Music Player UI Lite

This pack allows you to play any song from Minecraft in any situation using a music player tab in the settings menu. If you enjoy certain Minecraft songs and want to be able to hear them whenever you want, this pack is for you!

Using the Music Player

Music Player UI Lite adds an in-game music player to the settings screen. This menu allows you to play any song in Minecraft with the press of a button. It works in any gamemode on any world (even without cheats enabled) as long as you can access the settings screen.

Selecting multiple songs from the music player will cause them to play at the same time. If you select an album, the game will play one random song from that album.

The music player works best after muting the default game music. Using the music player while the default game music is turned up could cause multiple songs to play at once.

Custom Music

Music Player UI Lite also has support for custom music added by the player with the Custom Music Container companion pack. Custom songs can be played from the music player. Follow the tutorial below to learn how to add custom music to Music Player UI Lite.

Changelog View more

Customization Update (1.1.0)

Music Player:

  • All songs now have a duration listed next to the artist name in the music player
  • While in the main menu, playing a song in the music player now causes a duration bar to appear that runs for the length of the song or until the music player screen is closed
  • The custom section of the music player now only appears when the Custom Music Container pack is enabled
  • -This new companion resource pack allows you to update Music Player UI Lite without losing your custom songs.
  • Added extensive music player customization through Custom Music Container
  • -Custom songs can now be given titles, artists, and durations by editing "Customizer.txt", a new file in Custom Music Container.
  • -Custom covers can now be added for each song by putting them in the "custom_covers" folder and renaming them to "cover[number]".
  • -Watch an updated video tutorial about music player customization here
  • Increased the custom song limit to 100
  • -By default, only custom songs 1 through 25 will appear in the music player. This can be changed in the "Customizer.txt" file.
  • Moved custom song location to a new "custom_songs" folder
  • Updated the How to Use the Music Player section to include information about song customization
  • Added the official Update Aquatic and Nether Update album covers


  • Update Aquatic and Nether Update music is now always visible in the music player
  • The Music Discs album in the music player can now always play Pigstep
  • Long song and artist names will no longer overlap the album and speaker/shuffle icons on the music player buttons
  • If a song has no title but does have an artist, the artist text will now take the place of the title text
  • If a music player button is somehow locked, it will now be indicated by a red outline
  • This pack is now referred to as "Music Player UI Lite" instead of "Music Player UI"
  • The subpack slider no longer says "Mode" instead of "Resolution"


  • Commented throughout the "music_player_section.json" file so curious users can better understand it


If you plan to add custom songs to your music player, you need to download the Custom Music Container pack in addition to Music Player UI Lite. The video tutorial linked above will walk you through the process of adding custom songs.

Make sure to apply the Custom Music Container pack above Music Player UI Lite.

If you're downloading an update for Music Player UI Lite, do not redownload Custom Music Container. The Custom Music Container will never need an update, which keeps your custom songs safe.


Supported Minecraft versions

1.13 1.14 1.16

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  1. ZeningX says:

    Is there a way to import custom music on Android?

  2. AwesomePizza2447 says:


  3. IJG2010 says:

    Can U make it so u can upload mp3 files

  4. My stepmom says:

    I just installed the pack but it doesn’t appear, is it because of the version?

  5. cannot play a song & in game music

  6. chairocchi says:

    This is great! ^^)/ btw really nice instructions thank you!

  7. TehAwesomeMCplayer says:

    Very good pack, even works for mobile for me, but it’s kinda hard to navigate through the menu.

  8. Yangu1231 says:

    I had this texture pack before the actualization, and it was a very good pack, but when you updated the pack, my minecraft crashes. I have a very good computer that can run very good shaders but your pack crashes my computer. Please fix it.

  9. Guest-6862830827 says:

    It doesn’t work it says there are errors when I activate it in Minecraft please fix this issue

  10. Guest-8769765117 says:

    This is awesome! But I have one question. Is it possible to play custom music via commands, as there’s a way to stop the music via /stopsound @s?

  11. Guest-9930000417 says:

    Bro can i use this for my adventure map? Don’t worry i will put you in the credits, thank youu for your wonderful job

  12. Guest-9733971511 says:

    Is there a Command I can use like /play sound (Music Name) @a Because I want all my players to hear the Music

  13. Guest-6350540816 says:

    What exactly is different from the music+?

  14. Guest-3994080730 says:

    won’t work on 1.14

  15. Kryston says:

    I kinda already did this already, its way more lighter just search it

  16. RertyuiM says:

    Sorry,the Custom music exist in original

  17. RertyuiM says:

    Add the Custom Song in original Music Player?

  18. VALVe says:

    I love it, it’s useful while im making minigame maps!

  19. Guest-2273948120 says:

    How do u do itt on xbox

    • Guest-1039071541 says:

      I got it to work. Just do the same thing as with android. Put the song file into the resource pack. I changed the name of the song to custom1 just to make sure. I don’t know if you need to.

  20. XxThe_BerrooxX says:

    Wow is very good thank you Agentmindstorm

  21. Guest-7034590030 says:

    The original pack works much better in my potato phone than this lite version.

  22. Guest-5609632866 says:

    Seems that it isnt made for pe ? It doesnt play any sound and just mutes my walking.

  23. Theliuermihou says:

    Unable to use too much music, the game will crash

    • What do you mean? If you mean that playing multiple songs at the same time will crash, that’s not something I can really fix myself. I’m already streaming all the song files to make the load easier on mobile devices, so I don’t know any other ways to improve performance.

  24. This is an awesome resource pack. I don’t know how people find out how to do things like this. I was wondering if there was a way to stop the music or skip the song?

  25. Guest-4714980164 says:

    Bruh it doesn’t work for ios

  26. Guest-2942075175 says:

    For those who are on Xbox this will not work because Xbox uses a more advanced graphic rendering known as Render Dragon so that too bad

  27. LC Studios says:

    We know more Minecraft musics thanks to this resource pack!

  28. superlande says:

    Hello, so excited am I that I want to ship your pack to China Non-commercially. I will sign all the information of the author that include your twitter, facebook and website address in mcpedl . Eventually I will feed back the address that I have transported in China. If you allow me to do this , please reply. Thanks very much.

  29. Guest-3065646477 says:

    Super good

  30. Sage_Mercy says:

    Hello! I’m an Xbox Player, and I’m having troubles with using your Music Player UI.

    I did everything the video told me in the “Android” section (Modding/installing texture packs on Xbox is very similar to how you would do it on the PE Version).
    However, when I apply the Pack, I’m unable to enter the Settings of the UI, nor will the music work ingame. Is there a different process of doing it?
    I would love to know, as I would love to use this in my future worlds.

    • Guest-4263485861 says:

      Xbox unfortunately i. Unable to use music player at this time becease id its graphics engine Microsoft may fix this in the near futre i do bot work at Microsoft nor am i the devs

  31. PavilionMCPEYT says:

    It’s AWESOME! Especially like if you wanna play Music while travelling FAR in your world!

  32. Guest-4842104214 says:

    yEaH iTs OnLy FoR mInEcRaFt WiNdOwS tEn

  33. AracelyPinkRose says:

    not for Minecraft pe !!!

  34. Guest-1741609272 says:

    wow this is pretty cool

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