Ore Randomizer

This addon adds up to 1000 new ores, swords, ingots, and blocks. Each ore spawns underground and can be crafted into a sword or block. Choose between 20, 100, or 1000 ores to add.

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The ores spawn underground, and depending on how much damage they do, will be harder to break, spawn deeper and less frequently.

This addon took a while to make, the randomizer file will be released on discord after I add more features to the addon such as new weapons, tools, etc.

Due to the file sizes, the 1000 ores addon will no longer be updated

Changelog View more

+ Updated all ores to work in 1.16

+ Reshuffled all ores

* COMING SOON: Optimization and lag decrease

+ Staff Added

+ Video Added

* This addon will not be updated until support for armor/tools is officially added to Minecraft

+ Added new textures

+ Reshuffled Ores

+ Increased Mining Speed of Ores

+ Decreased Chicken Spawn Rate

+ Chickens

+ Wands (Random Effects)

+ Drills (Destroys all Nearby Blocks)

+ Battleaxes (Massive Damage, Decrease in Speed)

+ Hammers (Major Decrease in Swimming Speed)

+ Dagger (Increased Movement Speed)

+ Trident (Increased Water Movement Speed)

+ Cleaver (Decreased Movement Speed High Damage)

+ Shovel (Automatically Mines Nearby Dirt)

+ Pickaxe (Automatically Mines Nearby Stone)

+ Axe (Automatically Mines Nearby Wood)

+ Scythe  (Automatically Mines Nearby Flowers/Grass)


Enable Experimental Gameplay

If you are updating to a new version you have to create a new world, it is not compatible with outdated worlds!


Supported Minecraft versions


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298 Responses

3.98 / 5 (159 votes)
  1. Dalay995 says:

    Dónde puedo ver todos los crafteos? Vi con comandos que hasta había armas de diamante:(

  2. Guest-2063201577 says:

    In the 100 block download, the drills don’t work, the wands don’t work, the staffs don’t work and you cannot create the custom ore blocks once these issues are fixed, if I could give a rating it would be 5 stars. Although I haven’t seen any naturally spawning ore chickens either… And yes I have experimental gameplay on.

  3. Guest-3797963495 says:

    why cant i craft the block form of ores I want to make the staffs. Also what is the crafting recipe of drills?

  4. Guest-2258098373 says:

    I found the issue with the pack. The game is not recognizing the ores as existing. I checked through creative inventory and the ores dont show up. I compared it with your æther addon, and it appears there is extra code. Despite the version of the æther, it works for me on 1.16, but this one doesn’t. Please find this error, thank you.

    • Guest-3380861951 says:

      I just looked at the settings for it and it says “ Missing dependency with ID ’00ec0f76-83a8-4790-a36e-88102e6afe2f’ and version ‘0.0.1’.”

      • Guest-7444618328 says:

        this means that you are missing another pack that is required or recommended for this one to work, it could also mean that the creator didn’t remove the default dependency for the vanilla packs

  5. Guest-9533043134 says:

    Pease, update the mod in 1.16.
    The mod is very good, I’m love.
    Thanks you

  6. Guest-4931613959 says:

    Could you please make this a easy download instead of a adfly it won’t work for me please change the link mate!

  7. Guest-4309101737 says:

    I have the 100 ores but when I craft the tools they don’t do the damage they are supposed to do, can someone help please

  8. Guest-6327193247 says:

    will you make it able to make armor sometime?

  9. Guest-9148630569 says:

    It works just fine for me, but all the pickaxes do the same thing. That all mine the same. You would think that better pickaxes mine faster but they don’t? The only difference between the best pick and the worst is the attack damage. Please change the mining speeds.

  10. Guest-4133860696 says:

    Ore don’t load/ work :/

  11. Guest-4563647483 says:

    Can the chickens spawn less

  12. Guest-8306178054 says:

    When I activate this, it just shows colorful chickens that don’t even drop anything

  13. Guest-4810211496 says:

    It does not work on 🙁 but i tried it in the past, it wwasawesome, please update the 20, 100 and 1000 ores because, it does not work 🙁 , and thanks

  14. Guest-4670099607 says:

    Hello! I was wondering if anyone could help me with a problem I am having. I run a realm and I am trying to add this amazing pack to it. ( I am using 1000 ores and am on xbox 1) When I add them to the realm none of the items shop up in the creative menu or in /give. I was wondering if anyone had any fixes or suggestions that anyone have for my problem. Thank you and have a nice day!

    • as of 1.14 realms cant have custom items/weapons, hopefully they will be implemented in a future version of minecraft

      • Guest-7152998934 says:

        This is a great addon and the ores work. However, when I create the weapons, they only do 2 attack damage (one heart). Can you please fix this?
        (I have the 100 more ores)

  15. Guest-8234596001 says:

    i want ArMOrS i WANT ArmORs ŅÓw!!!! (Please add armors)

  16. Guest-3896930893 says:

    Doesn’t work for me, I’ve tried it about 10 times with experimental gameplay on and yet it didn’t work, can you please fix this. It took me already about 2 hours to download

  17. Guest-1019851913 says:

    When I try to go to the Adly site it says “Sorry, but the requested page was not found!” Why does it say that? Can you fix it please?

  18. Guest-9746675261 says:

    pls fix it the behavior pack os broken its says twkn detected

  19. User-7227868398 says:

    Could you make an update where cobblestone generators have a chance of spawning an ore

  20. User-9840027388 says:

    Hey just and idea for the armour. The armour could give you effects /boosts or maybe it could add health. But how would we craft it ? My idea is that for a basic armour it could just be leather armour surrounded by the ingot and for a super armor it could be four blocks around some iron armor.

  21. XDXD_GaMeS says:

    Quando você vai atualizar e colocar armaduras ?

  22. Carlos says:

    No me aparecen los ores en mi mundo solo me aparecen en creativo y los pollos
    (Hice nuevos mundo y en modo experimental)
    Qe ago? Ya instale el de 20 y el de 100 y ninguno agarro

  23. Carlos says:

    Por qe no me aparecen los ores en mis mundo, solo aparecen en creativo pero en el mundo no,
    Solo salen unos pollos qe me dan los ores😞

  24. HeavyQ11 says:

    Can’t figure out how to download load to Minecraft

  25. Reply asap says:

    When the 1000 ores says outdated, does that mean it doesn’t work?

  26. D4NI3L says:

    Why does most of the ore’s name sound like you smashed your head on the keyboard?

  27. Brian says:

    No puedo abrir el link me dice que está dañado

  28. Killer Frost480 says:

    Add-on is not working for my tablet. I can’t find any of the new ores

  29. Barish says:

    I love the mod.
    But, when i install the 1000 ores, the game is lagging.
    (Sorry for my bad english lol) .

  30. Neat says:

    So i got this addon and it was amazing but then i notice something with just 20 new ores added its like impossible to find diamonds pls fix this

  31. Alex says:

    When I break an ore it won’t drop why?

  32. Ryan says:

    is 20 ore now updated or is 100 ore now updated which of the 2
    and, by the way, you can adjust the valuations of ruby ​​sapphire and titanium and Coopper and bronze that now look not so realistic

  33. d6b says:

    Why dont you make it one addon and make three subpacks?

    • Random Person in MCPEDL says:

      It can cause big problems
      1. Big Storage Consumption (especially the 1000 one)
      2. Importing took too long
      3. It will lag Minecraft

  34. Haven Blocker says:

    Hi I love the mode but I had a bug with the mod when you make the weapons they don’t have do the correct amount of damage I would like to note I’m on xbox has this bug been fixed or not I would like to know because I really want to use this mod

  35. Victor says:

    Hey the addon its great but when is it going to be compatible for the 1.14?

  36. me says:

    hey only one question! How can i download the file if it redirects me anywhere except the ore download site???? please answer

  37. Name says:

    Currently can’t get it to work because I’m on 1.14. When will it be compatible with 1.14?

  38. GhostSektor5 says:

    This is amazing. YOU DID GREAT ! Even with the addon limitations, you made ores!

  39. PLeasr says:

    Please fix the 1000 ores becuas3 that was my favorite one and it won’t work

  40. Anonymous says:

    Hi i downloaded it on my xbox and put the bp folder in bp and the rp folder in the rp but it will not show up to activate

  41. Gustavo says:

    I can’t put the map on the horizon … can anyone help me?

  42. Unicon says:

    In some worlds the weapons do the same damage as just using fists, I understand that it’s probably because I have a horrible load order arrangement, but I’m just saying.
    Other than that it’s a great mod

  43. Anonymous says:

    What ore makes the most powerful weapon. And can you uptake it so there is armor?

  44. Bruhguy says:

    One problem all the pickaxes break very slowly and all the swords do half of a hear regarless of the damage stated under the name, any known fix for this issue?(using the 20 ores btw)

    • the pickaxes break blocks when you walk into them and the attack damage isnt measured in hearts, it is measured in half hearts, that is why it does half damage.

      • Random Person in MCPEDL says:

        Minecraft hearts are counted as 2. Every heart contains 2 health. So why a Diamond Sword just deals 3 ½ attack damage and if you enchant it with Sharpness V then it will deal 7 hearts and if u jumped then the 9 hearts will be gone and maybe u got an achievement
        That’s how Minecraft combat system (for bedrock) works
        And for addons, don’t go with an weapon adding addon with another weapon addon addon cuz the 2 player.json will conflict

  45. TheSkullCreeper says:

    Maybe give the modded pickaxes haste?
    (if they already have it, then ignore this)

  46. DarkWolfKing says:

    Do i have to delete the 20 ore pack to install the 100? I have both but the 100 doesnt show up

  47. Anonym says:

    Pretty good addon but its extremly buggy, I play on Xbox and every item is invisible😣

  48. Irfan says:

    Where to find it I have searching everywhere but still not seen it and yes I have turn on experimental gameplay

  49. shaun says:

    im trying to use both this mod and actual guns mod but the higher priority stops the other.(ores will stop te guns from shooting and the guns will disable the item abilities ) any reasons wy?

    • the player script is being used by both addons, you will have to combine the player scripts.

      • Riley says:

        How does one combine player scripts? I’m really confused I was looking forward to making a modpack on Minecraft.

        • its kind of complicated, you need to add all of the missing information from one to another, you would have to understand how the addons work

          • Guest-3059288728 says:

            is there any mod or something that would make modded items show up in the creative menu because on mcpe they show up with no blocklauncher or anything but on my xbox 1 they don’t show up

  50. Anonymous says:

    Can you add the recipe to the recipe book

  51. Anonymous says:

    The attack damage is the same as a wooden sword and the pickaxe is the same speed as a wooden pickaxe

  52. Anonymous says:

    Honestly great addon so far. You just need to be able to make the pickaxes break blocks faster and im having a problem with the swords doing inconsistent damage

  53. Anonymous says:

    There was a hotfix called 1.13.1 that I believe broke the mod. The chickens spawn normally and the tools and weapons work as intended, but the ores unfortunately don’t spawn underground. Please fix this, as this mod is absolutely amazing

  54. shawn says:

    I appreciate the effort however I dont like that every pickaxe break blocks all around me yet when i intentionally try and break stone, a 13 damage pickaxe breaks slower than the wooden one. also every ore takes nearly 10 seconds to break even with a diamond pickaxe. other than that, maybe cool it on the chickens. I think its a good mod but it needs more work

  55. delio says:

    can you add hearts buff to every weapon? for example the great sword or maze you are slowly but have more hearts

  56. Carl says:

    Make a 20 ore pack for xbox the 100 ore pack the you put for xbox is extremely laggy and even with experimental gameplay on those chickens still spawn and lags my game. Please make an updated 20 ore pack for xbox one.

  57. Oooooooooof says:

    I can’t give this a good rating because the ores are just glitched textures sadly 🙁

  58. Grillzz says:

    quick question I have the chickens and the ores but u can smelt the ores and the tools don’t work anyone know a fix I’m going to try deleting and redownloading the pack

  59. Grillzz says:

    Yo can anyone explain what experimental gameplay does I understand that it helps addons like actually work but why don’t they work without it

  60. Fuhcdgbb says:

    Pls send me link without adfly, this thing asks for allow to continue, even thought there is no allow button

  61. Anonymous says:

    Did not work for me

  62. Anonymous says:

    Did not work help please

  63. PikachuOfPower says:


  64. Devyn Horne says:

    Um…, the links keep sending me to a page about cryptocurrency, not the mod.

  65. Dakashi says:

    how do you use the wand?I love the mod, but some of the items like the drill, and wand, I don’t know how to use.I would appreciate it, if you replied with the answer, and can you make the modded tools faster?Thanks!

  66. Owie says:

    Ores don’t spawn naturally. I’m in 1.13 and I have experimental gameplay on.

  67. Owie says:

    Ores don’t spawn naturally. I’m in 1.13 and I have experimental gameplay on.

  68. Owie says:

    Ores don’t spawn natur. I’m in 1.13 and I have experimental gameplay on.

  69. tonypraf says:

    you uptdated thisquit quickly

  70. Anonymous says:

    Great addon expect its really laggy can u make armor please 🙏

  71. gamenotfast says:

    if you guys have problem with the weapon damage i fixed it and if you are the creator i can share the link too 🙂

  72. gamenotfast says:

    why the sword say 17 attack damage but i need 10 hit just to kill normal zombies?

  73. AndiXOXO says:

    Uh.. Can yall help me? I only have the chickens. No swords, battleaxes, wands, and no nothing. Just the chickens, can someone please explain?

  74. RainbowArrow123 says:

    Hey, could you make it so that the recipes show up in-game like in the how to play? Thx!

    • TheSkullCreeper says:

      The reason why the items don’t appear in the crafting guide is because they don’t appear in the creative inventory. Why they don’t appear in creative is beyond me (Mojang is dumb and wants everyone to remember the recipes or just use /give).
      I’d recommend having a second device on this page or write down the recipes on paper.

  75. Guybear123 says:

    Can you add armour, ores in the end and nether, alloys, more weapons.

  76. Anonymous says:


  77. Me says:

    I can’t install it but I’m on iOS am I still able to install?

  78. erick triana says:

    i have the experimental mode and the damage of the sword, dagger, cleaver doesnt works, 2/10

  79. Felipe says:

    No puedo descargar el de 20 minerales 🙁

  80. Yeeee says:

    What file should I download for the new update?

  81. Aleksandrs says:

    Invalidz zip, cant import it in my game. What.

  82. Anonymous says:

    Las herramientas no sirven el hacha el pico ni la pala lo unico que sirve es la espada porque con las demás herramientas pican o talan muy lento por cierto soy de xbox one

  83. Joe Mama says:

    Make the pickaxes mine the modded ore faster so it doesnt take a long time to mine cuh

  84. Ray says:

    To many ores!XD

  85. Anonymous says:

    Add armour and maybe some weapons you can only craft with a few materials

  86. RESPOND NOW says:


  87. lostdoge08 says:

    Is there any way to put 1000 on Xbox? Thanks!

    • Zach Thompson says:

      Awsome addon!!!! I don’t understand y some people hate it- but I would like the 1000 ores to update, and make it so the new picks and axes mine blocks at a faster speed than hand

      Keep up the good work!!!

  88. Lolmeme says:

    Help me a lot of textures are just error blocks

  89. Ejay says:

    Hey whats is the max damge is 23 damage or not

  90. Edward Chen says:

    The ores don’t generate naturally…….I’m on iPad iOS btw

  91. Tylerm1127 says:

    Hey I made a couple of swords but they don’t do the amount of damage it says. I’m using a 13 attack damage right now and it still takes 4 hits to kill a pig. Any help?

  92. Anonymous says:

    Add armor

  93. Kold says:

    One last thing is the 100 ores textures were working on the phone but when I joined my Xbox account the textures were bugged on my Xbox but not my phone so I went to the 20 ores and it works now

  94. Napstaa967 says:

    ores dont generate but they appear in inventory

  95. Napstaa967 says:

    when you install the 1000 ores and create a new default world the game crashes

  96. Supppp says:

    I tried this on my new world worked and on my original I tried it none of the ore spawned so was this supposed to happen?

  97. Is this based on Jay Exci’s video?

  98. Hunter says:

    I’m using the mob and ore randomizer together in a world and the ores won’t spawn naturally. But when I hop in to creative, they are in the menu

  99. Kold says:

    All tools work accept the pickaxe it takes as long to mine something as it takes my fists, but when I walk into stone walls they instantly break but not ores. Also I can’t throw the trident?

  100. Kold says:

    All the tools work accept the pickaxe kinda? I can’t mine anything with it because it’s works like mining with my fists but when I run into stone walls they instantly break but not ores. The tridents kill stuff but I can’t through it

  101. Kold says:

    You should add armor next and this will be amazing

  102. Jude says:

    This is wierd

  103. Br says:

    How can I mine the rarest ores in survival? Tried with diamond pick enaHow can I mine the rarest ores in survival? Tried with diamond pick
    and I couldn’t mine it took so long that I couldn’t break the ore

  104. Me says:

    If anyone is wondering if it works on Xbox it does but it doesn’t generate randomly in survival…

    • HooHaHeTikiTiki says:

      It generated just fine for me. My survival world is littered with all of these cool ores. Did you turn on experimental gameplay?

  105. Suppppp says:

    I’ve been looking for this

  106. Ennardbear says:

    mediafire is not working trying to download but it doesnt work

  107. Immortal says:

    I only got 1 file instead of getting RP and BP I just got mcpack.

  108. Anonymous says:

    When i go to Download them It takes me to a ad and i can’t do Anything btw im on iphone

  109. meeeeeeeeeeeeee says:

    can you download 1000 for xbox.

  110. Dheadly says:

    Hello so im on Xbox right now trying to get this mod for most mods I’ve been doing it’s just 1 folder with the texture and behavior pack’ inside however this pack when I download it had 1 folder but inside the zip folder were two other zip folders is there anyway to fix this problem please let me know

  111. Kold says:

    The thousand ores doesn’t work I just get a bunch of blocks that say update on it

  112. lostdoge08 says:

    I don’t know if the creator will read this or if he is willing to do this, but it is possible to put potion effects on held items right? If so maybe you can make it to where you can craft new other items that when held do random effects, could even put those on the swords too, overall, amazing addon

  113. Lacey says:

    I had no problem downloading it but when I started playing it didn’t generate or appear in the creative hotbar

  114. me says:

    what’s the best sword?

  115. Okay Eddie says:

    HELP!!!! When I downloaded It on Xbox I clicked on and only get two more zip files instead of the folders. How do make them turn into folders????!!!

    • Booty Crusher says:

      Everything works perfectly except the ores don’t spawn naturally. I have experimental on and am on IOS, if you can help me. But other that that it is great 👍.

    • HooHaHeTikiTiki says:

      You have to copy the other two zip files and then paste them outside of the first zip file. Then you can access them that way.

  116. reeeeeee says:

    for it to work you need experimental gameplay on

  117. Hipposgrumm says:

    P.S. To download it, you have to use Google Chrome.

  118. Anonymous says:

    Why can’t we craft other tools not just swords

  119. Hipposgrumm says:

    It would be nice if the 3 options were all bundled up into one pack.

  120. cookiemansboy_YT says:

    first comment! I will definitely be downloading this!

  121. CrOcO64 says:

    after a few pc resets, it worked. best addon ever

  122. CrOcO64 says:

    nice concept its just i have the blocks and weapons but it dosent genorate

  123. Oskar says:

    Hi i just want to say that the sword are not doing damage can you plz fix it 🙁

  124. Luke says:

    The ores don’t spawn

  125. ([{}]) says:

    This is actually really cool. Only improvements would be to make ores rarer.

  126. Rolan says:

    Is Download 1000 Ores means all?

  127. Anonymous says:

    I don’t know what to do after all.

  128. Josh_Miels says:

    Amazing, Incredible job!!!!!!!

  129. Anonymous says:

    Amazing I’ve been waiting for this type of Mod/Addon for a while

  130. Dont mine me says:

    Can you make other tools as well not just swords plz

  131. Karl marx says:

    If you don’t make direct link it can be download in android

  132. Anonymous says:

    This doesn’t work update it

  133. GenericReviewer27 says:

    Everything in this mod works well! Used the /give command to see all the items, and the swords feel unique as some are weak and some are strong. Would like to see new additions such as the rest of the tools, and player armor, which I hope to see in the future. To anyone that is installing this mod, you must turn on ‘Experimental Gameplay’ or else you will not see the ores in the inventory if you’re playing in creative mode, and the world will not generate with the ores.

    • Ved says:

      I have experimental on but they just don’t spawn naturally. I can see them in my inventory in creative but that’s it

  134. ????? says:


  135. ヒヒヒ says:


  136. Mommy fgteev says:

    You the man

  137. Jarredgo says:

    Works on Xbox, experimental gameplay must be on

  138. NightGTPlegends says:

    cool but my game lag wk because so many ore i download the 1000 ore :v

  139. Anonymous says:

    Pretty cool, except I think you should lower the spawn rate of some of the ores

  140. reeeeee says:

    The add-on works perfectly, the only thing that isn’t working is the ore spawning/generation. Other than that this is a great add-on : )

  141. Bob says:

    What is zip? 10, 100 or 1000
    For Xbox?

  142. Anonymous says:

    Looks pretty good, can’t wait to try it. One thing, I see that it is also for 1.13, so do the crafting recipes work right

  143. Demolisher says:

    Bad. Does not work. Poopy

  144. Anonymous but the other me says:

    sorry i forgot to put 5 stars

  145. Anonymous says:

    I’ll would diff like this for my survival world

  146. Nevin says:

    The Minecraft cave update 😊😊😊

  147. Kris says:

    Lol this addon does nothing

  148. Anonymous says:

    the download wont work

  149. Luciano says:

    Will there be an update to make them into other tools like pickaxes and axe. I’m on xbox.

  150. Artur says:

    Adiciona addons de cabeças de mobs por favor


  151. IndicaDP says:

    Wow, i saw a video on something like this and i didn’t know how to make it, thanks for creating this great mod

  152. Epic Games says:

    It Was Epic

  153. TheSkullCreeper says:

    looks good

  154. Anonymous says:

    Sorry it does indeed updating mc was worth it 🙂

  155. Zach says:

    I love this on xbox. My only concern is that the swords dont do the correct damage. Seems like they all do the same as the fist. Hope it gets fixed

  156. Elon Musk says:

    it didnt work for me. any help? Love the concept though

  157. Anonymous says:

    Didn’t work for me-

  158. Anonymous says:

    unfortanly it seems like nothing happens for me, I’m using the 1000 ores textures and behaviour pack on a normal infanint world.

  159. Orlando019 v says:

    Can I download two or does it count as duplicate?

  160. YoloCraft says:

    Good addon! Eventually can you make an addon with 1000 building Blocks or Tools? Would be cool! Have fun!

  161. Sksksk says:

    Doesn’t work at all

  162. Anonymous says:

    is this a virus?

  163. Travis says:

    Tried to download but it said “invalid zip”

    • Guest-5315259752 says:

      It’s amazing, but can you create an addon with 50 ores ?The addon with 20 ores is too few and the addon with 100 ores is too many (all the mobs and players in game are slow motion when I’m using the addons 100 ores)

  164. Adamghegrate says:



    The custom item recipe cap is 80, so how do you have this many items? More interestingly, how did you create this mod for 1.13 *less than 24 hours* after its release?!

  166. Ly Voreakun says:

    Help it’s not working

  167. oliver says:

    i can’t find the ores

  168. oliver says:

    it takes a long time to load up the world

  169. I think there might be too many ores. : )

  170. I AM A SNAKE 🐍 says:


  171. Orebuilder says:

    Could you give a list of weapon damages

  172. Me says:

    didnt work for me

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