Published on February 09, 2022 (Updated on June 21, 2022)

Royals SMP

Server IP Connect
Version 1.19.0
Status Online
Players 5/100
Server Protocol Other

This is the Royals Smp! The Royals Smp has currently 5k members and you can be one too! It is both Java and Bedrock playable! The Royals Smp is a lifesteal smp with other possible game modes and themes coming out such as economy and kit pvp!

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Clans discontinued

Teams added

Changed discord servers

Updated discord server links

No survival server option

Updated to 1.19

Updated website link

Supported Minecraft versions

Server Name: Geyser

Map: Another Geyser server.

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Very nice server :D
the only thing are hacker they are so anoying :(
The Co-Owner Kept Banning Random People
Oh my, honestly quite funny seeing you here RoyalsMC, this will be hilarious for the Toolbox discord to see to be honest
so i got a weird msg when i tried to join the server " if you wish to use IP forwarding,please enable it in your BungeeCord config as well! " dunno what to do here
Is cracked mc allowed on the server?
At the moment we don't offer cracked support.
Can you play on bedrock?
It is both Bedrock and Java compatible!
Are you able to play while on education edition?
When I put in for the server address and 19132 (the basic port) and the save button and the play button are grey and won't let me save or play. Anyone, help?
Its a great server!
Though the stuff advertised arent in anymore it's still a great server!
Me when me when I when I me
the anticheat banned me for hacking but all i did was take some netherite armour from a random chest placed over water near spawn pleas unban me and remove the chest
Sir, the anti-cheat automatically detected you for having netherite armor so early in game, and the netherite armor was hacked so of course you got banned. I wish you told me this detail before writing a review without understanding furthermore on why you got banned. I tried solving it with you, but you have yet to reply to me and you lied about what you did and saying that you "innocently" got banned for no reason. Now please take down this review because of the misinformation and have a nice day.
Because of a certain client, your anti cheat is useless. I would advise to make your world whitelist only. Banning hackers is one thing. Having to deal with their chaos is another.
I know many hacked clients, but the anti-cheat covers most of it. It is more advanced than other anti-cheats and is completely made with command blocks. It is better than any other command block anti-cheat that can be found online or anywhere else.