Plants VS Zombies Bedrock [Beta 1 / 0.10]

Plants VS Zombies bedrock, it’s a add-on that added the plants of the plants VS Zombies game, the add-on count with a variety of plants to choice and many features from enjoy the addon

For start to use the add-on, you need to find the next mob:

Crazy Dave

  • Crazy Dave appears randomly in your world’s, this npc trades you plant seeds an other items importantes to the add-on
  • If he take damage, he will spawn one plant.

To continue with the add-on, you need to craft a new crafting table:

Garden TableFrom craft the garden table you need 3 sticks, one crafting table and 4 acacia planks

Next, in this garden table you can craft your first plant:

Wooden potThe wooden pot needs 5 planks and 1 dirt to be crafted.

With this pot you can put your second plant:


The sprout it’s a plant that you can obtain trading with dave. You can only put in the wooden pot, to place it just click on the pot.

This plant allows you create the basical plants.


  • Shoot 1 peas every so often
  • You need the peas from make the seeds (you can obtain the peas trading with dave)


  • The sunflower gives one sun every so often
  • You can trade with the sunflower to obtain more plants, this have a trade limit
  • You need the solar fruit from make the seeds (you can obtain the solar fruit trading with a wandering trader)


  • Protect all the plants behind of it
  • You need the nut from make the seeds (you can obtain the nut trading with dave)


  • Explodes when a zombie it’s close
  • You need the potato to make the seeds

Cabbage pult

  • Throw cabbages to the zombies
  • You need the cabbage from make the seeds (you can obtain the cabbage trading with dave)

With the sun that you obtain, you can craft a new pot:

Clay pot

In the clay pot, you can craft the plants more easier.

For craft, you need the wooden pot, 2 bricks and one sun

When you are crafting in the pot, you can see the craft of the plants in the nature section

Once you have the basical plants you can create the ancient Egypt plants


  • Shoots 2 boomerang that pierce the zombies
  • You can obtain the bloomerang trading with sunflower or creating the seed in the clay pot

Iceberg lettuce

  • Freeze the most certain zombies
  • You can obtain the iceberg lettuce trading with sunflower or creating the seed in the clay pot

Bonk choy

  • Punch the most certain zombies
  • You can obtain the bonk choy trading with sunflower or creating the seed in the clay pot


  • Shoot 2 peas to the Zombies
  • You can obtain the repeater trading with sunflower or creating the seed in the clay pot

From obtain more plants you need to make a new pot:

Golden pot

From craft then, you need 2 gold ingots and 3 suns

In this pot, you can obtain premium plants  and upgrade from your plants (at the moment, just have 2 plants but, meanwhile the add-on has been updated, more plants has been added) 

once you have this pot, you can create the last 2 plants of this beta (and this world)


  • Drops 2 suns
  • Like the sunflower, you can trade with the plant to obtain more plants (This plant has the trade of the ice peas, which I will not be able to the sunflower)


  • Shoot snow peas that freeze the zombies. Also, the snow peas they release particles as they move.

From finish with the plants, there is one last item to use with these:

Garden shovel

From craft the garden shovel, you need to use 2 sticks and one iron ingot in the garden table.

You can dig the plants and obtain the seed of this

Now, we have the counter part of the plants.

The Zombies

The add-on add the next zombies:

Normal zombies

This zombies has different health points:

Normal zombie: 30 hp

Cone zombie: 72 hp

Bucket zombie: 112 hp

Mummy zombies

This zombies they are the same as normal zombies, the difference is that if roa is adapted to the time in which they are inspired

Normal mummy: 30 hp

Cone mummy: 72 hp

Bucket mummy: 112 hp

Changelog View more

Now, you can choose between download the add-on direct or download from MediaFire

The description of the addon had been changed.

Correct some errors in the description


Note- make sure that you able the next things when you installed the add-on:

  • Be in the latest beta or official version
  • Activate all experimental games
  • Have the texture and behavior pack activated


Supported Minecraft versions

1.16.200 1.16.201 1.16.210 (beta)

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32 Responses

4.92 / 5 (13 votes)
  1. mrhong says:

    This is very nice. i truly enjoy this. but it has some things i hope will get fixed
    1.potato mine can team kill and explosion range is overpowered
    2.plants can hit each other

  2. Pizza fuze says:

    this is the most accurate pvz datapack I’ve ever seen yet! SUPER good job making the plants, but some glitches always happen, hope you’re gonna fix them on the end ;). I hope your planning on making some more plants to add !

  3. PvPnoob says:

    Hello, the creator of this gorgeous add-on. Please add a tombstone with which you can buy zombies, this is very suitable for playing a multiplayer game! And thank you for such a gorgeous addition (sorry if something is written wrong, I’m Russian) ‘|D

  4. SuperFucker says:

    Can You Add Now The Pirate Seas

  5. SuperFucker says:

    Hello Could You Please Make potato mine not explodable to the land and only zombies

  6. Good luck, guy. I hope you can be the best

  7. Alex2216 says:

    WOW, AWESOME ADDON! Do you ever create a map with this addon? Otherwise can we users create it and publish it on this site?

  8. ThePheonix gamin says:


  9. SuperFucker says:

    Can you Add More Plants Like Pirate Seas and zombies

  10. NickGamerMCPEDL says:

    is Crazy Dave is crazy?

  11. BlazingFire203 says:

    Great work I love the textures and model and love the ideas with the pot looking forward to more of your Content ❤️

  12. Como se consigue el item para poder generar una girasol?

  13. dinohuter87d says:

    compatible with 1.16.1 please
    and custom blocks as entity

  14. rodrigofire14 says:

    this plugin is excellent and you could add to the carnivorous plant in the next update

  15. BloxurloGamer says:

    increible ¡¡¡¡ de todos los addons de plants vs zombies este es de los mejores sigue trayendonos mas plantas con esta grandiosa calidad amigo que sigan los exitos .

  16. SCP Playz says:

    Wow I’m amazed this is so Survival Friendly very good add-on that why I rate it 5 starts!!!

  17. iiSabeo says:

    Whoops total forgot to see that there are already custom eggs 😅

  18. iiSabeo says:

    It’s really really good!! Hope you’ll make more plants and zombies!! The thing is that normal zombie is replaced by ur zombie. Is it by on purpose? Cuz if so, the texture of the armor they wear when they spawn is broken. Same goes to the husk. Make a custom spawn egg next time if u can. But those aside, its a pretty good addon!!

    • Xero says:

      Yes, the change of the normal zombies it’s intentional, I tested the problem and I saw that I have to make custom models for the armor so that they do not break, thanks for reporting the problem

  19. Frazinx says:

    You should add more plants and zombies overall very nice addon

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