Published on November 09, 2020 (Updated on January 31, 2021)

RTX Des Bijoux 32x

RTX Des Bijoux is a 32x Bedrock edition resource pack with PBR ( RTX ) support.

Giving you a fresh look for all Minecraft blocks & a whole new experience of Minecraft with Ray Tracing!

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- Removed Mipmap

- Fixed grass colors

- General improvements

- Minor changes to fog

- Updated RTX Des Bijoux Item & block textures to v1.3.5 Des bijoux update from LickePandos
Changed Blocks:

• Orange terracotta is now orange and not that red-like color

New Items:

• phantom membrane

• paper

• book

• book and quill

• enchanting book

• name tag

• banner pattern

• chorus fruit

• popped chorus fruit

• all bed items

Items Changed:

• bread is now looking nicer

• cookie is flat, round and nicer looking

• pumpkin pie is now a bit better

New Entities:

• all bed models are finished

other changelogs:

New Thumbnail.


Supported Minecraft versions


Installation Guides

Is there a shader just by
RTX Des Bijoux has been discontinued.

Update (Aug 2022): Expect a new, complete refresh sometime in the future.
why? :(
Thanks for all of your hard work. There's no other pack like this for RTX ray-tracing. Everything else is either HD textures or vanilla with bumps. Hope you're moving to greater things.
I tried downloading via the GitHub link, but version 1.3.5 isn't there yet. (I only see 1.3.2 and 1.2.95)
wtf was this i mean i kinda got ripped off but.....
Can you make shader for Minecraft Pocket edition?
I'd really love to, but I can only work with Windows 10 Edition of Minecraft & there's no custom shader support, so we just have to wait & see...
Does it works in Minecraft Pocket Edition?
So i tried this on android, and it looks like something made in the 1850s but when i see the screenshots with PBR, i love it.
For none Ray tracing capable devices, I suggest you to download None PBR version of Des Bijoux by LickePandos linked here.
Im the proof that this resource is working on android 10 or higher
how do you download this? i have a 2060 super but it takes me to other website viruses that i know im not going to be clicking.
can this work with gtx graphics card
RTX mean Ray tracing eXtreme and GTX Giga Texel Shader eXtreme so no GTX card doesn't support Ray Tracing
It’s a great texture pack but I don’t know how to enable ray tracing on the Xbox Series X :( If one knows how to enable it or has this pack with ray tracing working on your Xbox please let me know!
You need an RTX graphics card. From my knowledge you can't get one installed onto any console. You will need a PC or Laptop.
Actually scratch that.
Xbox series X comes with raytracing.
IDK how to do it tho
PS5 and Xbox Series X/S have AMD Radeon RX card so ray tracing work on it
Actually while the GPUs technically have RT acceleration, the PS5 and Xbox Series X do not support the ability to turn on raytracing in Minecraft
It´s amazing, i love it 🧡 I made an Overview Video on YT if u wanna check it 😄 the channel has the same name as my Nick
I give u credits BTW.
this is insanely good! i love it, its one of the best i know.
the first link is a scam because it doesn't work but the other one does work
Hi. Firstly There is already a tutorial in installation description. you need prove it is scam. second link is only Backup link in case first one gets deleted or anyone has trouble downloading. Use of word "scam" is completely wrong!
I still want to learn how to make texture packs compatible to rtx, good brw