Published on February 28, 2022 (Updated on February 27, 2022)


Server IP Connect
Version 1.20.60
Status Online
Players 25/30000
Server Protocol Other

This server is inspired by McFunn, a server that got shutdown.This will be played until mcfunn will be put back up.This server is minecraft crossplay between bedrock and java. If you are on java edition, instead of, you have to put in "" If you are on bedrock edition, put in and the port, 19132 into whatever it is. Then after you have done that, go into the server then into the chat. Type in "/join McAmuse" It will send you to the survival server that I have created. Good luck on your journey to McAmuse!

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  • Fixed Featured image for not being "better representation of the actual in-game content"
  • Fixed description for not being "Detailed" :I

Server Name: Minehut

Map: Minehut


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Will this only stay until original MCFunn reopens?
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