Sky Children of the Light Addon

The award winning game Sky Children of the Light has been rapidly been gathering popularity among mobile players, So I thought why not add it to Minecraft, so here I present you the Sky Children of the Light.

 Sky creatures currently in the game:

  • Dark Crab:

  • will attack the player
  • can be found spawning on beaches at night in groups from 1-3
  • will burn in daylight
  • attack details:
  • once the player is in a certain radius of the dark crab it will start shaking and it’s eyes will go red
  • if you get out of the area it can detect you it will go back to normal but if you don’t manage to (you have about 5 seconds before it attacks) it will charge at you and once it hits you it will become stunned for 20 seconds and then go back to normal

  • Krill:

  • this is one of the most menacing creatures in sky
  • krill can be found spawning in deserts but this will only happen rarely
  • if you do come in contact with a krill your best option is to run away and hide in a sturdy structure as they can break leaves and logs but if they don’t see you they won’t attack, if you choose to fight them you will want a shield as they can even one-shot a fully diamond armor player
  • will attack players and mantas
  • attack details:
  • when they detect a player (they can detect a very long way) they will charge towards the player with a red a eye

  • Manta:

  • a peaceful creature that can be found spawning in snow biomes during the day
  • they will heal players
  • there are 3 sizes and the largest can be ridden

  • Spirit Whale:

  • large creatures that roam the sky at night
  • they can be found spawning in extreme hill biomes
  • they are rideable on a small area on them (look for the small shadow on its back
  • heals players

  • Spirit manta:

  • remains of the mantas that roam the sky
  • they can be found spawning in extreme hills
  • can be ridden
  • will heal the player

  • Jellyfish:

  • a creature that bobs up and down
  • can be found in extreme hills
  • heals the player

  • Butterfly:

  • a playful little creature that likes to flutter around
  • can be found spawning in plains biomes

  • Oreo:

  • probably the most cutest creature in sky
  • can be found spawning in plains biome
  • can be tamed with a cookie (don’t do this in real life as It could lead to poisoning), once tamed oreo will follow you around happily

Items added:

  • Cape:

  • the elytra has been re-modeled to look like the cape from sky (doesn’t change the behavior of the elytra)

Extra information for content creators:

  • you are free to make videos on this addon but please do not claim you made it as that is stealing and provide the link to ONLY this page to download the addon
  • I can not say this firmly enough but do NOT post this to any other apps or websites
  • there is still more to come say stay tuned!
  • if you wish to follow me on twitter click here


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8 Responses

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  1. MiralitStar says:

    Thank you so much for this!!! Can you add the spirits? And maybe a texture for the constellations?

  2. Guest-6369299604 says:

    Could you updates this? It looks amazing but doesn’t work at 1.16

  3. Guest-7200180972 says:

    THANK YOU SO MUCH! Sky is an amazing game and it’s so amazing to see it come to minecraft!

  4. Guest-7658503907 says:

    This is so unbelievably amazing! I have been playing both sky and Minecraft for years and to see both these worlds collide in such a professional way is stunning. From the textures to the sounds to the animations and the behaviors this addon is by far one of the best available.
    Thank you so much Programmer 745! I can’t wait to see how this addon grows and gets better.

    The only thing that could be improved is potentially segmenting the models of a few creatures such as the spirit whale and krill/dark dragon, but other than that they are perfect 😀

  5. God, the spirit whale is so beautiful.

  6. Guest-8043709594 says:

    What do u use to make your addons??

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