Permutation manager - Now with options!

Ever wanted an illegal block in a build? This small script lets you change the permutations (block states) of a block using a book on it in Creative mode. Works with custom blocks!

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  • Updated to client version 1.20.40 (scripting version 1.7.0-beta).
  • Changed server UI to version 1.2.0-beta due to new version restrictions
  • Internal version: 3.0.3



  • ⭐ Download [1.20.4x] (6.6 KB)
  • ⭐ Download [1.20.30 - 1.20.32] (6.61 KB)
  • ⭐ Download [1.20.10 - 1.20.15] (6.62 KB)
  • ⭐ Download [1.20.0 - 1.20.1] (6.38 KB)

Supported Minecraft versions

It's great! : )

Best Add-On for custom block dev.
Thanks !
That was the reason I made the pack in the first place. Trying to debug custom stairs 😱.
What block and what states is the thing on the ground in front of the fence gate in the thumbnail ?
Cauldron partially filled with lava 👀
The download link make a 404 error (im not a noob don't worry i know what im doing with pack for this game)
The link works perfectly for me.
Make sure you are logged in to MCPEDL, sometimes the error comes from this.
any chance you could make a slider or have individual settings for each block State because i think trying to know every different word for them isn't the best idea
Unfortunately it is not possible to know directly the available block states of each block using scripting, but I may create some code to compile them using data from the Minecraft Wiki and offer a selection in the future.
This would only work for vanilla blocks though.
Update: I have added it for Vanilla blocks. Thanks for the feedback!
cool thank you for doing that
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Probably not going to work for the latest beta on android (script are broken it has been the case for over 4 month)
Yep it doesn't work on android in the latest beta :(
It's normal this doesn't work in beta, it is an experimental scripting pack so it only works on a specific version (1.20.0 and hotfixes). You are in 1.20.10, which uses a different system.