Published on April 28, 2021

Skulls Mobs - Statues (Resource Pack)

This is a small package of resources, which will make the mob heads that we have by default in the game, now have the model of a player. Now the heads of mobs will be seen as statues and we can use them for decoration in our worlds.

It is worth mentioning that you can replace the skins with the one of your choice. For this procedure, once this resource pack is installed, go to your file explorer and enter the following path: games \ com.mojang \ resource_packs \ ResourceSk \ textures \ entity \ skulls
Replace any skin with the one of your preference (Remember, keep the name of the files by default, so that it works correctly) finally apply the resource pack in your world and voila!

CREATOR : Andiuber
FACEBOOK : @AndiuberOficial
TWITTER : @AndiuberOficial
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