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Published on February 10, 2021 (Updated on February 10, 2021)

Pink River Dolphins

We have all seen casual blue dolphins but we haven't seen any pink river dolphins, so I bring you an addon that adds pink river dolphins in to the game!

  • Spawn in rivers
  • Cannot be tamed
  • Can lead you to treasure but I doubt there is any treasure in the river
  • Behave the same way as dolphins

P.S Next update will bring a different model to these dolphins one more scientifically accurate. 

Pink Dolphins naturally spawning in a river that lead to the open ocean! #FreeWilly

Pink dolphin leading me to treasure

Poor dolphin beached on land

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  • Added details on installation
  • Added images
  • Added zip files to download the pack for Android and IOS



After downloading the packs double click on both of them and it should automatically be imported to Minecraft


Extract the content of the the zip files into the resource pack and behavior pack folders and then launch Minecraft.

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