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Version v1.12.0
Status Online
Players 2/15
Server Protocol Pocketmine-MP

includes Prison, Mines, Factions, Plots, Spleef, PvP arena, Parkour etc.

Now you may want to know what exactly our server exhibit. We have a brief and rich history as one of the most influential servers on Minecraft PE as of 2015. The Original Owner used to be UltimateJP8546 but He has retired having it passed on to MCPEAbdu77. Most of the staff is the same as it has been in the beginning.

Welcome back to DestinyCraftPE! This is a dedicated server hosted by LEET Hosting services. The server is usually super fast and unless there’s loads of other players.


For those who are willing to donate can donate through the LEET Donations App.

There are ranks you get according to the amount of donations you send.

300 credits – VIP

650 credits – VIP+

1000 credits – Noble

2000 credits – General

10000 credits – Colonel

60000 credits – OverLord

Supported Minecraft versions


Server Name: DestinyCraftPE Prison

Map: PocketMine-MP

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Amazing server

  2. Dena says:

    vanessa needs help dude

  3. Vanessa says:

    I can’t play on ios is there any way to work to play on ios

  4. WeboGamin says:

    Yo bro can you invite me?

  5. Anonymous says:


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