Outlined Suspicious Sand and Gravel

Is it too hard for you to recognize the new suspicious blocks in Minecraft? Do you want them beeing highlighed so you can easily see them? This pack will it do for you. It outlines suspicious sand and gravel to make it easily recognizable between other blocks.

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  • Added 1.20 to the supported versions field (now really, it somehow disappeard)

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One of the best 1.20 texture packs!
Brooo you can't take vanillatweaks packs and claim it's yours.
I made and released (look at the release date) this pack before Vanillatweaks added it to their website. It's 100% made by myself, you can compare the exact color of the outline if u want to. I even developed this pack already before Mojang Studios added Suspcious Gravel to the Snapshots and Previews/Beta.