Published on December 26, 2021 (Updated on December 24, 2021)

NFT Painting Addon

NFT Painting is an add-on of a collection of paintings based on the most popular NFTs, Decorate your home with your Favorite NFTs! How is it done?The NFTs can be created in a stone cutter, with a gold one, in total there are fifteen. Which are?The 15 NFTs are among the most famous, the ugly monkeys, lions, pixelated faces and others such as Willyrex or Cormoran. More updates will be coming soon to add more NFT.



What is an NFT?
Non-fungible token, NFT for its acronym in English is a special type of cryptographic token that represents something unique.


Types of NFT


Based on over 10,000 randomly generated monkey NFTs.


Randomly generated lions, a not so well known but quite famous NFT

Pixelead faces

A fairly purchased NFT and one of the best known with about 180,000 in the market.


How to activate it?

ATTENTION! You have to activate an experimental option so that it can work (don't worry, nothing will happen to the world)

How to acquire it?
-To acquire it in survival you have to put a gold ingot in a stone cutter, if you want to acquire it in the creative you can put in the chat:

/give @p cuadro <—– (and put a number from 1-15)


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Supported Minecraft versions

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This is an amazing Meme Mod 10/10.
Did you screenshot those NFT's to make this
Stole and hung it on my minecraft wall
lmao, never in my life would I have expected an add-on like this! Haha!
wtf enefetes gratis