Published on April 24, 2023

Random Blocks

This addon adds a simple set of 6 blocks which drop random items or blocks, be they from vanilla minecraft or from other addons with no need to modify them, just add whatever addons you want and they'll work


  • Random_Loot_Block.mcaddon (7.13 KB)

Supported Minecraft versions

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Good afternoon, I cannot seem to find the item in the game, I have tried searching for it in the creative inventory. And I have tried summoning it with commands. Am I missing something? Or did the addon break?

I look forward to your response I love the concept!
Ok so turning on next update and sniffer fixed giving the block. Now the issue is that the block does not drop anything.

I apologize for the past comment.
It doesn't work anymore when I break it nothing comes out. Maybe an update broke it?
i log off for about a month to see my stuff stolen, go screw yourself
How is this stolen? I looked through your submissions and Didn't find it. Did i miss it?