(24/7) ProKitPvP – FREE VIP!! OP KitPvP!!

Server IP prokitpvp.strangled.net:19132   Connect
Status Offline
Players 0/0
Server Protocol Bedrock Dedicated

ProKitPvP is an OP KitPvP server owner by Xd_pro. We have the biggest and best KitPvP Maps around. We also have minigames like Sumo FFA, Spleef and NoDebuff! (Beta) Enjoy 😀



Our OP KitPvP has got soups, lots of free kits and Crates – Purchasable with our currency, ProCoins. The Map can be seen below

Sumo FFA

Our Sumo is quite unique, because it is FFA Sumo. This means that it can be VERY intense and can be REALLY fun when you have some friends with you!


NoDebuff is in beta, but it is still an exciting gamemode to play with friends! Each Player is equipped with an inventory full of healing potions and a diamond sword. Free For All 


Spleef. It’s a bit self-explanatory.

Our AntiCheat is better than MinePlex’s AntiCheat.

We also BAN anyone that hacks.


Xd_pro – Owner

kkakealess01 – Manager

AREUMADLOL3490 – Chat Mod/Hacker Catcher

Supported Minecraft versions


Game Types

Minigames PvP

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  1. k.w.nittttt6969 says:

    im on rn if u want?

  2. Guest-7331699278 says:

    anyone wanna pla on da server with me

  3. Guest-6451467832 says:

    if he loses at a match he mutes and declines that he said yes to what you wanted if you won

  4. When I first saw this server, I just looked over it, but then I scrolled back up and took a look at it. When I was playing on this server, it was really fun, because even when there is no one else online, mobs spawn to give you something to do. Overall, I think this server is great and it deserves way more popularity.

  5. Guest-3074784536 says:

    i want to join, but im on education edition 1.13 sad

  6. Guest-6716321870 says:

    Can I be apply for staff??

  7. Guest-6517351930 says:

    If you guys are having problems please contact us on our discord server

  8. Guest-4074678454 says:

    Is it possible to be staff on the server

  9. Guest-9290125480 says:

    its terrible
    and not fun.

  10. Guest-7721071986 says:

    it says the world is unable to join :/

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