Published on November 26, 2020 (Updated on December 03, 2020)

Sivils Skyblock (Server)

Server IP Connect
Status Offline
Players 0/0
Server Protocol Bedrock Dedicated

Make Huge farms and sell the items and make a lot of money, Start A Skyblock Island with your friends, and do everything together, Build a mansion on your island or build mega farms on your island! You can do all of this on Sivils Skyblock! Join the Discord and familiarize yourself with the rules and find the Ip and Port 

Link To Discord!:

*Please Join the Discord Before Joining the server, There are confusing commands to be used in game and Rules you must read before playing*

Select version for changelog:


-Port Change from 25569 To 25593

-This Was Making it so Players couldn't Join directly from mcpedl

Supported Minecraft versions

Visit website
i need help creator please
İs this is a Pocket edition server or Bedrock edition server?
um i am on the server and how do i get on my island
Do I need to go to the discord, or is it just recommended?
You Dont Need To Join But We Do Giveways And Give Updates There So I strongly recommend You Make A Discord Account and join
Hey Thank You! If You Haven't Already Please Join The Discord And I Hope to see you online!
you should too
i will play this
Esse servidor é incrível!N sei pq ninguém comentou ainda mas vcs poderiam fazer a gente vender as coisas por um Villagers,só uma sugestão,mas está tudo incrível!
Estou tão feliz que você goste do servidor. Se ainda não o fez, entre em nosso servidor discord (não falo português, estou usando o google tradutor :) Se você tiver mais perguntas, por favor me avise.

(Translated Using Google Translate) I Do Not speak Portuguese
Hey If You Have Any Questions Please Join The Discord, If You Comment Down Here I May Not See It For A Few Days! Hope to see you online