Published on January 04, 2020 (Updated on June 14, 2022)

More Honey Add-on

Ever thought that Minecraft needed more honey food? Then this is your pack! This pack adds more than 5+ honey Foods. use to replenish those health and hunger points and remove that poison. There is also a  Java Edition Version.

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# CHANGELOG v1.3.0

## General

- min Minecraft version ( 1.17.30 )

- Blocks will now show up in the creative inventory.

- fixed honey cooked mutton recipe.

- breaking the honey press should now drop the block.


Supported Minecraft versions

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Enderscript studios July 16, 2020 at 11:31 pm
Can I put this in my modpack?
Sure, as long as you give credit for the addon.
Hi I'm having problems I can't craft food or anything with this... how do you get this to work?
Bedrock/PE/Windows 10:
-Did you turn on experimental gameplay.
-Do you have the resource and behavior pack installed on the world.
How to use the recipe book?
recipes are not added in the recipe book (MC doesn't support custom items in the crafting book)
Hey that was a. Cool and fantattic add-on I love ityour?????? it's survival friendly and I lo've the design
Thanks! more packs like this are currently in the making!
Is there a crafting recipe for the honey foods?
you can find the crafting recipes with the morefood recipes:
Really Really cool but an idea make a peanut butter addon
I am unsure if it works on a realm. but i know that it works on a LAN/multiplayer.
Custom items currently don't work on realms so I doubt it :/
Have Problem The Mod!!!
It is impossible for you to receive help with your problem unless you describe what the problem is.
it would be more helpful if you tell me what issue you are having.
if you are talking about if it works on IOS, yes it should work on any Bedrock Edition Minecraft, Link above for the Java Edition of the mod.