Published on June 14, 2023 (Updated on December 23, 2023)

Ore Variants! [V.2] || Different Variants for Ores!

Are you tired of the same old stone and iron ore in Minecraft? Or do you find the diamond deepslate ore underwhelming? Don't worry anymore! This addon introduces new types of ores to spice things up! Get ready for Bedrock Ores and Compressed Ores!

Or even Dripstone Ores too! 

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-Fixed a few minor bugs
-Added Raw Emerald Block
-Added Raw Diamond Block
-Raw Gold Blocks spawn in Mesas now
-Raw Diamond Blocks spawn in the overworld now
-Raw Emerald Blocks spawn in Mountains now


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can you do this with dirt sand and gravel too?
Does your name start with W cause it should
Hey !
I have a question
Do I have to turn on experiments?
Ä°f yes which of them I have to turn on?
Plz reply. . .
Would there be a way to make ores drop by pickaxes from another addon?
I installed your mod but mining with a stone pickaxe didn't drop the iron 😞👊