RMPlaysMCYT Land (Former Republic of Lexie City)

This map was under development for now, but you can have enjoy it with your friends or just by yourself and you can suggest me for more structures or something.

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  • Add new structures 
  • Add train station located on Seaspray City Upper 
  • Add Precision Building



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I saw the new simple vehicle pack icon on Instagram from over a day ago. Is it possible that the pack would be released since it is already late October?
Your map is awesome but i would like to suggest some builds add a police station an airport,restaurant,mall,church,park and a school your map is great to roleplay in it ayways MABUHAY PHILIPPINES!!
That's great thanks for the feedback
There is an idea for your map: add an airport not very bear to the city, and add a military base, far from the city and the airport
The future is not the same but it cannot was a great day to come over here to my car I will meet soon as y’all get there .
Uh.... What?