios?

  34. Anonymous says:

    doesnt work

  35. Billy Bob says:

    Crashes when I try to kill missiles also the homing missile isn’t there also please allow missiles to track you when your in creative

    • You can’t spawn homing missiles as this would just cause to many problems but they can be summoned. The crashes are something that I can’t fix because it is due to a bug in the game causing your crashes

  36. Big dos says:

    The explosion is tiny

  37. Brian says:

    The missle didn’t work it just made a anvil noise then my character hade a big head. Please fix =(

  38. AwsomeOcelot says:

    The homing missile didn’t appear and the target spots wouldn’t die when they were hit. Also if you can could you please make a better model for the missile (if you have time).

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