Published on April 03, 2024 (Updated on April 02, 2024)

The best Minecraft PE server with Anarchy!

Server IP Connect
Version 1.20.80
Status Online
Players 47/300
Server Protocol Other

In this article we will talk about a cool Minecraft PE (Bedrock) server called Dygers, where anarchy has been added. Full vanilla game! Portals, mobs, working mechanisms and much more!

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-Corrected description.

-Support for the latest release.

-Beautiful preview and pictures.

Server Name: Dygers HUB

Map: §d§lDygers §r§fHUB

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If there's a guns in the server, I'm joining
Я не говорю по-русски, товарищ
Hey! I’m not sure if you can help. But my account is registered. And I’m actually not sure how that happened. Unless my little brothers got into my account and played the servers I was saving for later. If you could unregister me. That would be so helpful!
Username: DrEsKrO2
Привет! Я не уверен, сможете ли вы помочь. Но мой аккаунт зарегистрирован. И я на самом деле не уверен, как это произошло. Если только мои младшие братья не залезут в мой аккаунт и не поиграют на серверах, которые я сохранял на потом. Если бы вы могли отменить мою регистрацию. Это было бы так полезно!
Имя пользователя: ДрЭсКрО2
Hey. Please write to us in discord in the "support" section, you can create a ticket there. And there we will help you
where is the port?
At the top of the article. 19131 is direct
and 19132 is the hub. And then you choose anarchy
Server page is in English, but Whole server is in Russian... Unable to play due to it being in Russian. Not sure if that's only me but yeah
I apologize if there are any problems with localization
This comment has been removed
where is the id
Guilherme23Estadium April 03, 2024 at 1:29 pm