Music+ Resource Pack

This pack makes some changes to how the in-game music plays and adds a music player. People who enjoy listening to Minecraft's music will find this pack improves the way Minecraft music works! It's perfect for anyone who want a more pleasurable experience while playing the game.

Creator: AgentMindStorm, Twitter Account, YouTube Channel

Special thanks to Snowstorm for writing all the sidebar code and QuazChick for coming up with a stop button technique.

Translations by Netongas NG (Mexican Spanish) and moi (France French).

Select version for changelog:


Organic Update (3.2.0)

Do NOT update Custom Music Container or your custom songs will be lost!


  • Added a new album for commands that has the Wild Update songs
    • This album can be played with "/playsound album.wild_update @s"
  • Updated the music discs album to include Five

Dimension-Based Music:

  • Wild Update music tracks now play interchangeably with all other overworld songs

Terrain-Based Music:

  • Wild Update music now plays in jungles, old growth taigas, and swamps
    • Droopy Likes Ricochet, Équinoxe, Excuse, and Sprouting now play exclusively in these biomes
  • Ancestry and Death now play in the deep dark
    • Added a delay that lasts 100 to 267 seconds between songs in the deep dark

Total Music Mix:

  • Wild Update songs can now play in addition to the others

Music Player:

  • Added a new section and album for the Wild Update songs
  • The Music Discs album in the music player can now play Five
  • Updated the Caves & Cliffs album cover


  • Removed the Ancestry file as it was officially added to the game


  • Added Mexican Spanish and France French translations (Thanks, @netongas_ng and @moi74365029!)
  • Added descriptions to the pack options screen
  • Renamed the "No Automatic Music" pack option to "No Ambient Music"
  • Updated Snowstorm's name and Twitter handle


Supported Minecraft versions

Installation Guides

Intro is missing
Came here to say this has become a Main pack in EVERY SINGLE WORLD I make. I just love it.
Custom songs will not play. I feel as though I have done everything correctly, and I have even tried reinstalling the mod. Please help.
can I put ur pack in my pack? this is the URL
[城通网盘][v6.2.0音乐播放器更新]ZERO PIE UI
JustCasuallyGamingYT December 16, 2022 at 5:06 pm
eyyy mediafire download
This mod is fantastic. Works incredibly on PC. However, I'm trying to upload it to a Realm so that I can listen to the songs on Xbox too, but for some reason I can only ever get one song to play. Even if I swap the order of the songs it only ever plays a specific one. If anyone else has had this issue and found out how to fix it, I'd appreciate some help, thank you! :)
Update on the problem. I realized I didn't have the latest version of Music+ installed, so I updated it and I am now no longer able to get the custom songs working on a Realm at all, even on PC
Hello Friends & AgentMS, The Music+ Will Going Away Until Full 1.19.30 Android Update
For Android Pocket Edition Will Now No Longer Required To Downloading Music From Marketplace
Because The Music Has Been Added To 1.19.30,22 Android Beta And Will Be Larger File Size Of 500MB+
I can't get my custom songs to play. the other music works fine. I downloaded the custom music container and added a bunch of songs and they were in the proper .ogg format and named "custom1.ogg" all the way to "custom23.ogg". not sure why but when I downloaded the custom music. container and viewed the files, there was no custom_songs folder or custom_covers. I added the folders manually and put the music in. when that didnt work, i tried creating a new folder converting that to an .mcpack when i had the files put in correctly. Still, my custom songs won't play. any help ?? BTW I love the Music+ addon.
Conner2444666668888888 August 11, 2022 at 2:20 pm
Music discs do not work properly
JervieA (Momoleaon) August 19, 2022 at 8:00 am
For 1.19.30 Betas On Android Will Be Work As Intended, Until Full Release To be Removing a Addon This Page
I noticed that the custom songs I added mostly only work on the music selector menu, with the music+ and the Custom Music resource pack installed on global resources. For some reason, only 1 custom song will play via command in the world, even though all the files work (I’ve tested them out in the past and they worked, but only I could hear them). No one else on the world can hear the songs except one custom song. Any tips on how to fix it?
thank you so much. i might actually start playing minecraft again i just hate the new music, (nether music is fine just not pig step) ive been playing minecraft for about 10 years now so the old music is the best
Mellohipretty💿 July 27, 2022 at 6:29 pm
Some of the musics dont play can you fix this cause i want to hear ward and cat
i love the city of tears on that image
Please help me! So i've basically installed both of the texture packs in the game by changing the zip file into a mcpack. But when i go to the game files, it doesn't show that there's any resource packs installed in the game. Minecraft is allowed to use storage. I was going to add custom songs to the game but seems like i can't. Anyone know how to fix this? Please tell me!